Jun 20 2012 10:45am

Get a Sneak Peek at Monsters, Inc. 2!

Oh Pixar, you shouldn’t have! Is this because we’re rewatching all of your fantastic films? Or just because you love us?

Just days before the release of Pixar’s latest movie Brave, this teaser trailer for Monsters University, the sequel to Monsters, Inc. has been released. Check it out!

1. Mouette

Unsure about this one. This feels less like "Toy Story 2" and more like "Lion King 1 1/2". I trust Pixar to make incredible movies, but not sure where the heart is in seeing our favorite cuddly monsters going back to their college party days. Granted, it's only a teaser trailer, but it isn't teasing me into wanting to see the movie. I'm not sure where a real Monsters, Inc 2 would go from the perfect and sweet ending of the first one, but this... doesn't look to be that movie.
2. huntece
No Boo?! My heart is broken

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