Jun 22 2012 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Vintage Carrie Fisher is Adorable

We think Carrie Fisher is sort of rocking the Annie Hall look in this picture. It’s adorable. We’re working on putting together this outfit right now. 

The rest of our offsite links aren’t near as cute, but important!

Today’s highlights include:

  1. What David said to the Engineer in Prometheus.
  2. On jetpack utopias.
  3. Reading Rainbow is back!

Every day Stubby the Rocket jets around the internet looking for links of interest. When Stubby finds these links, they get put in our handy Links of Interest section and sometimes on our Twitter and Facebook!  Here’s today’s selection:

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Melissa Shumake
1. cherie_2137
i know why redshirts made it to the nyt bestsellers list- because it's hilarious and tongue-in-cheek and simply wonderful. and i'm not even a trekky.

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