Jun 29 2012 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Apes at the Beach

If there’s one thing we were never told about The Forbidden Zone in the original Planet of the Apes is that it’s an awesome place to get some sun. Here, we see Zira, and Dr. Zaius chilling out with some soda pop. Summer by the Statue of Liberty is what it’s all about.

Your offsite links do not contain any depiction of George Taylor kissing Zira, tragically. 

Today’s highlights include:

  1. Why Andrew Garfield watched Spider-Man porn.
  2. David Warner on Doctor Who.
  3. Harsh words about Game of Thrones

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1. Herb1111
Don't feed the trolls.

That New Statemen article suffers from (among many other things) one of the primary critiques of speculative fiction from a certain subset of the literati. Their problem isn't that spec fic isn't realistic enough. It's that it's too realistic. In their mind, once you've set yourself free of the shackles of reality by writing spec fic instead of "literature," you're duty bound to present the world in a certain idealized way--their particular idealized way. (These are the same people who see our universities as their own personal lab for creating a utopian society rather than, well, a place to educate our youth.)
Fredrik Coulter
2. fcoulter
How can you call The New Statesmen article good when, in the first paragraph, the writer said that the Starks had no character defects. Obviously the writer either did not bother to watch the show or read the books, or had a prewritten critique and didn't want to be bothered with facts.

I stopped reading the article after the Stark comment.
5. hestiashearthfire
I read A Game of Thrones a few years ago and have just watched the first few episodes of the show. My feelings about both the book and the show are very ambivalent, and Laurie Penny's article hit dead on all of the reasons why.
Joseph Kingsmill
6. JFKingsmill16
On the whole I usually find that if a person holds too extreme a political view either to the right or left that they have no ability to actually see reality anymore. The extreme left looks at GoT and only sees rape and racism. They forget that in order to have a story like GoT that the world needs to have evil in it so the forces of good have to struggle to overcome it. By the third book Dany makes it a crime punishable by castration/death to commit rape. So there in the corse of the story people are evolving and learning what is the right thing to do.
Mike Conley
7. NomadUK
Always entertaining to watch what comes wriggling out when someone turns over the rock.
Jasper Mijares
8. J. Amijares
Now if only in real life rape also becomes punishable by castration/death... Alas, the world is not perfect!
Mike Conley
9. NomadUK
And I don't know about anyone else, but the fact that the same batch of clowns who wrote Lost and Prometheus are doing the next Star Trek does not fill me with a sense of serenity.
Mike Conley
10. NomadUK
J. Amijares@8: Yes, because descending to the level of butchery and torture is definitely my idea of how to create the perfect world.

We're already well on our way, so you shouldn't have to wait long. Hope you enjoy it.

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