Jun 21 2012 6:00pm

Daleks Will Repair, Exterminate, Perform Maintenance in Your Home

Need an apartment cleaning service? We recommend these spectacular Daleks guys. They can do just about anything (including extermination!), though they do seem to have a lot of medical emergencies. They have impeccable penmanship too—check out that gorgeous cursive handwriting.

We found this on Tumblr and had to share. You should probably print it out and hang it on a doorknob for someone you love (or alternatively loathe) to find.

T S Davis
1. tee+D
? Somehow, home maintenance is not what I expected...
I'm printing one out to hang on my parent's front door. Hilarious
F Shelley
4. FSS
so how many calls will the bailey apartments get after this?
5. EIC
I'm printing one to hang on the choir room door!

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