Jun 29 2012 11:55am

Damon Lindelof to Adapt Tom Perrotta’s The Leftovers For TV

Tom Perrotta’s speculative novel a post-rapture world is headed for television. Co-writer of Lost, Star Trek (09), and Prometheus, Damon Lindelof says the concept of the book is “firing all my creative pistons in a way they haven’t been fired since Lost.” No word on when the show is set for debut, but when it does it will be on HBO.

Read an excerpt of The Leftovers right here!

[News via Trek Movie via Vulture]

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Edward Brennan
1. Edward Brennan
I wonder how Lindelof will manage to add in some bad science to this. Red Matter, all that is wrong with Prometheus. Lost, which lost it's way. The only thing I don't understand is how anyone can actually think this man can write a decent plot. A creative drunk with twists and turns he can't resolve combined with an anti-science god fetish (and religion need not trash science is its desire for meaning). Frankly, I love Perotta's work. Humor and meaning intertwined. But Lindelof will make it weaker. Even with the religious aspects of "The Leftovers".

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