Jun 3 2012 11:49pm

New The Dark Knight Rises Footage

We’re still not done swooning over The Avengers but it’s time to start getting down and dark with the Batman. Here’s the latest footage, reveiled tonight at the MTV movie awards. So, is The Dark Knight Rises your next summer exciment? Brave? Prometheus...?

UPDATE: Sorry, looks like it’s been removed, but here’s MTV’s blow-by-blow of the footage!

Ranjan Asrani
1. Allchaos
I especially enjoy the Dark Knight Returns line, by the older cop to the younger. Very nice.
Mike Conley
2. NomadUK
Just saw Prometheus last night, and was not overly impressed. This was supposed to be a science survey ship, with biologists and geologists and all that, but this lot made the crew of Nostromo in the original Alien -- who were meant to be miners, remember -- look like Nobel laureates. I wouldn't have sent this bunch out to explore a new car park, much less a planet 100 lightyears away. The female scientist, Elizabeth, (played very well by Noomi Rapace) was interesting, and probably the closest to anything realistic, but her character wasn't as fully developed as Ripley's was in the first film. All a shame, really, as the special effects and photography were excellent. The soundtrack, on the other hand, was a bit too saccharine and omnipresent.

Basically a disappointment. Wait for the DVD/BlueRay/Whateverthefuckstupidnewtechnologytheycomeupwith. I'm not in a hurry to see the inevitable sequel.

I will, however, give The Dark Knight another go. I rather enjoyed the first two.
Mordicai Knode
3. mordicai
That was fantastic but Mark Wahlberg almost going into the audiance to punch a guy for yelling something at Mila Kunis was the real highlight. & Elizabeth Banks freaking out about all the dudes in that male stripper movie.

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