Jun 4 2012 5:30pm

6 DRM-Free E-books Sweepstakes!

So, you might have heard that we are opening a DRM-Free e-book store! In honor of that, we’d like to give you a little treat that some of the BEA-goers got their hands on: a flashdrive with six DRM-Free e-books ready for you to transfer onto any device of your choosing! We’ve got 100 of these babies (yes, you read that right), so comment! You might be one of the lucky hundred! Here are the titles on the flashdrive:

  • Old Man’s War by John Scalzi
  • Little Brother by Cory Doctorow
  • Range of Ghosts by Elizabeth Bear
  • Sword-Edged Blonde by Alex Bledsoe
  • Family Trade by Charles Stross
  • Strong Enough to Die by Jon Land

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, comment on this post beginning at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) June 4, 2012. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET June 8, 2012. Void outside of the 50 US and DC and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

The Other Erik
2. The Other Erik
I, for one, welcome our our new alien DRM-free overlords.
The Other Erik
4. Colin Faulkingham
DRM-free = Excellent!
The Other Erik
5. J Town
Yes, have some!
The Other Erik
7. Teawench
By far the awesomest!
The Other Erik
8. j80
Wow! An amazing giveaway. Little Brother by Cory Doctorow was one of the coolest books I've read.
The Other Erik
10. Richard Auffrey
I would love one of these. Congrats on producing DRM-Free books!
Htet Htet Aung
11. hhaung
Looking forward to buy from the ebook store!
The Other Erik
13. Randall G. Hauk
Hooray for the continued slow death of DRM! Don't buy a book with it!
The Other Erik
14. JonLundy
I've been waiting for the TOR DRM free store for a long time. I'm glad to see it is finally coming true.
Brady Emmett
15. BEmmett
So cool. DRM Free books are a great way to trust your readers to do it right. :D
The Other Erik
16. Maiben
Yes, please!
The Other Erik
17. FilipTanchev
the badges are nice :)
The Other Erik
18. brittain
Yippee, as DRM rides off into a managed and restricted sunset.
The Other Erik
19. Mia C.
I hope I'm lucky!
The Other Erik
20. MSM
A welcome innovation
Al Clay
21. knavery
Spiffy, looking forward to the Tor store.
The Other Erik
22. JZ
I'd like one, please. Thank you and congratulations going DRM-free!
The Other Erik
23. JC1960
Woohoo! DRM-free all the way. Thanks TOR!
The Other Erik
24. Tesh
It really is nice to see big names dropping the DRM. You just don't fight piracy by punishing legitimate customers.
The Other Erik
25. Doc RedBat
Sounds like some nifty swag there!
The Other Erik
27. Anna Mickelsen
Yay TOR!
The Other Erik
29. Deborah N.
So happy about the DRM-free decision! Yay for reader-friendly pubs.
The Other Erik
30. desertpaladin
Awesome! Sign me up and thanks!
The Other Erik
31. Lee Falin
DRM Free Content, the future is now.
The Other Erik
32. Algot Runeman
Good move. I'll still think so even if you don't send me one of the flash drives.
no thx
34. nope
Wow I'd love to get one of these. Enter me please!
Matthew Schmeer
36. mwschmeer
Sweet! Please sign me up for one those bad boys!
The Other Erik
38. banesong
sounds like a plan! eBook away!
Joe Matise
39. snoopy369
Sounds fun! I have some great BEA memories from back when it came to Chicago, once upon a time...
The Other Erik
40. cinemaniac1979
Me wantee! I was just contemplating reading Old Man's War. This would put it at the top of my list :)
The Other Erik
43. Bonalanian
Awesome. I want this!
The Other Erik
44. Zach Joel
I'd like one! Sign me up
The Other Erik
45. Katy K
I'd like one!
The Other Erik
48. Aaron Gallaway
I'll take one. So excited that you are leading the charge in bringing DRM-free ebooks to the market!
The Other Erik
49. Junia
More power to TOR! Too bad I'm a geographically challenged European, so without any chance to get my hands on the goodies. Oh well. You are doing the right thing, that's what counts.
The Other Erik
50. Nicoletort
So cool!
The Other Erik
52. Capella
Nice prizes, and fantastic to hear the books will be DRM free!
The Other Erik
53. INCyr
Sure, I'd take one! Already have The Family Trade, but the others would be excellent to get my hands on.
The Other Erik
54. Darren A. Jones
The Other Erik
55. Aaron Evans
Would definitely want one of these. I love Doctorow and Scalzi!
The Other Erik
58. Sarah (The Book Life)
This is such awesome news! DRM free is the way all ebooks should be sold :0)
John Zurcher
56. jzurcher
The odds are looking good right now...
The Other Erik
57. JRVogt
Thanks for making this great change and for holding a fun contest!
The Other Erik
59. Andrea L
I'm excited to see one of my favorite publishers go DRM free. We librarians appreciate it. Keep fighting the good fight!
Scott Bowden
60. sjbowden
Please pick me! I just got a Kindle I need to fill!
The Other Erik
61. Alex :P
My Kindle needs food!
The Other Erik
62. RushDrumTim
Yes, please. :)
Corey McKinnon
63. CMcKinnon
This would be awesome. Please pick me!
The Other Erik
64. Clintcwebb
Please please!
S Tieh
65. infinitieh
Wonderful! Especially for those of us who couldn't make it to BEA.
The Other Erik
66. Hobbes_Kat
I'd like a chance to win.
The Other Erik
69. Nicole P
I'm so excited for the DRM free bookstore :). Thanks for a chance to win a flashdrive w/books :). Hope more follow your lead on the DRM free thing.
The Other Erik
71. Isis Nocturne
I'd LOVE to win one of these!
The Other Erik
73. Athena Franco
Hooray! Here's hoping I win.
The Other Erik
75. Vitiosus
Yeah DRM free! It always amused me how amazon was DRM free music just to sell DRM encoded books...
Nathan Horn
76. CaptCommy
Always got to give it a shot. I'm in.
The Other Erik
77. Dave F
Yes please! Nice going, TOR !
Peter Czyzewski
82. sebastianelgar
There are several of those I'd like to read.
The Other Erik
86. Trish Nelson
Pick me! Pick me! I would love one.
Colleen Palmer
85. arianrose
Do I have to be witty? I kind of suck at witty.

But books! Yes! Please!
The Other Erik
87. Philly C
The Other Erik
89. rebeccac
GASP!! what a dream! some great reads there, can't wait to see the store!
The Other Erik
91. giftedmunchkin
I'd love one! I was thrilled when Tor announced they were going DRM-free and even more so when I heard about the bookstore.
The Other Erik
92. BLueSS
Entering! :)

Also, your full rules page goes to a 404 error!
Steven Cole
95. scole66
Something tells me there will be plenty of comments here....
The Other Erik
96. MeliJ
want it want it want it... I would love the chance to reread three of these and actually read the other three.
Nathaniel Payne
97. DoctorSetebos
Let's hope this stays below 100 comments. Everyone gets free e-books! (not likely, I know, but one can dream).
The Other Erik
98. Shellin
This looks great.
The Other Erik
100. Matthew Marovich
Free ebooks? You don't say...
The Other Erik
101. Tuckogarpher
I'm in. I love Little Brother.
The Other Erik
102. brmrydr
I can use one of these for Lit class.
Reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman..wonderful!
The Other Erik
103. David L Jones
DRM-free is the way to go! I'd love one of those.
The Other Erik
104. Dan R
Congrats on the launch. Glad to see Tor leading the way in DRM free ebooks.
The Other Erik
105. dw
You want to remove my DReaMs? Sign me up!
The Other Erik
106. Chris Olson 2
Wow, me want! Me want now! Now!

uhm, please?
Paul Weimer
107. PrinceJvstin
On a shiny branded flash drive? Yes, would definitely love to win!
The Other Erik
108. VetPsychWars
Here's my entry! Looking forward to the new store, as well.
The Other Erik
110. James Marsh
What a great way to promote publisher/reader relations.
The Other Erik
112. Kurtharsis
Yes, please!
The Other Erik
113. JessRey
Yes please, I would love one!
The Other Erik
116. Jason K.
It's so great that you guys are starting this type of ebook store, congrats. And thanks for the contest!
The Other Erik
117. Mooeth
I'll take one! Hold the DRM please.
The Other Erik
118. Hoot'n'Toot
thanks for removing DRM
The Other Erik
119. Gina R
This is amazing! I would love one! And super happy about the DRM-free store, finally someone is getting smart...
Dean Tucker
120. StoryCottage
At this point I still have an 83% chance of getting one ...
The Other Erik
121. Herb324
I suppose I no longer have a 100% chance of winning. :)
The Other Erik
122. d20
I'll put a name in the hat.
Bethany Pratt
124. LiC
I just bought a Nook and I need to put some books on it! :-)
Mike Jackson
125. MRJackson
Can't tell you how much I appreciate TOR supporting DRM free books. Best of luck with the new store!
The Other Erik
127. curiositykt
So glad you are opening this store! I would love the books.
The Other Erik
128. Daniel B.
Awesome sauce! I can't wait!
Sam Brougher
130. Azuaron
I love DRM free ebooks! And Old Man's War has been one of those books that I know I need to read, but never got around to getting it, so that would be good.
The Other Erik
131. selfnoise
Thou shalt deliver me thine stick.
The Other Erik
134. foresthouse
That's an excellent selection of books. I would like to win! :)
The Other Erik
137. AmandaJEvans
Yes Please!
The Other Erik
138. Ed!
How neat! Je m'appelle fromage!
The Other Erik
139. Armin B
Thanks to TOR for leading the way into the future of publishing!
The Other Erik
139. BumbleBob
And awesome pins to boot!!
The Other Erik
140. Craig L
Going from DRM to DIRM (Doing It Right Management). Thank you.
The Other Erik
141. occasional_madness
I would love one! Wonderful titles!
The Other Erik
142. Hubert
Thanks, TOR. Pioneering and pragmatic move.
Christian Decomain
144. Khryss
Finally I can buy ebooks without having to worry about reader compatibility or whether the format is future proof.
The Other Erik
149. silvermonarch
The Other Erik
150. Susan in Las Vegas
Does this mean you'll start selling eBooks to libraries again?
The Other Erik
153. quizno43
Sounds like a great deal to me!
The Other Erik
152. gheeler
I'd love one!
The Other Erik
154. nin_shark
John Wolsky
155. Anomaly
Sounds amazing! I've been looking to pick up a few of those.
The Other Erik
156. jennifer bartolowits
I would also like to see ebooks in libraries.
Geargoyle Geargoyle
160. Geargoyle
Count me in! Thanks for all your wonderful giveaways and for the sanity of DRM-free products!
The Other Erik
162. Earl Manning
Yes, of course. I would love one.
The Other Erik
163. DAZ
I would enjoy very much getting the chance to read those.
The Other Erik
164. Dave AK
e-book unchained - TOR is pure class! I would like a free flashdrive with 6 DRM free titles, assuming the rules (404 Article #0 not found) don't call for my first born in exchange.
The Other Erik
165. Logantarian
Count me in!
The Other Erik
166. Mjenkins
Nice method of distribution.
The Other Erik
167. DJ12341234
Yay for DRM free, down with DRM.
The Other Erik
168. CRAusmus
Great selection of books.
The Other Erik
171. IanC
I'd like one and I love the announcement of DRM free. Hate the hassles DRM puts me though if my computer crashes or I move things from one computer to another. I'm more likely to buy an e-book if its DRM free than if it's got DRM, the same as with music.
The Other Erik
172. lightkeeper
So...DC is not part of the US any more? That explains a lot! Anyway, sign me up!
The Other Erik
173. politeruin
But not open to international readers...*sigh*
The Other Erik
174. Andrew Rice
You guys are the best for going DRM free.
The Other Erik
175. J.A. Clemens
Thank you for doing away with DRM!
The Other Erik
176. Shecky
I am all sorts of in for this!
The Other Erik
178. Anita M. King
Very exciting!
Michelle Mulford
180. DervishJ
Cool! I haven't run into problems with DRM yet, but I'm glad that Tor is taking this step. The books sound great as well!
The Other Erik
182. Staff
excellent idea. Thank you for going DRM free.
The Other Erik
184. Jobi-Wan
Legend... wait for it, DARY. Sign me up.
The Other Erik
187. frostknave
Yeah, this is definitely the best news going in the publishing world! DRM free... it just makes good sense.
The Other Erik
188. cnote56
too late? am I too late to get one?
The Other Erik
189. Jeremiah Genest
Sounds like a great offer. I'd love to get one.
The Other Erik
191. Dan Someone
I am assuming that since you have made these books DRM-free, they come in a sealed physical lockbox and we will be given one-time pad cypher keys to open the box, from which we may extract one page at a time, and which will dispense a new page only upon the deposit of the previous page. Security and copy protection, yo!

(I would like to win. Thank you!)
The Other Erik
194. Meganm
What a fabulous giveaway! yes, please.
The Other Erik
196. 4A4B59
So very looking forward to being able to purchase DRM free books. This is the big thing that has been holding me back from buying an e-reader and getting to read more.
The Other Erik
197. John Hattan
The Other Erik
199. John p
I'm all in!
The Other Erik
200. Sarah From Virginia
Ooh, and I've only read one of them! Excellent!
The Other Erik
202. DawnFerentz
Yeah! 6 bks I haven't yet read and DRM free! :)
The Other Erik
203. missbeth
How cool! I'd love to win one.
The Other Erik
205. JasonD
Need. Want. Desire. PLEASE!
James Goetsch
207. Jedikalos
Since I only buy e-books now, this is the contest for me!
The Other Erik
208. mndrew
Want, need, steal, have.
The Other Erik
209. RLBrown
Heck, I'd love to have a flash drive with the Tor/Forge logo on it. To have one with 6 DRM-Free E-books on it would be awesome!
The Other Erik
210. alee_grrl
Ooo. I want one. :D
The Other Erik
211. Heather A. Moeller
Any chance to get books is a good one. Can't wait to check out the store.

Heather A. Moeller
The Other Erik
213. Erika K
I'd love to get one!
The Other Erik
214. chaya311
I'll add my voice to the masses
The Other Erik
215. LarryB
Whats this free DRM?? Sounds awesome !!
Stefan Raets
217. Stefan
What a cool giveaway...

I love the buttons too!
Mary Kay Kare
218. MaryKay
I do as much reading as possible on my devices these days. Easier on old hands and old eyes. I'd love to win one of these!
Mary Kay
Ryan MacDonald
220. Phishmanr
Awesome - as always. Such great giveaways here.
The Other Erik
221. Joseph Russo
I'd like to win a falshdrive!
Would singing a song improve my chances? I'm a renowned crooner.
The Other Erik
223. Kev Bayer
Shiny! I'd love some free stuffs!
The Other Erik
222. edhuyck
Whooo, DRM-free, er, free books!
The Other Erik
224. JohnHarkin
More books, please!
The Other Erik
225. Tufty_W23
DRM-Free is there any finer words in the digital world.
The Other Erik
227. Rodney Rodriguez
Awesome site!
Peter Meyer
228. pjmeyer72
Tor, you folks rock. So I want to win as much as the rest of the world! haha. To the winners go the spoils.
The Other Erik
229. KH
So many entries already @_@
The Other Erik
230. DianaJH
Sounds good! :-)
231. Beardmonger
Always good to support DRM-free. Count me in.
The Other Erik
233. aoidapan
Of course I'd like to win 6 drm free e-books!
The Other Erik
234. Chakra
Psst- pass the mysterious flash drive this way!
The Other Erik
235. Phlebbb2000
Any book that can be squeezed into my already burgioning Kindle Fire is a good thing,but, Scalzi, Land ,and Bear are some of my "new" favorites and the rest look just to good to pass up .....
The Other Erik
236. Suzanne F.
*strikes heroic pose*
I want to DRM-free MY LIFE.
Shane Stringer
237. ShaneStringer
I should be delighted to accept your Electronic Book appendage!
Richard Grotkier II
238. rmgrotkierii
Woohooo DRM-FREE ebooks! Can't beat that!
The Other Erik
239. jim162065
very cool
Scott Abbott
240. Scott
If the other books are as good as OMW & Little Brother, this is a real treat!
The Other Erik
242. bakedleech
What a wonderful contest for a wonderful occasion!
Melissa Tabon
244. kiara
Wow, I tried to comment here from a mobile browser like 100x. I don't know if it was my phone or your site.

Either way, this is an awesome giveaway and completely worth my having to wait until I got home to comment!
The Other Erik
245. Garte
Support for DRM free, deserves support; xx
The Other Erik
246. Juggle
Great authors, great books, and now great policies! I look forward to buying a lot more tor books in the future!
The Other Erik
247. bibliogrrl
Oh cool! I'm really happy you've gone DRM free (I have 2 readers and an iDevice... :D)
The Other Erik
248. jbDavid
I think I can finally get into e-books.. thanks to Cory, Charlie, John and TOR for all your work to make this possible! I'd love to be a winner of one of those drives too!
The Other Erik
249. Jeremy Morgan
Long time coming for this.
The Other Erik
250. stoaphile
I would like one :) Especially in support of DRM free to keep feeding the book addiction.
The Other Erik
251. shadesofgrey
DRM is long over due.
For the win!
The Other Erik
252. BenjaminJB
I like these odds. I like anything odd, really.
Natasha Heflin
253. Sinistora
Not one, but six free books? And DRM-free? Who in their right mind would pass up such a chance?
The Other Erik
254. J.R. Murdock
Oh sweet! Welcome to the world of drum free. :-)
Andrea Rivers
255. Chwii
Yes please, I love free things (especially books!)
Rich Bennett
256. Neuralnet
Please enter me into the raffle - thanks
The Other Erik
257. Martey
I hope I win, but a DRM-free ebook store would be a fine consolation prize.
The Other Erik
259. Prominent Nonentity
oh yes
The Other Erik
260. Brass Goblin
Can't wait for the shop to open!
The Other Erik
262. Gundato
Cool. I am usually willing to put up with the amazon DRM out of convenience, but if the price is better, I will probably use this a lot
The Other Erik
265. RichardNorton
DRM free books and a free USB stick. Sign me up!
The Other Erik
266. Jessica @ Book Sake
Yay for DRM-Free eBooks!
The Other Erik
267. Jim Moskowitz
So are you going to name it the sTORe?
The Other Erik
269. Agninus
I love this. Tor it is.
The Other Erik
270. TameraM
Yeah! I would like one, please!
The Other Erik
272. Lorelai
Eff yeah DRM free! I would like one, please!
The Other Erik
273. LouWW
Haven't read any of those, would love to in any format!
The Other Erik
275. StacieH
Love the books! Send the books!
The Other Erik
276. TCWriter
Help stamp out DRM in our lifetime.

Remember, every time you use DRM, an angel loses its wings...
The Other Erik
277. CatherineH
I want one! So looking forward to this!
The Other Erik
278. qfwfq
open DRM is the way of the future...pity the editors who don't find a job with a DRM-free publishing company in time. 8-)
Matt Jarchow
279. jarchowm
I'm very excited about DRM free e-books.
Lonnie Rivenbark
281. fuddster
If you support me by going DRM-free, I support you by buying from you.

Thank you,!
John Chu
282. JohnChu
Yay! So happy that Tor is going DRM-free
Jim Brannick
283. divisionerror
Excellent move by Tor! DRM free e-books are going to be great!
The Other Erik
285. ncarter
Yes, please!
The Other Erik
286. JT66
Great! Count me in.
The Other Erik
287. melearlin
Yes please!
The Other Erik
289. Elliott Back
Pretty sure I've bought all the Stross, but hey, more to read :)
The Other Erik
290. cjhuitt
I was quite pleased ot see the DRM-free announcement earlier, and I'm looking forward to watching how this all turns out. In the meantime, I wouldn't object to a few more books on my ereader.
The Other Erik
292. EM42
I wouldn't mind some DRM free e-books!
The Other Erik
297. eric’s alias
100 chances to win certainly does increase my odds.
The Other Erik
298. MatthewS
Can't wait for wot ebook.
The Other Erik
299. Laura D.
Yay! I'd love these for my ereader.
The Other Erik
300. David Culver
very cool. Glad to see you guys going DRM free!
The Other Erik
301. eleefece
Here we go!
The Other Erik
302. alexferrie
fantastic - I'd love one please :)
The Other Erik
303. Rue
Oooo! Want. And thanks for going DRM free, you guys are awesome!
The Other Erik
304. Joegun Rain
Book reading for goodness!
The Other Erik
307. jessmika
Thanks so much for going DRM free. I love you guys!
The Other Erik
306. wonderfulone
Ooo. Pick me!
The Other Erik
308. booktumbling
Count me in please.
The Other Erik
309. Becky McKinnon
I want one!
The Other Erik
310. j2thisa
Yes please!
The Other Erik
311. Bubbette McLeod
I'd love to have one

The Other Erik
312. umerika
Pick me. I'm handsome.
The Other Erik
313. Robert Ujwary
The Other Erik
315. Berimon
I've already read three of those, but I'll read the other three if you want me to. :D
The Other Erik
316. sarac
I would love one of these babies!
The Other Erik
317. tolladay
Sign me up, please.
The Other Erik
318. Pangolin
Great contest, and greater that you're going DRM-free!
Heather Drake
319. htdrake
Drool won't damage this thing, right? Tasty!
The Other Erik
320. Jimmy2009
Glad to see TOR being awesome!!
The Other Erik
321. hmhm
Yay! Yes please!
Tanya N. Kutasz
323. GundamCat
Thrilled you're doing the DRM-free thing! :)

Good luck to all in the contest!
The Other Erik
325. WarrenTF
Nifty! Very happy about the DRM.
The Other Erik
326. Greg McE
Molto bene! Fingers crossed.
Tee Willy
327. TWilly
TORiffic sweepstakes and yea rah no DRM.
Dave Miller
329. Borogove
You can never have too many books, or flash drives.

I, too, believe DRM-free is the way of the future.
Jason Newland
330. Nurbh
Sweet. DRM Free is the only reasonable way to be!
The Other Erik
331. Mary Beth
Awesome! I want one!
The Other Erik
335. L. Lambert Lawson

Yes Plz!
Matt Wright
336. matty42
This is very exciting and I want one so bad.
The Other Erik
337. Steve G
I love what you are doing with DRM-free e-books. I'd also love to win.
The Other Erik
339. Tom Tensfeldt
DRM-free ebooks makes it possible to enjoy my favorite literature without concerns that retailer specific distribution schemes or hardware will lock me out of bringing the books I love from one computer to my next device. I buy more since I trust that I'm trusted! Congratulations on creating DRM-free
The Other Erik
342. baywoof
Yay! I'm in.
The Other Erik
343. ted stevko
Yeah! Good books that I can read anywhere.
Candiss C.
344. Candiss
Wonderful! I'm so pleased you've chosen the DRM-free route for your ebook store, and the giveaway is super-cool.
Kenneth Sutton
345. kenneth
I congratulate you on going DRM-free!
Jeff Youngstrom
346. jeffy
Hey, there's one on there I haven't read! Sign me up!
The Other Erik
348. Andrew Zimmerman Jones
Great contest. Definitely looking forward to DRM-free books through Tor.
The Other Erik
349. Noah26
This would be cool to win! Looking forward to the DRM free store too!
The Other Erik
352. Snakey
Free books please!
The Other Erik
351. Rossjaxom
Only 100 guys.....I would like one please!
The Other Erik
353. cj_wildcat
Hooray for giveaways!
The Other Erik
355. FunBob
I would love the package. I love buttons, and obviously books!
The Other Erik
356. Melanie Ivanoff
I'm in!
The Other Erik
357. smbass
Love some of these. Read others. A good set of books
The Other Erik
360. Nicholas42
Thank you for making the future better not just complaining about it. Now send me one of those delightful drives please so i can better particiapte thanks
The Other Erik
362. Bradley Sellers
Sci-fi Forever!
The Other Erik
364. Jeff Wetherington
Would love to win this! Thanks :)
Josh Rose
365. Cosmosis
What a great list of books! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I win (how I typed this with crossed fingers and without errors is my secret).
The Other Erik
367. Gwen Vass Nicodemus
As soon as Tor's book go DRM in July, I'm going to buy strictly Tor and Phoenix. Once your store is open, I probably won't need to buy a book at Amazon again.

I'm excited about being able to read books on my phone, eBook, mirror, banana, ...
The Other Erik
369. Emily456
Yes, please! And, of course, thank you.
Rick Kersten
370. rkersten
Always looking for more things to read on my Nook.
The Other Erik
371. JoshE
What a wonderful offer! I'd love to get a copy of those fine books! Thank you!
The Other Erik
372. Thaddeus602
I would love to get my hands on the newest Elizabeth Bear novel!!!

The Other Erik
373. KaraH
I'd like to enter too, please! Coolness!
The Other Erik
374. Bratty
This sounds fantastic!
376. grilojoe77
DRM blows. Long live the DRM-free bookstore!
The Other Erik
378. Kdougless
DRM Free sounds great to me!
The Other Erik
379. shadrach
This is incredible news -- and the other publishing houses should take note: it's the way of the future!
The Other Erik
380. Amy McLane
Well played, Tor, and yes please!
The Other Erik
383. Dee Martin
So excited about this. Here is my entry !
The Other Erik
387. nimrodiel
Please count me in for this :)
The Other Erik
390. Aposprout
I'd like one!
Ian Hannan
391. moobeep
I'm so glad to hear the DRM-free news!
The Other Erik
392. Chabotnick
That would rock!
The Other Erik
394. Kathrine Roid
*is excited by the entire prospect*
The Other Erik
395. Brad051380
Count me in!
Stewart Bushman
397. stoobush
DRM-free FTMFW! Now you just need to figure out how to package an ebook with a print copy for maximum portability. Oh, and team with hardware manufacturers to lobby DHS to remove the ridiculous ban on ereaders during takeoff/landing!
The Other Erik
398. JillA
Please enter me!
The Other Erik
399. MWID
why yes, please, thank you
The Other Erik
401. stickerooni
Tor -- a leader in publishing! DRM-free books, giveaways, a fantastic website that I WANT to visit regularly. Readers support Tor by buying the books, and Tor supports the readers with great give-aways like this!
terry moore
404. Totoro25
I could really use the reading material.
The Other Erik
405. Laurraine
Good news!
The Other Erik
406. Eric s.
i'd love one
The Other Erik
407. Tony Garza
... me am good reader!!!!!
greg scott
408. worthy
Now thats a cool promotion...LOVE that Little Brother is included!
The Other Erik
409. Bob B
Love to have these books!
The Other Erik
410. Ray Rigo
Forget the ebooks, I can haz buttonz?
The Other Erik
411. Bill R.
Wow! Cool! Love to win one of these!
The Other Erik
412. Adam.A
Love the News. Cant wait to buy the Safehold series drm-free.
Nick Rogers
414. BookGoblin
Not to be contrary, but DRM free != Excellent, it just means there's no digital rights management encrytion. published stories = excellent. Consistantly.
erick sibert
415. lollygags
Nice collection, even better that it's DRM free.
Tim Hoey
417. hoju84
Would love me some books but free is always better
The Other Erik
419. Blake Campbell
so very excited for this. Thanks for the DRM free store!
The Other Erik
420. Krmaples1
I would love to win :)
The Other Erik
422. Blake Campbell
I'll be stopping by the table tomorrow. Any chance there are some extras of those flash drives laying around (beyond the 100 you're giving away in the other thread) that you'll have available?
The Other Erik
423. Peter Recore
This is great news! Not too suprising that Tor would do this, with all the forward looking authors it has!
The Other Erik
424. David001
Free is always a good idea!
Brandy Thomas
428. Roese
Yay! more books are always good.
Neil Jensen
429. NA_Jensen
DRM-free makes me happy. Thank you, Tor.
The Other Erik
430. Sassafrass
sweet deal
Theodore Minick
434. myrkul999
I'd comment on this article for no other reason than to thank TOR for finally realizing how stupid and damaging DRM is. And hey... as of right now, I have a better than 1 in 5 chance of winning a flash drive with some very awesome books, and 2 realy nifty pins, to boot, so, that's nice, too. Thanks, TOR!
Scott Silver
435. hihosilver28
I will add my "raffle ticket" to the tally. Sounds pretty excellent!
Craig Leonhardt
436. Powerdriven
I respect you even more for your stance on DRM-Free publishing and content. You have won me over as a customer.
The Other Erik
437. DSchwartz
Thank you Tor for providing DRM free books!
The Other Erik
438. Gsh
I really enjoy Tor and the authors it publishes. You've introduced me to books and writers I wouldn't have known otherwise. The idea of this sweepstakes points up the value of on-DRM books.
The Other Erik
439. Naricat
looks awesome
Megan Hungerford
440. marchingbando
Love this! Hope I'm one of the lucky ones.
Carlos Hernandez
442. Appleseed
I would love to read these on my new Kindle Fire!
The Other Erik
444. WhitK
Add me to the list too ...
Beth Mitcham
446. bethmitcham
These look like fun. I've been wanting the Bear, especially.
The Other Erik
447. mielikki
I really would love that flash drive....
The Other Erik
448. need_tea
I would love to be entered! Thank you~.
The Other Erik
449. Maui County Jr
Nice me please...
The Other Erik
450. Mike of Socal
Hey, I might have a chance at this one. Thanks!
The Other Erik
451. cyan
Ooh, ooh, pick me!
So long, DRM...don't bother writing, you won't be missed.
The Other Erik
453. NolanExe
I love books :D
The Other Erik
454. Scott Ellsworth
Count me in. (And do figure out how to get the various ebook stores to deliver drm free ebooks as soon as practicable.)
The Other Erik
456. Aldarian
I wonder how many Redshirts gave their lives in the fight against DRM?
The Other Erik
457. TuonKore
I'd love one.
The Other Erik
458. Vedichymn
Great way to preview the new store!
The Other Erik
459. Mieke Haveman
Wonderful idea!
The Other Erik
460. Kemayo
Truly, I desire this.
The Other Erik
463. Michael P
I typically prefer hard copy books over digital versions, but DRM-free anything is always good!
Jeff Schweer
464. JeffS.
I'm more than happy to welcome in the new DRM free life. And a Sweepstakes to boot!
The Other Erik
465. rraph
here in italy everyone needs to know about the beauty of ebooks, the freedom of being drm-free and the awesomeness of your publications.

i'll spread the word! :)
The Other Erik
466. Sarah_rubyred
Oooh that would be lovely!
The Other Erik
467. chiMaxx
C. Doctorow has been preaching the DRM-free gospel for a while. Glad Tor is leading the way.
The Other Erik
468. Ken M
Thank you for making the move to DRM free!
Ed Dravecky
469. dravecky
I'd not only love to get one of these flash drives but, if chosen, will wear one of those nifty Tor buttons with all of my convention badges for the rest of 2012 and all of 2013.
The Other Erik
470. Joseph A. Gervasi
Ace move forward to DRM-free. I hope you are the start of a new way that will help the nascent format grow stronger. And, also: I want to win! Here's to hoping, since my birthday is but a few days away.
Jean Hontz
471. majkia
So glad to see drm-free becoming more available. way to go TOR!
The Other Erik
472. TheFishmonger
Please enter me in the drawing!
The Other Erik
475. Jon W
Glad to hear Tor is joining the DRM-free world!
The Other Erik
477. Knitress
Yes! DRM is always good.
Sven Hesse
478. DrMcCoy
Again, no love for us non-USians. :(
The Other Erik
479. harmonyfb
I am so pleased to see the drm-free ebookstore - I buy very few ebooks at the present, mostly because it galls me to pay nearly full price for something the publisher doesn't think I own (not to mention the drm nightmare to move to all my different electronics for continuing reading.)

I have an ereader which is fairly empty - time to fill it up with Tor titles. :)
S Cooper
480. SPC
I still haven't read Old Man's War and the others look interesting too - sign me up!
The Other Erik
481. philolexian
Awesome! DRM-free for the win!
The Other Erik
485. tcadams18
Hooray for DRM free!
The Other Erik
486. Facetious Black
Very nice list of DRM free books. Thank you, Tor, for operating on a common-sense model. Also, pick me, please.
The Other Erik
487. John T.
I'm in, this looks like a great collection.
The Other Erik
491. A Dissatisfied Socrates
I'm glad TOR is starting this up. I'd like to win, but even if I don't, I'm glad I can swing by Doctorow's website and read Little Brother free from him.
Fredrik Coulter
492. fcoulter
My Kindle needs these books. It saw the list and started crying that they're not loaded yet.

Please make my Kindle happy.
The Other Erik
493. Andrew S.
So, I hear free stuff is pretty cool... :-p
Melissa Spray
494. meowwl
How do I enter for the contest? Sign me up too!

I've been hesitant to buy an e-reader for a long time, mostly because of the issues friends have had with the DRM...Things like books dissappearing mid-read because the license was revoked due to a dispute with the ebook publisher, or the DRM preventing it from being read at all, for no detectable reason.

While I don't think ereaders will ever completely replace the good old fashioned dead tree book, (can't duplicate the feel and smell of paper books, nor the paper and dust smell of a library or bookstore! All manner of good memories associated with that scent...) ebooks are a good deal cheaper to produce. No overprinted runs, no remnanted books tossed coverless into the recycle bin, and no shipping charges. Hopefully the lower overhead means bigger royalties for the authors!
The Other Erik
495. Jediman111
Looks awesome. Sign me up!
Kristoff Bergenholm
496. Magentawolf
I'm never going to give up my printed collection, but e-books are still awesome.
The Other Erik
497. cTANK
DRM free...about time.
Chris Gifford
498. chrisgiff
DRM free store...great idea! Finally!
F Shelley
501. FSS
i'd like one!

btw - will you ever bring back the weekly dr who round up?
Richard Bohman
502. Rrbohman
Yes, Please. :)

And Kudos to Tor, for going DRM Free!
The Other Erik
503. AR
I salute the decision to go DRM-free!
The Other Erik
504. Darth Touma
Me like innovations.. pretty please to be giving the prizes in most exhilaration..
The Other Erik
505. ElizabethB
Yay for DRM-free!
Neil Sood
506. RanchoUnicorno
So, Tor is choosing to "retail" these at a price they see fit, instead of requiring them to be sold at a publisher set price? I'll take one.
John Richards
508. wanderingoutlaw
My best ever chance at one of these contests!
The Other Erik
509. stokar
DRM-free? I'm intrigued!
Mark Vanek
510. imp
20% chance at this point. I like those odds, count me in!
The Other Erik
512. RachaelM
Oh, thats awesome. I'd like one.
The Other Erik
513. Rhandric
DRM-free is the way it should be
The Other Erik
514. bgkenney
Comment to win! Thanks TOR!
The Other Erik
515. DavidW
Now if all publishers could do this.
The Other Erik
518. Lydia Presley
This is fantastic, love seeing DRM-free emerging!
The Other Erik
520. Nick Swaine
I think this is fantastic news! Congrats on shedding the DRM handicap that had previously stunted the portability of the ebook formats!
The Other Erik
519. E. R. Christensen
Very cool! Thanks!
Matthew B
522. MatthewB
Yes please. Love the shift to DRM free - good call there.
The Other Erik
524. Angel Rivera
Oh wow, that is a nice package. I can only hope. And good for you for going DRM-free. Would be nice if your other peers did it as well. Way to go!

Best, and keep on blogging.
The Other Erik
525. Jimmo
Awesome! Great SciFi REads for free!! Count me in!~
The Other Erik
526. Abraham Friedman
I'm glad that Tor is moving to DRM free books. I have thousands of bound books which I would much prefer to have as eBooks (so I can get a little of my house back) but I won't buy books with DRM. Now I can finally get Tor eBooks. Bravo!
The Other Erik
527. Dean Lappi
Best wishes to you with this promotion! Best wishes! Dean Lappi
The Other Erik
528. Nikita
That would be most superb! Sign me up!
The Other Erik
529. ajrosen
Pick me! Pick me!!! :D
The Other Erik
530. Dumont
I'm in to try for one.
The Other Erik
531. pungentodor

Also little read more link doesn't work.
The Other Erik
532. AllomanticReaver
I would like one, hooray for DRM FREE!
The Other Erik
533. Shara
I like the sound of those titles. Count me in, please. :)
jason t
534. sabrenaut
Great idea, and great promotion. Thank you!
The Other Erik
535. Tracey Byrnes
Was so happy to hear you're going DRM-free. And free books are always a bonus...count me in to try for this giveaway :)
The Other Erik
536. jbForte
Looks awesome! Count me in!
The Other Erik
537. Pietrantonio
This is one seriously disapointed Canadian, i've been a loyal follower of Tor for years and once again i am not able to enter a contest that i would so desperately like to participate in. Please include Canadians in your contests as most other sites like io9, Gizmodo and Wired do.

Disapointed and Distraught Canadian
The Other Erik
538. Cami
I love DRM free books!
The Other Erik
539. Jayne Flagg
DRM free? That's for me!
The Other Erik
540. Carole McDonnell
oh, me, me, me, me, ME!!! I want one!
The Other Erik
541. Dan Sohl
I am so happy to hear of the DRM-free initiative! Great way to celebrate; sign me up for a flash drive please!
The Other Erik
542. T_Lawson
DRM-free is always a good thing.
marian moore
543. mariesdaughter
How fascinating--a flash-drive book. Sign me up.
The Other Erik
544. Jenn H.
Following on FB!
The Other Erik
544. Kristina Hill
I would absolutely love to win one of these!! :D
The Other Erik
546. jeffdotraymond
Excited about the contest and the store. Good luck!
The Other Erik
547. Bryce Linford
I'd like one =D
The Other Erik
548. Mattyoung
I'd like to join the chorus of voices proclaiming their love of reading and their hatred of DRM files. I understand the difficulty for content creators who don't want to see their works pirated, but I am definately not a pirate but am treated like one at every turn. If there has been one overarching concern that has kept me from purchasing an e-reader (aside from the money to buy one) it's a hesitance to get locked into any one ecosystem.

I'm very excited that TOR is taking this step, and thanks to you and MacMillan for the great offer!
The Other Erik
549. Kelly W
Yay, DRM-free! (and I like the buttons too.) :)
The Other Erik
551. Herb Severson
This is great!I use PDF for almost all my RPG systems and Ebooks.
The Other Erik
552. Brenton M. Ellis
Sounds like a great thing is in the works here. ;) Keep it up TOR.
The Other Erik
553. Tracey M
What a great way to introduce the store!
The Other Erik
554. Bola King-Rushing
I've been reading Tor books since I was a kid. They gave me visions of possible futures that helped me create an amazing present. Tor books are the soundtrack of my life.
The Other Erik
555. Gary B
I can't wait for the store. Subvert the dominant paradigm!
Erin Smith
557. Fyrwhin
What a fantastic idea. No better way to get hooked on an author. :)
The Other Erik
558. LauraThay
Awesome! I would love to try these out
The Other Erik
559. Arin
Fingers crossed, I'm running out of books to read!
The Other Erik
560. Lastlobo
Who wouldn't want 6 free titles? Sign me up.
The Other Erik
561. rampantphoto
I like winning things.
The Other Erik
562. Donna Turner
DRM-free is the way to go!
The Other Erik
563. Hap Smith
Just to be contrary, may I have mine with the DRM on the side?
The Other Erik
564. John Keogh
Ooo! Yes, please! I love Tor!
The Other Erik
565. Gama
I think you should give one of those to me.
The Other Erik
566. Ginger
I'd love one!
The Other Erik
569. Michelle S.
Me! Me! Me! I'd love one!
Jason Raitz
571. humanflight
I loved it when you guys launched this site and released free pdfs. found some of my favorite authors that way!
The Other Erik
572. DJansen
I'd sure love one
Rebecca Ayer
573. Bekuki
Yay! No more Amazon and DRM-free to top it all. Thank you, Tor!
The Other Erik
574. Khealos
Sounds like a pretty sweet deal! I hope I win!
The Other Erik
575. Libbyc
I'd really love to win one. Fingers crossed!
The Other Erik
576. Amriel
Great idea, would love to receive one!
The Other Erik
577. A Disappointed Canadian
Is there a real reason the Canadians are not included? We too have a love of Tor, and of real DRM free books! Please, let us participate!

Canadians, sign the petition:
The Other Erik
578. Jewels
Oooh! I want one. Thanks for doing this.
The Other Erik
579. sherrisse
wow that sounds like a good deal to me comment and enter to win free books
The Other Erik
581. jreidthompson
I'd love to have one
The Other Erik
582. Frank M. Errington
Tor is universally loved. Thanks for all you do and please accept my entry ;-)
The Other Erik
583. Big JC
I would love to win one of these. Not only do I have the worse luck at winning contests, but I've been seeing a lot of talk about Cory Doct0row on the Twitter Machine and its high time I read some of his stuff.
Paige Vest
584. paigevest
Very excited about the impending launch of Tor's DRM-free bookstore and I plan to become a regular customer... but I'd totally take some freebies, if'n you see fit to send me some. ;o)
Thomas Hickey
585. lancre
DRM-free ebooks makes it possible to enjoy my favorite literature without concerns that retailer specific distribution schemes or hardware will lock me out of bringing the books I love from one computer to my next device.

Having lost DRM-encrusted media before (most recently, I'm glad to see TOR that the only people being inconvenienced by DRM are their PAYING customers.

Congratulations on creating DRM-free content in the future.
The Other Erik
586. JeffZ
Thank you for choosing DRM-Free! Hope I win one :)
The Other Erik
587. tremac12
Awesome idea. Me want
The Other Erik
588. MisplacedWords
“A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit.”
-- Richard Bach

Tor is definitely my favorite group of non-quitters.
The Other Erik
589. LonePaladin
Sure, I'll bite.
The Other Erik
590. MattMonte
It would absolutely make my year if I won one of these!
The Other Erik
591. JAC
Woot for DRM-free!
The Other Erik
592. JT000
Exciting news for book lovers!
Ray Garraty
596. raygarraty
DRM-free is good, but doing a giveaway only for US citizens = DRM.
The Other Erik
597. cleo
Sign me up - I'd love to win one. And good for Tor for moving to DRM-free e-books.
The Other Erik
598. DanH
Sounds awesome, DRM free store, I like that idea.
The Other Erik
599. BBEsquire
The Other Erik
600. John Urbancik
There are definitely a couple of authors on that list I should have read by now but haven't. I'd love an opportunity to correct that mistake.
The Other Erik
601. Brad Grier
Great promotion, but. Given that you're moving into the 21st century with DRM free, you should also consider contests like this be border free -- posting this on a global FB wall and Blog, and limiting it only to the USA is teasing.
The Other Erik
602. FCMoulton
A very good idea. Even better if I win.
Barbara McDonald
603. Mondrache
So glad I found your site! I'm all for reading in all its forms. Would love to win one of these.
The Other Erik
606. Lewis A. Sellers
I don't believe I've read any of those and only recognize half the authors. Sad. I could really use some copies of thier works so I don't embarass myself further. (More pitiful sad-faced looks).
The Other Erik
607. Jon Katz
This is wicked awesome!
The Other Erik
609. KNS
Another vote of approval for DRM-free ebooks!
The Other Erik
611. LadySnowdon
Hurrah for DRM free books! I'd love to get these titles!
The Other Erik
613. Jaaron110
Here's some positive reinforcement!
The Other Erik
614. Mary Rose
So exciting! I want this ! :D
Maureen Sampson
615. msampson
hmmmm, 600 comments means a 1 in 6 chance. Not bad. I love ebooks so I'd love a chance at these
The Other Erik
617. rhatfink
Heck, I'd just like one of those cool buttons!
The Other Erik
618. Bryans
This is just a ploy to get my email address isn't it? Jokes on you, you already had it.
The Other Erik
619. Jim Watts
Sign me up - Tor is on the cutting edge!
Pat Hayes
620. SCTechSorceress
I would really love to win, but I will certainly be shopping at the new store, and will be more eager to buy TOR e-books in general.
The Other Erik
621. R. L. Dawson
Oh this is lovely! And not poor odds either ;)
The Other Erik
622. eugaet
Thanks for the contest!
Craig Piercy
623. cpiercy
Does Reading Matter DRM free - absolutely. Don't Really Mind winning. Please Do Register Me for sweepstakes. Dankeschön Restriction Modifiers (okay, I know that last one's a stretch)
The Other Erik
624. ChrisEinhaus
DRM-free all the way!!!
The Other Erik
625. Wonsnot
Awesome I love drm free stuff and the flash drive looks cool too, but a ebook store is the coolest.
The Other Erik
626. Dmitriy
Thank you so much TOR for getting rid of DRM. It's about time we buy the books and not the reader or drm flavor of it.
Again thank you. I would love to have this set commemorating this little victory for consumer.
The Other Erik
627. VHarden
I've read 2 of the books on the drive, am looking forward to more. Thanks, TOR, for the DRM-free format.
The Other Erik
628. Lizz Beumel
Oh I love John Scalzi's books!
The Other Erik
629. Working for Mandroid
That's such a cool way to do an e-book giveaway! My e-reader needs more books!
The Other Erik
630. Tarcalion
Um, yes please! Go Tor!
The Other Erik
631. merkusa
yay for DRM-free! All great authors, too! Thanks, TOR!
The Other Erik
632. Kammie
So happy you are going this route, Tor! Please pick me!
The Other Erik
633. hemisphire
Me please.
Luke M
635. lmelior
Okay, is officially awesome (even though I've been a member since before you launched and I still haven't won any of these, I forgive you). Looking forward to some DRM-free WoT ebooks!
The Other Erik
636. sharkweek
oooh I want this! great way to launch the store!
The Other Erik
639. AshleyBee
Me please! Pick me!
The Other Erik
640. DianeB3
That's an awesome sweepstakes! Hope I'm one of the 100. :-)
The Other Erik
641. Tizzybear
Who doesn't love free books.
The Other Erik
I would love one of these.
The Other Erik
644. Alicia Brewster
Me, me, me!
645. garetjax
This is an impressive and encouraging step for Tor.
The Other Erik
646. DJones
That sounds fun.
The Other Erik
648. Melysah
Oh, shiny. Pretty little thing that needs to be in my computer.
The Other Erik
649. dwndrgn
How cool is that?? Way cool, I'd say.
The Other Erik
652. VioletArrows
Good books and DRM-free? Yes, please.
Mike None
653. b779a
This is an awesome sweepstakes! Here's hoping I'm one of the 100. : )
The Other Erik
654. Vanye
Oooh. Books for my new Kindle. Yay!
A.J. Bobo
655. Daedylus
Oh yes. I'm entering this one. Fingers crossed.
The Other Erik
657. Robin D
I really ,Really, REALLY need one!!!!
Please please please
Chuck Childers
658. cchilders
I like Tor for the books and the authors. I love Tor for the DRM free. Thanks!
The Other Erik
659. Maryanne D.
Yay!! Books!
The Other Erik
660. PersonalMoniker
Most delightful. In for one chance at winning!
The Other Erik
661. Jeff L. Evans
Yes, Please! The start of a very good thing... :o)
The Other Erik
662. Andre S
I'd love some free DRM-free books!
The Other Erik
663. Jackie edwards
I'd love to get my hands and eyes on these books.
The Other Erik
664. AlanWes
That sounds awesome! Yes, please!
The Other Erik
665. Gregory Peth
I would be glad to win a flash drive full of e books, please.
Todd Johansen
666. Gher06
Sweet. I'm still slightly excited that so many books can fit on such a small thing, even after having my ebook reader for a year.

Edit: Oh great, look who gets comment #666.
The Other Erik
667. Donna M
I'd love to win some ebooks, thanks.
Tyler Davis
668. killerjello
I love Tor give aways. And congrats on the new DRM free store.
The Other Erik
669. Alan Gerber
Great contest - thanks for doing this!

(Does "DRM" stand for "Don't Read Me"?)
The Other Erik
671. Dawna
100 ebooks wow i want one
The Other Erik
673. Rudy TT
Great selection--several on my "thinking it over list" and only one already owned (in mmpb and due for an e-replacement anyway (bookshelves badly overloaded)).
The Other Erik
674. Ewan
The odds are getting poor here, but still better than getting my NIH grant funded..
The Other Erik
676. Wingedfrog
A perfect reason for a new e-reader!
The Other Erik
677. Derrick Etheridge
DRM free - nice! pick me...
Jared Neslen
678. nezz_lenn
Love TOR give aways! Love Tor books! Go DRM free.
The Other Erik
679. Trynity978
Oh, Sign me up please!
The Other Erik
680. Skyla
I've been needing some new books, lately. I'd really enjoy being one of the lucky 100! :)
The Other Erik
681. Stefan Gore
Love DRM-free books, sign me up!
The Other Erik
682. dragonsashes
That's pretty awesome. Thanks!
The Other Erik
683. MasterTyrion
Count me in to win!
The Other Erik
684. Brian Stanley
DRM free in general and books for free in particular. What wonderful ideas! Huzzah!
John Leavitt
685. jrrl
DRM FTW! Who wouldn't want to win this?!
Steve Downey
686. sdowney
I wouldn't mind having DRM-free versions of those books, at all!
Bill Mulrenin
687. billmul
Free ebooks are always a good thing.
The Other Erik
688. Brian Danforth
Sharing is great! I would like one also.
The Other Erik
691. J P Reader
I wouldn't be upset at all if I won... and buttons! How can you go wrong with free e-books and buttons?
MaryAnn McDonald
692. bigmac
Please put my name in the hat for the drawing!
The Other Erik
693. DavidA
Yes, please!
The Other Erik
694. Howard Rhoades
Thanks for going DRM free.
The Other Erik
695. GeoHolms
Totally would love to get some of that action. :3
Bill Welch
696. moonmoth
I've been looking forward to the DRM-free store since I first heard about it, and I still am!
The Other Erik
697. Aris
Books, books and more books! love it
The Other Erik
699. RafoMofo
I could use a new thumb drive, and the books would be nice too!
The Other Erik
700. Scott B.
Great selection of titles, & DRM free too!
The Other Erik
701. Jeff E
DRM free bookstore! most excellent!
The Other Erik
702. dav
Trying for free stuff again.
The Other Erik
703. Mike in VT
I'd love to win one!
The Other Erik
704. Michelle Thomas
Great contest. Thanks Tor
The Other Erik
705. Dick Schatz
I need something to fill my Kindle.

The Other Erik
709. Alasdair Stuart
I'd like one:)
The Other Erik
710. Yakira
I'm excited for the DRM-free ebook store.
The Other Erik
711. Susan Bermudez
SO much more likely to buy ebooks when I know I can do what I want with them. Kudos!
The Other Erik
713. loredj
Me likey free ebooks! Me likey ...I'm a big boy now. Stop it!
The Other Erik
714. klw
It's great that Tor is jumping in DRM-free.
The Other Erik
715. jophan
Quite a collection!
The Other Erik
717. KiltedShane
I am glad to see TOR joining Baen books in offering DRM-free e-books.
The Other Erik
718. Archaeopteryx
Why Beg When you can Steal?
Robert Hudson
719. akatemple
I had not heard of the Free E-Book store yet, sounds like an awesome thing to do, and I would really love one of those Flash drives. :)
The Other Erik
721. Another Mike
The Other Erik
722. Tyler Montgomery
Yes please.
The Other Erik
723. dreadbeat
Sounds good to me. Sign me up.
The Other Erik
724. Jenny lally
Wonderful news
The Other Erik
725. Joe P.
I'll take one (or 42), thanks!
The Other Erik
726. Bigred
Me Vant! Would love to get into some new (to me ) books
The Other Erik
727. mirk47
Great promotion! Thanks to @scalzi for the link.
corey chapman
728. martianblues
Books on a flash drive is a neat idea. Yes please. :)
The Other Erik
729. Melissa B.
What a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance!
The Other Erik
732. Shellywb
I'd really love to be able to read these. Thanks for the contest!
YouDont NeedToKnow
733. necrosage2005
I'd really like to win a set, please. Thanks.
The Other Erik
734. chaco_kid
What's not to love?.
The Other Erik
735. healthstudent
Great contest! Hooray for DRM free!
The Other Erik
736. GeneB
DRM free? Great!
The Other Erik
738. sonofthe
Woo! I read!
The Other Erik
739. cmvinson
Thanks for free stuff! DRM free ftw!
Jessica Lay
740. frellathon
That so rocks, thank you for the chance
Keshav Basavapatna
741. KayTheVegetarianZombie29
I am a bored college student with to much time on my hands. I could use a couple of books to read between classes. Thanks for the DRM Free! :)
The Other Erik
742. Oherian
I hope I'm one of the lucky 100!
Chris Haupt
743. chaupt
My e-readers are ready to be loaded with tasty DRM-free content. Thanks for leading the way TOR.
The Other Erik
744. FricH
There's always room for more (digital) books!
The Other Erik
745. wainbrave
I appreciate "free" as in beer ALMOST as much as I appreciate "free" as in liberty! Digital Rights Management blows! thanks for fighting the good fight!
The Other Erik
746. Drgnlady
I've read half of these books through the book club at my library and would love to own the ebook versions!
The Other Erik
747. museforhire
That would be keen! :D
The Other Erik
748. illmunkeys
Me! Choose me!
The Other Erik
750. roofuskit
I hope I'm not too late!
The Other Erik
751. Ron_M
Awesome! Would love to check out these e-books!
The Other Erik
752. zas678
I would love some books!
The Other Erik
753. Illusionmajik
Holy Moly! Ok I'm going to try my luck here. With a prize this awesome, it would be foolish not to. I just bought an E-reader 2 weeks ago!
DRM free = Take my money for awesome books please!!
Here's hoping :)
The Other Erik
754. thomrit
can't wait for expanded tor collection
The Other Erik
757. Jeff A Forbes
Yay! I'm number 756 if I hurry.
The Other Erik
758. nancym
Me too, please! Thanks!
The Other Erik
759. Ruya
Rock on! I hope the venture is successful, and meanwhile, I'll try my luck with the sweepstakes. :)
The Other Erik
760. lorelai
I'd like one!
The Other Erik
761. jharris22586
Woo hoo!
The Other Erik
762. Richard Monteverde
Did someone say free stuff! I'll take one :D
The Other Erik
763. John C. Bunnell
Craig Benning
764. icemannd
Great way to share some great books with people who may not yet know how much they love scifi/fantasy. reminds me of loaning my Firefly dvd's to everyone I knew to get more people interested
The Other Erik
765. Hybridpunk
The Other Erik
766. Ann L.
I'd like one! That'd be so handy!
Anne Velosa
767. ahvelosa
All authors that I'd like to get to know. Count me in! And thanks for the contest.
The Other Erik
768. Vincent Herrick
Yes please!!!
The Other Erik
769. jrr1234
Thanks for taking the lead among fiction book publishers and removing DRM. Great job.
The Other Erik
770. Travis Jon Allison
Little Brother was one of those books that I finished and immediately started reading again. it was awesome.
The Other Erik
772. Matt Thibault
I will most definitely enter for this. The whole idea is just pure awesome.
The Other Erik
773. Michelle D
Finally - and this would absolutely be the best thing EVER!
The Other Erik
774. Kevin White
Good to say a positive, consumer friendly entry into the eBook market place! Good luck!
Richard Yung
775. ryung
I'm entering this sweepstakes. Thanks in advance if I win!
Matthew Jay
776. MatthewJay
Awesome! I'm enjoying Redshirts right now and really would like to read Old Man's War next.
The Other Erik
777. Travis Hoyt
No DRM's sign me up!
Will Kallander
778. wkallander
treating your readers like adults is most excellent.
The Other Erik
779. Doctor Phobos
Yay for TOR going DRM-free!!!!!
The Other Erik
781. JRocklin
DRM free is great! The only way to make it better would be to include the e-book version with the purchase of the hardback version.
The Other Erik
782. Alun Phillips
Loving the fact your going DRM-free, certainly encourage me to purchase books from you
The Other Erik
784. TaKeshia Brooks
Count me in.
The Other Erik
785. Christopher B.
Whether I win or not, I think you've added some books to my reading list. :)
The Other Erik
786. Booklegger451
DRM free E-book store! Yay!
The Other Erik
787. kevix
the joy of true ownership that DRM removes is what people prefer. Thanks for enabling a better future.
Melissa Shumake
788. cherie_2137
i've been so stoked about tor going DRM-free since it was first announced, this is great! i would love to get to read those books on my kindle. and my netbook. and wherever else my little heart might desire. =)
The Other Erik
790. AaronF
Count me in
Dawn OBryan Lamb
791. Dawno
Commenting for a chance at the prize and to say 'thank you' for going DRM free.
The Other Erik
792. SilverFox
I've been waiting for DRM free books. Great decision!
The Other Erik
793. Mebibyte
Loved Little Brother! Wouldn't mind reading it again in it's new DRM-Free form! Thanks for the giveaway!
The Other Erik
794. Mary D.
I'd love to win some free stuff :)
The Other Erik
795. RachaelfromNJ
Thank you for going DRM free. Readers do appreciate it. I would love to be entered to win. Thanks for a great contest.
The Other Erik
796. Daniel V.
I would love to get this!
The Other Erik
797. CP
One in (plus/minus) 8 odds so far, not bad! Enter me to win, and thanks for going DRM-free!
The Other Erik
798. April L'Orange
What a fabulous idea for a giveaway! Put my name in the hat!
The Other Erik
799. timeandtide
Excellent selection!
The Other Erik
800. Cidney N.
Count me in! :)
Tami Martinez
801. martinezt
Please enter me into the sweepstakes! Thanks!
The Other Erik
802. Whatwords
What a great contest! Yes please, I would LOVE this.
Shawn King
803. stk_kreations
Sounds amazing! Can't wait for the store to officially launch.
The Other Erik
804. victauria
Can't believe I haven't read any of them! Winning would be super! Thanks for the contest :-)
Alexandre X. Duchateau Navarrete
807. Lexiel
Just when I decided to start reading more John Scalzi, this is perfect !
The Other Erik
808. Martin Hamilton
Free books? Free DRM-free books? Aw yeah!
The Other Erik
809. mwl
Free books? Nice! DRM-free books? Excellent!
The Other Erik
810. julieh
I hope luck is with me. I'd love to have these. Thanks TOR.
todd jones
Thanks TOR, for stepping up when no one else will.
The Other Erik
812. Judy in SATX
Hurray! A cool flash drive, stubby pins and excellent reading material. Over here please!
The Other Erik
813. Karl Weaver
I want one! Please, oh please? With sugar on,top?
The Other Erik
814. silverlight/Lisa
That is sooo cool!! Thanks for the giveaway!
The Other Erik
815. Rhiannon Rowland
Thanks! DRM Free is awesome. And I LOVE Books!
The Other Erik
816. Aaron Robbins
I love audiobooks!
The Other Erik
817. Jamey Thompson
I have been meaning to pick up Scalzi and get started with him for a while!
The Other Erik
818. Mike OBrien
Some really great books here...
The Other Erik
819. Scott Bonner
I read and loved Sword-Edged Blonde, 3 of the other books have been on my "must read" list forever, and the others sound interesting, so I'm really hoping my name gets chosen. Thanks for telling us about the new bookstore, and thanks 10 times over for supporting an environment where you trust your customers!
The Other Erik
820. Dave Gallaher
Thank you for this.
The Other Erik
821. Jeanne Miro
I'd love to win Old Man's War by John Scalzi or Strong Enough to Die by Jon Land because they're two of my husband favorite authors! It might even encourage him to to the dinner dishes one night!
Angus McIntyre
822. angusm
May the oddities be ever in my favor.
Lelia Taylor
823. cncbooks
I can't wait to indulge myself in the DRM-free store and what a treat winning this flashdrive would be to tide me over till then!
Sam Brady
824. lewaah
Please and thank you are the magic words!
The Other Erik
825. Jim D
I am not a fan of the cyber-book, but would be willing to give it a try. Convince me!
The Other Erik
826. Pabkins
Awesome giveaway yes yes sign me up!
Gary Miller
827. PhantomJedi
Ahhh... the sweet sweet smell of free ebooks! Yes, please ;)
The Other Erik
832. ultiteach
Looking forward to a DRM free world!! Vote for me!!!
The Other Erik
833. Sidekick Iggy
Thanks for the opportunity!!
The Other Erik
834. Dale Cook
Yes, please! I'll be glad to have one! Thanks!
The Other Erik
835. Ragenes
Wow. There are a ton of entries already....
The Other Erik
836. Deadjack
Sign me up! For these AND for the new store!
The Other Erik
837. LibraryAce
Sweet! I can always do with more Elizabeth Bear.
Kristi Jenkins
838. midwinter
So happy you're DRM-free! Would love one of these.
The Other Erik
839. Joe181
Wow. Me. Please..
The Other Erik
840. chromiumman
would love one - thanks for the chance
The Other Erik
841. CassR
Yes please, sign me up!
The Other Erik
842. dondasch
Very good selection
The Other Erik
843. whatsername
I would love one!
The Other Erik
844. Kennzoe
Haven't read anything by these authors, but I'm always game to try new ones.
The Other Erik
845. Code7r
Count me in! This sounds great. :)
The Other Erik
846. Travis B
This is AWESOME.
The Other Erik
847. JMHieber
What a great Idea. I'd like one
The Other Erik
848. DireBreakfast
I haven't read any of these yet...I'd love one!
Ben T-Moore
849. BenTGaidin
I'd like to be entered in this contest, too.
The Other Erik
850. Garth Colasurdo
Me read books good, me read ebooks gooder.
The Other Erik
851. Paul1234
I want this!!!!
The Other Erik
852. HeatherLeigh
I love to read new works!
The Other Erik
853. suz
yay for DRM free books!
The Other Erik
854. cghale
Haven't gotten into ebooks yet. Maybe this would convert me :)
The Other Erik
856. SueRed
Oh please! Please!
The Other Erik
858. Benson
Pretty sweet, send one my way please.
The Other Erik
860. ganymeder
I'd love to win that!

And they already have 2 books I love on them: Old Man's War & Little Brother. Woot!
The Other Erik
861. Daniel Ritter
Thank you, Tor, this is awesome!
The Other Erik
863. patryk
i didnt think i would like reading books electronically but i find that i am loving it and would love to win those 6 books
Kristen Cook
865. Clover4
Please send to me Stubby, I know we're buds :)
Paul Ripley
866. matt1616
awesome! i'm really excited to know that i'll soon be able to buy DRM free ebooks directly from tor.
The Other Erik
867. RicksJones
Hurray for DRM Free! Multiple device access for everyone!
Jim Crumley
868. crumley
This would be cool. Though the odds aren't looking great.
The Other Erik
869. RealnameavailableifIwin
Great idea! We've got to come up with a better system than DRM. Keep innovating!
The Other Erik
870. Cédric Jeanneret
Very good move, I'm in for the USB stick !
The Other Erik
871. Aegon
I thought I had entered, but apparently not yet. I would like to enter.
The Other Erik
872. Fordan
DRM free; nice to be able to use my books on whatever device I move to.
The Other Erik
873. Graham T
Sounds like a wonderful plan. The publishers of forward thinking fiction acting in a forward thinking manner :)
Lani Gallimore
874. evilminion
Thank you! Lets just hope other publishers will follow.
The Other Erik
877. 4ontheFloor
Ooh, I'll take one please!
Ramiro Lobo III
879. rloboiii
Yes, Please! I like these sweepstakes. Now, if I could only win one.
The Other Erik
881. John Fiala
I'd love one, thanks.
Autumn Greenley
882. NoQuestions
DRM-Free e-book store? That is definitely something I can get behind. Sort of a 'Humble Indie Bundle' equivalent for books...
The Other Erik
883. Samdw
I would really like to have one of these.
The Other Erik
884. David J
Cool, but I still like paper.
The Other Erik
885. MarkR
Very happy about Tor going DRM-free. I only buy ebooks from DRM-free publishers.
The Other Erik
887. wcfbooks
6 DRM free e-books. Sign me up please.
The Other Erik
889. NGreen
I would love one of these! Good job Tor on going DRM Free!
The Other Erik
890. ErskineJ
I welcome DRM-free!
The Other Erik
891. ChakaTodd
The Other Erik
892. Cliff Fuller
Good luck with the launch! And extra-special KUDOS for staying DRM-free!
The Other Erik
893. Myra
I still haven't read Old Man's War! It's on my list :)
The Other Erik
895. Rini K
Congrats on the launch! Thanks for the giveaway, crossing my fingers :)
Hugo Dahl
896. hugodahl
Love the DRM free store! Can't wait to see it come online!
The Other Erik
896. Jeremy E Bowers
I really appreciate the DRM-free store. DRM is one of the reasons I haven't gotten into the e-readers yet.
The Other Erik
897. baturcotte
Looks great! I hope the store goes well! (Oh, and I'll take one of the drives. :) ).
The Other Erik
898. Paul Eraut
I'd like one of those
The Other Erik
900. EBCornell
Tor continues to be THE source of incredible sci-fi/fantasy lit!
The Other Erik
901. Kara M Harkins
Yay for no DRM! (and hopefully I will win one of the drives)
The Other Erik
902. Frohike999
Glad to see this!
Kit Yona
903. jydog1
I will gladly take one off your hands as a favor
The Other Erik
904. YimYim
AAAAAAAAAhhh, yeah. DRM free. As the world should be.
The Other Erik
905. BobC
Love one! Pick me! Pick me!
The Other Erik
907. Candace H
Thanks for the offer! I'm excited to shop at your DRM-free ebook store :)
The Other Erik
906. Fraser, Nick F
sweet giveaway, especially with the little rocketship pins.
The Other Erik
908. sparkle123
That's great. Would love one.
The Other Erik
908. Steve D
Crossing my fingers...
The Other Erik
910. truthbard
DRM-free! Woot! Thank you so much for understanding that people who love reading shouldn't be punished with DRM for that love!
The Other Erik
909. SamLubell
I'm interested. I've only read half of these. Thanks!
The Other Erik
911. Simple Pearl
Yes, cook the Nook.
The Other Erik
912. Eytan
Thank you for going DRM Free!
The Other Erik
913. mithrandr
DRM Free ebooks, yay!
The Other Erik
914. MalachiSpeck
I wwould love to enter as well. DRM-Free is the way to be :)
The Other Erik
916. garrettf04
I'd love one! Can't get enough good sci-fi!
The Other Erik
918. Dissolve
Cool, another publisher making ebooks worth getting :)
Todd Tyrna
919. Ezramoon
Here's my entry. Thanks for the giveaway!
Chris Conley
920. TheSupremeForce
DRM-Free anything is an improvement. Great decision.
The Other Erik
921. Vandread
Awesome, always a fan of less DRM!
The Other Erik
922. HonorGod
Thank you for leading with this decision. I would love to get a copy of the drive. Thanks
The Other Erik
923. SummerB
As a blonde with a fascination for blades I might have to pick up Sword-Edged Blonde whether I win or not.
The Other Erik
924. John Hardin
Happy to see DRM-free at Tor, looking forward to purchasing some of my favorite books in Epub format!
The Other Erik
926. Daniel S.
Comment for the win! And I'm VERY glad to see that Tor is doing the DRM free stuff. Very nice.
Robin Greene
927. tweetygirl
I'd love one! and hurrah for drm free ebooks.
The Other Erik
928. Craig Lutke 1
Gotta love the removal of the DRM from the ebooks! It'll be as great as it was on music.
The Other Erik
929. Kyla M Johnson
I can't wait for the DRM free books. Ebooks are definitely the way of the future with my hs students and this is an easy way to get them into fantasy/scifi lit. Thanks.
miriam kahn
930. mbkcons
Fantastic News. I love that you are removing and/or relaxing DRM from e-books. Can't wait to read my favorite authors on my e-reader, especially Bledsoe, Stross and Scalzi.
The Other Erik
932. lodschmod
That's awesome, and I'd love one :)
The Other Erik
933. RichardA
Congratulations on your new store!
The Other Erik
934. Brother No. 2
DRM-Free? Wonderful idea! I approve.
The Other Erik
937. Anders B
Here's hoping!
The Other Erik
935. Micha H
Awesome news! I'd take one.
The Other Erik
936. Betty-Anne
Wow! Six fantastic authors ... I'd love this!
The Other Erik
936. Yehuda
I want all 100!

Actually they're DRM free, so one is enough. How awesome is that?
The Other Erik
938. KempoScott
Great book and DRM free, life is good...
The Other Erik
940. StephenH
Hooray for DRM free! It's wonderful to see ebooks becoming more usable!
The Other Erik
939. Tandrin
I actually haven't read any of the 6 yet.
The Other Erik
941. Polarbeast
I like Tor. I like DRM-free E-book stores. I like tacos. A lot. I am unsure which one I could possibly give up if I had to choose.
The Other Erik
942. Bill Lefler
here I am
The Other Erik
943. Eileen Phillips
Way cool TOR!
The Other Erik
944. lord garnett
I really should get out more. There's more to science fiction/fantasy than just life!
The Other Erik
945. David K.
Love the DRM free! Nice giveaway too, I'd love to win.
The Other Erik
946. Pelacia
I love Little Brother! The others I have not read but look forward to reading if I win! Otherwise, I'll pick them up at the store here :)
The Other Erik
947. schnauzermom
Sweeet! My Nook would love to have these. :)
The Other Erik
948. Cyphear
Here goes nothing. I have been wanting to read a few of these books.
The Other Erik
949. Soccerfan
Excellent!! Thanks for leading the way!
Mark Bersalona
951. MarkBersalona
Great to see eBooks following digital music towards DRM-free ownership!
The Other Erik
952. DarthHobbit
DRM-free ebook store is a great move. Free DRM-free ebooks are even better.
The Other Erik
953. Daarian
DRM Free, WooHoo!! Just like a book, only less bulky!! I would love to win one of those drives.
The Other Erik
955. mrxnextgen
Six books I have not read? Count me in! Thanks for the DRM Free books!
Justin Lee
954. evanchooly
Hook me up. 4/6 of those authors are already on my "to read" list.
Joyce Warner
956. Jorgi
This is totally awesome. Would love to win.
The Other Erik
959. Arwen
I'm really interested to see TOR is going to DRM-Free. Will be watching this closely. And of course I'd love to win one of these.
The Other Erik
961. Ailsa
Hurray for a publisher helping readers get past the royal PAIN it is to have books limited to specific devices! Bravo and thank you Tor!
The Other Erik
962. feritae
I would love to win this!! Pick me! Pick me!
The Other Erik
963. MPearson
Hurrah for books! for ebook! for DRM-free ebooks! for FREE DRM-free ebooks!

Yes, please, I'd like one!
The Other Erik
964. Grace G.
DRM-free ebooks need to be more common. Kudos to Tor for such an initiative. I'd love to get my hands on one of those flashdrives. :)
The Other Erik
965. Liz Semkiu
Totally awesome! Thanks for the contest. Looking forward to the openings of your book store.
The Other Erik
966. Susan B.
Love that you are going DRM Free, and I'd really love to win these titles, so please pick me :-D
The Other Erik
967. larry philen from texas
thank you. great idea. i would like to have a chance to win free ebooks.
The Other Erik
968. abbygirl142
Fantastic - thanks - looking forward to DRM-free and would love to win one of the flash drives.
The Other Erik
969. MythCreant
The future's looking brighter. Sign me up!
The Other Erik
970. Janice Moore
Thank you so very much! I love ebooks.
The Other Erik
972. Careless
Great news!
The Other Erik
971. Shaown
I'm glad you are going DRM Free - would love to win
The Other Erik
973. Chris Lope
Gimme, gimme! :)
The Other Erik
974. Mark D Pease
The Other Erik
975. Loraine
Awesome! I would LOVE free books and I am looking forward to purchasing books directly from Tor for my Nook!
The Other Erik
976. aabier

Oh, wait...
The Other Erik
977. Scott K Stewart
Great promo, and even better new on the DRM free books.. I love my ereader and my iPad, and relaxed DRM lets me buy more books for both! Thanks!
Pam Gaffney
979. Pamster
This is a terrific contest, please enter me! I HATE DRM and love good SF.
The Other Erik
981. LINDA B
The Other Erik
983. Thys
Let the reading begin
The Other Erik
982. Charlee
Cool! I will love the DRM-free store.
Ben Galusha
984. Elgneb
Thank you so much for opening a DRM free store! I will certainly be looking here first for any titles I wish to purchase in the future. Also I would love to read all the books in the free 6-pack.
The Other Erik
985. EvaDeva
Woo! Outstanding!
The Other Erik
986. dangerousnerd
In for one! Major kudos to Tor for going DRM free!
Jessica Nasca
987. onapalehorse
Hooray Tor for dipping your feet into the DRM-free water! Double-yay for giving away some of those lovely e-books!
David Walsh
988. dmwalsh568
Great set of books and it's great they are DRM free!
The Other Erik
990. Earle Pittman
A really unique way to distribute books. Read on desktop, then take it with me travelling with laptop.
The Other Erik
991. Kes741
YAY! DRM-Free... would love win one of the flash drives!
The Other Erik
992. mekaup
I hope and pray that DRM is beecoming a thing of the past like the dinosaur. It was said earlier that if you buy a paper book, you can read it, lend it, and even sell it. With a DRM ebook you are stuck with it if you do not like the book. And heaven help you if you buy a different ereader and have to fight with the Adobe Digital Editions ereader. That is a piece of unrepentant junk that should have never been produced and "forced" down our throats.
Jeffrey Kaplan
993. Ridgey
Love Tor's email and tweets. Now can I have a flashdrive w/ books?
Stephen Lyon
995. skaftafell
Sun shining on words;
To read without restriction
Warms the questing mind.
The Other Erik
996. danielle cicchetti
Woohoo! There aren't many ebook retailers I like, so I'm happy for a new source.
Matthew Miller
998. Mathachew
DRM free? Great! Now if only Tor would address those pesky lending limitations for eBooks purchased through Amazon or B&N...
The Other Erik
1000. EricB
I'd like one!
The Other Erik
1001. v_a_b
Very nice! But somehow us non-US customers get left out, as usual. It seems our $$ are somehow less welcome...
The Other Erik
1003. ChrisRobt
Great idea and great books!!
The Other Erik
1002. BrettP
Congrats on the new store!
The Other Erik
1006. TheAmazingGoop
Free stuff is always cool :)
The Other Erik
1007. Jon M
I like books
The Other Erik
1008. jenincincinnati
Hurray for swag!
The Other Erik
1009. Brandon k
I would like one!
The Other Erik
1011. tippymarie
Me, me, me!! I must have those books.
The Other Erik
1012. Kylame
Great idea! Sign me up!
The Other Erik
1010. Saxxton
Awesome! I want one!
Cameron Kaley
1013. ckaley
My little book worms and I thank you :)
Roger Tyson
1014. r2t2
I'm so glad that others are following in Baen's lead on making their ebooks DRM free. I'm looking forward to browsing around in the store and being able to get ebook versions of the books that I have and love to read. Bonus would be if I get one of these drives!!
The Other Erik
1015. macrsn
Am really glad to find a source of DRM-free for SF.
The Other Erik
1016. Seabourne
Excellent, at least half I haven't read yet! Here's hoping...
The Other Erik
1017. lainey_cat
Wow, this is an exciting step in the world of ebooks! I'd love one of your flashdrives!
Melissa Walters
1018. ladytwinoaks
Please, please, please I want one! Thank you so much for going DRM free!
The Other Erik
1019. BobTheOriginal
The Other Erik
1020. Veiltender
This is a good move, I think, in the world of e-books.
The Other Erik
1022. Moridin77
The only thing better than books are free books!
The Other Erik
1024. JasonLee
A great move by a great publisher. Good job, guys!
The Other Erik
1025. mirth513
sign me up please! I've got a brand-new IPad & need some good books on it!
The Other Erik
1027. Alisha MNtR
How exciting... for both the announcement and the contest! ^__^
The Other Erik
1026. RedfordPhyl
DRM-free is good!
The Other Erik
1028. terrymike
This is such a cool way to distribute free books. Hope I win one! Love your site.
The Other Erik
1030. Magellan
Fantastic idea. Good for Tor to lead the way!
The Other Erik
1031. JMB
I'll take one!
The Other Erik
1032. HSonger
This is great! I'm glad you are going DRM-free. Thanks for putting your customers first!
The Other Erik
1033. Fuzzy
Whee! Free!
The Other Erik
1035. Nuclear Siafu
I would love one of those thumb drives, and I'm happy to see DRM taking a backseat. This will make it much easier to read on any device I like.
The Other Erik
1034. Octavio Soares
I am very happy with the opening of the store!
The Other Erik
1036. Liempo
This would be great!
The Other Erik
1037. Julie S.
What an awesome contest! This is a great way to promote Tor.
The Other Erik
1038. morcoire
Can't wait for the new store!!
Carl Nelson
1039. Carl_Nelson
I love to read. I like a hard copy book I can hold but sometims an E-Book is more convient, so I am all for you opening an E-Book store.
The Other Erik
1040. AliaO
Yay, books!
The Other Erik
1041. Daniel Thrasher
What a great collection. I would love to win one!!
The Other Erik
1042. JWells
Me please!
The Other Erik
1044. Jones9999
FREEDOM, Sweet FREEDOM. away from RIAA and the bloodthirsty lawyers. DRM free is true FREEDOM. Alive and well in the Land of the Free and Home of the BRAVE. I love all the authors and love eBooks. I am using Mobi-Reader on my Blackberry Torch. (yes going against the tide with a Blackberry) Thank you Tor, and McMillian for this opportunity to be FREE.

The Other Erik
1045. Colin Blair
Cool, DRM free just like it should be.
ethan leggett
1046. peasupp1y
That's a pretty cool usb drive :)
I'd love one.

Plus, a DRM free store is going to be awesome!
The Other Erik
1047. Axodys
Pleased to hear that you're taking the initiative to directly sell your DRM free books as well. Lots of great moves (and books!) on your part lately, keep it up TOR!
The Other Erik
1049. AMH210
I hope I win. I do, I do, I do, I do.

(Apologies to the Cowardly Lion)

The Other Erik
1048. MichaelM
I think this is a fantastic idea and I'm quite happy to see TOR treading into this new age.
The Other Erik
1050. Janet J
Thanks for the decision to go DRM-free. Looking forward to it.
The Other Erik
1051. A Burchfield
Death to DRM! This is the future of eBook publishing. Thanks TOR!
The Other Erik
1054. mooseJ
DRM free, nice. Now we just need to get all the other companies to follow suit
The Other Erik
1054. thehockeydude44
I'd love a few books for my new Kindle!
The Other Erik
1053. Me Me Me
Old Man's War - fantastic book. Would love to have an e-book version of it!
The Other Erik
1055. triforceslash
i'd like one
The Other Erik
1056. ouegamer
That's cool, that's a great way to take on Amazon!
The Other Erik
1058. CWBrown
Glad to hear about the DRM free ebook store. And, I'm hoping to score one of those flashdrives!
The Other Erik
1057. Marianne P
I'd love to win one of those! It's got several books I've been wanting to read.
The Other Erik
1060. Jay Sprenkle
Too bad I'm so slow to sign up. Where can we sign up to be notified of the drm free ebook store?
The Other Erik
1061. Shaylin
Please ignore most of the over 1000 previous comments and give ME one of the flash drives!
The Other Erik
1062. Katy Manck
Yes, thanks.
The Other Erik
1063. nwtfrosty
Bravo to TOR for taking this step away from DRM.
The Other Erik
1064. twhayes99
DRM free huh? Can't wait!!
The Other Erik
1067. roseap
This is where I'll be getting all my e-books!
The Other Erik
1066. smfsprout
Wow. How awesome is this?! Thanks for making sure that eReaders get the good books, too.
The Other Erik
1068. Blood_Knifee
Yes, please may I have one?
The Other Erik
1070. rls
Great idea, here's hoping.
The Other Erik
1069. AlisonB
Great - glad to hear about the DRM-free move.
Ryan Mixter
1071. Rmixter
Yay! Ebooks I can read on all my devices! Want.
The Other Erik
1073. DFBeck
Great step forward TOR. And great contest!
The Other Erik
1075. Andrew Rose
I think this is the best way for Publishers to stay relevent in the new age of digital medium. The work you do with the authors and editing the work to make sure it's the best can't be discounted, but without making it so it's available to all platforms we'll all get locked into one device and be unwilling to change because we'll lose all our books!
The Other Erik
1076. DRupke
It will be nice to own my digital books, instead of just leasing them from Amazon.
The Other Erik
1077. Geekette
Hooray for DRM free titles! Thank you for being a progressive voice in today's ebook technology market.
The Other Erik
1078. adrianjbryce
Great news!
Jeffrey Carver
1080. JeffreyCarver
As a Tor author and reader, I'm delighted by the move to DRM-free!
The Other Erik
1079. Chas C
Thrilled that TOR has the foresight and courage to remove DRM. Well done.
The Other Erik
1081. Rob W
WooHoo! Yes! Pick me!
Rebekah Reeves
1082. ratpacksmom
Read Old Man's War Loved it. Would love to win to read the rest.
The Other Erik
1083. chiheatherlove
Awesome idea- can't wait to burn up my Nook!
The Other Erik
1085. Tominator
Count me in!
The Other Erik
1084. Dennis Owens 1979
I Love Tor
The Other Erik
1084. JSM
Sure, I'll throw my name into the hat.
The Other Erik
1086. Victoria B
what a wonderful giveaway . thank you
The Other Erik
1087. ChristineW
My Kindle can always use more books!
The Other Erik
1088. Dawn G
I have been so hoping for this! DRM-Free means I can read books on the ereader that I want to use, not one tied to a particular market-place. Thank you!
The Other Erik
1089. yostman1759
Great news...glad Tor is taking the lead!
The Other Erik
1090. ErinB
I would very much enjoy these books - I have a few of them in paper form, but I have a trip to MX coming up, and I need to load up my e-reader!
The Other Erik
1091. Thanatoseros
When looking for a good read I always know that if it has "TOR" on the spine it is a story worth reading. E-books are the future and you have led the way.
The Other Erik
1092. alisabbryce
The Other Erik
1094. JRF
I look forward to it!
The Other Erik
Sign me up!
The Other Erik
1095. Nerd_Dad
Have several of these already (paper or ebook), but not all. And heck, a cool flash drive.
The Other Erik
1096. ThomasH
Good job, Tor! A very welcome development.
The Other Erik
1097. Allwyyn
This is definitely a step in the right direction with e-books!
The Other Erik
1098. bill ries-knight
Yay! The end for DRM is nigh!
The Other Erik
1099. Artemis722
I need more reading material, please! =)
The Other Erik
1101. Joan Emerson
This is such exciting news for all e-book readers! My Nook is practically launching itself into the stratosphere at the thought . . . . May your store experience skyrocketing success!

As for the Sweepstakes . . . a super-cool flash drive with six awesome reads and stubby buttons? Wow . . . yes, please, sign me up for that! Thank you!
The Other Erik
1100. Jennifer L.
This is so great. I am glad about the DRM-free e-book store. I hope I win so I can read the books on the flash drive.
The Other Erik
1101. Tammie Marquez
I think this is a great idea! I would also love to be able to download e books on my smartphone with little hassle.It would love to win the sweep stakes as I never win anything. Thanks
The Other Erik
1103. rover174
Now I love TOR even more!
Rick Hale
1102. rickh57
DRM free ebooks is the way to go. I'd like to have these books, so sign me up! :-)
The Other Erik
1104. RebeccaJ
Super excited to buy from here! Escpecially A Memory of Light - will that be released at the same time of the e-book store?
The Other Erik
1105. BrianM
I would love one. Those who want to pirate will still do it as locks only help keep honest people honest. Thank you Tor for recognizing the usability issues that removing DRM improves.
The Other Erik
1106. deby
Please, oh please!!!!!
The Other Erik
1107. KimS
I love having both hardcopy and ebooks. This is a welcome addition from a great SF publishing house.
The Other Erik
1108. bodhidharma
This is a fantastic move by Tor, I aplaud you for being (way!) out in front of the rest of the industry.

To show how much your customers like this, I'm going to buy a dozen books from Tor in the next week (although, truth to be told, it helps that you have good titles, and not just a wise DRM-free policy).
Scott Kennedy
1109. scottken
Fingers crossed! And kudos to Tor on going DRM-free.
The Other Erik
1111. patebooks
Hurray for DRM-free store! And a bright, shiny flashdrive w/6 books!
Hope I'm not too late for the party.
The Other Erik
1112. Xavier-Michael O. Moroney
DRM Free, finally. The more people read, the more they buy, the more they read...
The Other Erik
1114. AshaBob
So glad to hear of the DRM free e-books here...Now is the time to get this going..Summer reading time is here
John Dozier
1113. jgdozier
great titles! would love to win one of the flash drives!
The Other Erik
1115. BlakeT
Excellent giveaway, thanks a ton TOR.

*crosses fingers*
The Other Erik
1116. Larisa
Oh, COOL. Not only for taking the awesome step to go DRM Free, but a specatular give away. THANK YOU!!

Now here's hoping I make the lucky 100 - haven't read any of the six, and they all look like necessary summer reads.
The Other Erik
1117. mef
Sounds great. Kudos on the move!
The Other Erik
1118. James Heinen
What a great idea. I want one!
The Other Erik
1119. mb3
Good luck everyone!
Marjorie Pawley
1120. marjip
This is a WHOPPER GIVE-AWAY! Feed my hungry mind & accept my gratitude.
The Other Erik
1123. Jim C.
Just under a 1/11 chance right now; fingers are crossed!
The Other Erik
1124. Amy in PDX
Thanks, Tor!
tzafrir n
1125. zephyr
My finger got blisters after scrolling to the end of the comments!
Please, as a reasonable compensation I'll accept one of the drives.
Thank you. :-)

Almost forgot, giant step toward winning the costumers hearts. Good luck.
Ned Reiter
1126. nreiter
I can only hope more publishers will become enlightened and remove DRM, realizing it only alienates their customers and drives them away. Or worse yet, drives them to piracy in spite. A big thank you to those authors, like Cory Doctorow, that have encouraged this trend by their example.
The Other Erik
1127. Matt98
Fingers crossed!
The Other Erik
1128. StaceyE
I love the idea of being able to effortlessly read ebooks from the platform of my choosing. thanks for leading the charge! :D
The Other Erik
1129. Adam G..
You guys rock! Thanks. (And a big cheer to Cory for his tireless efforts in this area)
The Other Erik
1130. heffrey78
Awesome! Me please.
The Other Erik
1131. Joan Emerson
This is such exciting news for all e-book readers! My Nook is practically launching itself into the stratosphere at the thought . . . . May your store experience skyrocketing success!

As for the Sweepstakes . . . a super-cool flash drive with six awesome reads and stubby buttons? Wow . . . yes, please, sign me up for that!
The Other Erik
1132. J Yoshida
DRM bad.
TOR good.
The Other Erik
1133. GMC
Great idea. Cory, Stross and Scalzi all have been champions of DRM-free books for a long time, and I began reading AND BUYING their works as a result. I look forward to more Tor titles on my Mindle and iPad in the future.
The Other Erik
1134. Robb Hammack
Free e-books! Yummm
The Other Erik
1136. Lauren M.
I think that is very cool that yall are doing this. I would love to win one.
The Other Erik
1136. shybit
Oh, please! I've gone through 8 books this last week alone! I need some extra reading! :o)
The Other Erik
1137. Kadeton
Hurrah for DRM-free. Welcome to the future!
The Other Erik
1138. ErikaF
Looking forward to diving into e-books now!
The Other Erik
1139. davidp1968
Me please!
The Other Erik
1140. bookmuse568812
This is wonderful.
I would love to win one.
The Other Erik
1141. David M with something
Here's to hoping I win! And mega-high fives all around for DRM-free move. Good luck everyone.
Dean Bryant
1142. Mozartbooks
Please. Me. And why, you ask?
Because I am sitting here, reading "All Summer In A Day, " on the day after Ray Bradbury passed away, and I need something to cheer me up. Free books on a thumb drive?
It's what Ray would've wanted.
The Other Erik
1143. eilidhdawn
The Other Erik
1144. Tim Ridenour
ken poole
1145. kenpoole
Its great you are going DRM free :-) Have been mostly getting my ebooks to read from Baen since they are already there :-)
Debbie Solomon
1146. dsolo
Love Tor. I come to this site almost every day. Sign me up for the sweepstakes.
The Other Erik
1147. Big Nick
DRM is nothing but a hassle. I am glad to see that Tor is being progressive in doing away with this ultimately bothersome system. Now, I need some luck! I would love one of those flash drives.
The Other Erik
1148. Mary Lauff-Thompson
Sounds like a lot of good reads
The Other Erik
1149. Mr. Savage
I would certainly enjoy reading those e-books!
The Other Erik
1150. Rena Mizrahi
I'd like one! And I'm excited about the DRM-free store!
Rachel Sessum
1151. fuzzybearslippers
I would love to have one. I am so excited about the DRM free store too!
The Other Erik
1152. Rashmi
This is huge! I always felt it was unfair that I could share my physical copies of books with friends and family, but not ebooks. But this will change it all. Thanks Tor, for heralding a DRM-Free future!
The Other Erik
1153. Buffy_Wedlington
I'd love to win! But just in case I don't, congrats to the winners :)
The Other Erik
1155. T.N. Morgan
Love the fact you folks are going DRM-free.
The Other Erik
1156. ayashi
Would love a chance at winning this :D
The Other Erik
1157. Cram
A flash drive and buttons! Now we are talking...
The Other Erik
1158. Deuce
I welcome this drm free media. It will allow me to use the content on the device of my choice. Thanks for being a leader in this TOR.
The Other Erik
1160. Karl Andre
Hey Tom! I would like one :)

Also the link at the top of the following sweepstakes rules webpage is incorrect
it says :

1. To Enter: Visit here ( and submit your entry by commenting on the post found on the Site. Sweepstakes begins online at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on June 4, 2012 and ends at 12:00 p.m. ET on June 8, 2012.

There should be a "-" in "ebooks" (e-books) like this:

Both the embeded link provided in the word "here" and the text following it are incorrect.
Steve Moore
1162. jstevenmoore
Can't wait for the new book store! Loving that it's DRM free!
The Other Erik
1163. RobM
I have been telling everyone I know about Tor going DRM free, thank you so much for that, and for the great promotion.
The Other Erik
1164. Troy L.
Thank you! I'm pleased and proud that you folks are taking the high road and setting the example for other publishers. All DRM does is make things more difficult for the honest consumer. My hat is off to you!
Todd Hauskins
1165. goofusmcnoofus
This would make my day. And not in a Dirty Harry kind of way. I'm going to stop before this becomes a limerick.
The Other Erik
1166. kmg365
Kudos for the DRM-free decision, when many publishers seem to be running fast in the opposite direction. Now, about that flash drive...
The Other Erik
1167. Deuce B
I'd like some of that action! I could always use a good flash drive, not to mention new reading material!!!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Deuce B
The Other Erik
1168. RydiaRoads
Yay for DRM free!
The Other Erik
1169. Carolyn H.
I'd love to win. I'm really looking forward to your e-bookstore. That sounds like a perfect place to browse!
The Other Erik
1171. Slinky
Go drm free! :)
The Other Erik
1172. thecheez
Nice! The DRM free movement needs to move like this! Are all TOR releases this year DRM free?
The Other Erik
1173. Ashley Cuffia
That is awsome that you guys are doing this! cant wait till the store launches!
The Other Erik
1174. anoctopus1000
The Other Erik
1175. dawn the glass bead maker
want :)
The Other Erik
1176. TMN
Excellent plan. Count me in.
The Other Erik
1177. samuraibunny (Vivian)
This is fantastic news! Good to hear, especially in this day and age.
The Other Erik
1178. pwincek
That's terrific!! More ebooks!!! Yay :)
The Other Erik
1179. JacobG
This sounds amazing! I'm all about the DRM-free.
The Other Erik
1180. Kalei Haller
Please! Please! Please!
The Other Erik
1181. Michael Gillman
DRM free is good! I like it.
The Other Erik
1183. Jamie Rubin
Count me in!
The Other Erik
1184. Cyberw1zard
I want one too!
The Other Erik
1185. Aymee
Yay! We love DRM-free books! Hell, we just love books... THANK YOU!
The Other Erik
1186. Elizabeth H.
This new store sounds fabulous!! Thanks for the giveaway!!
The Other Erik
1187. Father Ignatius
Sean Purvis
1188. stp115
I am a huge fan DRM free. Makes me much more likely to buy more ebooks. I would, however, love to win one of these. Because free plus DRM free is even better. :)
Brian Eberling
1189. AnemicOak
Would love to win!

Really looking forward to the new store.
The Other Erik
1190. Lil
Thank you for seeing how much of a pain DRM is! I'm glad somebody realizes it!
Crystal Wilder
1191. bibliobat
DRM-free is excellent! Thank you!! (And just so you know, I would have entered for the Elizabeth Bear book alone! ;-)
The Other Erik
1192. Jennifer Dayton
Sound like a great idea to get more people to read, and introduce them to great authors!!!!!! I'm all for it.
The Other Erik
1193. sparkatito
DRM free, that's the way to be.
The Other Erik
1194. Traciinaz
I'd love to get a copy of those! :)
The Other Erik
1195. Karen Lewis Jackson
Love ebooks, would love to win them!
Stéphane Gagnon
1197. SteffiG
I would like to have one , but alas I live in Canada.
I am an avid reader and but I do have family in the USA.
Could this work?

And awesome for DRM free book!!!

The Other Erik
1198. Jessica Weinman
I would love one! Especially for Little Brother, as Cory Doctorow is one of my favorite authors!
The Other Erik
1199. Giskard
Look ma! DRM-free!
The Other Erik
1200. Paulytheturk
DRM is DUM. Like others i enjoy a good book and especially a free one. As the stupid music retailers finally learned, free product exposes potential customers to new content. If they like it then they PAY for it!!!!!!!!! Oy. Such a deal
The Other Erik
1201. Will E.
I commend your confidence in taking this step. It serves both the readers and the publishers well, and I hope it is an example to other publishers.
The Other Erik
1202. PatrickC
Long live the eBook!
Angel Carrion
1204. angelcar
Want it, even though I already got OMW!
The Other Erik
1203. Debbie H
Wow! that's a cool prize and a lot of entries! Pick Me!!!
The Other Erik
1206. MilesK
Congrats! This sounds like fun!
The Other Erik
1205. eric casteleijn2
Good for you Tor! Let's hope this is the beginning of the end for DRM.
Jeffrey Belanger
1207. leftfender
DRM free. Who would have thought? It makes common sense.

Best Reading,

The Other Erik
1208. ErnieF
I've only read one book on the list and I feel guilty for that! I'd love to win!

Also, three cheers for DRM-free e-books, anybody?
The Other Erik
1209. Daneel
Yay! All your DRM-free eBooks belong to us.
The Other Erik
1211. Ted Herrlich
Way to go on DRM-free and a great giveaway to promote it.
Lori Alpert
1212. elenapandora
Very pleased about the DRM-free bookstore!
The Other Erik
1213. Katya L.
So glad to see Tor doing the DRM-free thing! I'd love one of these.
The Other Erik
1214. schill
I'm very happy to see you go DRM free. Let's hope others follow.
The Other Erik
1215. Victoria Logue
Great idea. Bravo.
The Other Erik
1216. Mi'chelle Walker
I'd like to enter to win, please.
The Other Erik
1217. R.Moody
Great idea... Thanks for going drm free.
The Other Erik
1218. Steve Kovach the Great
Looking forward to more DRM free books. Thanks for trusting *me* to manage my purchased content responsibly and legally - I will reward your trust by making more purchases from TOR.
The Other Erik
1219. Jenn/Yana
This librarian is so happy to hear about your DRM-free efforts!
The Other Erik
1220. Shannon Pierce
Wonderful new direction! I will be checking out the new service.
The Other Erik
1221. Benjamin Juang
Yes please! Also, thank you for embracing DRM free!
The Other Erik
1221. SethH
I'd love to get some free books! Sign me up!
The Other Erik
1223. PatrickS
Having not read any of those books, I wouldn't mind winning one of the drives.
1224. boywonder
Awesome pawsome!! Too bad they only allow one entry per household. Otherwise, I'm guessing they might see a swamp of users with multiple postings. :)
The Other Erik
1225. Liim
Where is the love for us europeans? :)
The Other Erik
1226. Nate Z Sharpe
Woot! Thanks for supporting a DRM free world!
The Other Erik
1227. Maulotaur
DRM-free is nice! Appreciate the chance to win some free books too.
The Other Erik
1228. Orichalcum
Thanks for the opportunity.
The Other Erik
1229. Jim Hartley
I am glad to hear of your decision to go DRM-free. Of course, I would also be glad to hear that I had won a drive and 6 books, but that's another matter ... somebody has to win, I guess we'll see ...
The Other Erik
1230. Arch
Yay, indeed...
The Other Erik
1231. Summ97
One for me, please!
The Other Erik
1232. RDavidson
HEADLINE: DRM-Free Goes Viral! We can only hope.
The Other Erik
1234. bobster
Thanks for taking the lead on DRM!
The Other Erik
1235. Brian Oyer
I'm in! Love the concept
The Other Erik
1236. mirsulli
Best idea ever guys! I am completely sick of DRM and the trouble it causes genuninely honest customers to supposedly try and prevent theft but oh yeah funny thing I can't use something I bought on everything I own and don't even think of switching formats if the competitor comes out with the better mousetrap. I refuse to buy more than one copy of something and now we are on the road to not having to, so thank you.

Of course I would also love one of those flashdrives with the free books, I always will take a free book to read as quick as I go through them I could go absolutely broke if it wasn't for the library.
The Other Erik
1237. tellbigmac
Count me in!
Bill Snedden
1238. wmsnedden
A DRM-free store is a fantastic idea! I hope to be a steady customer...of course, it wouldn't hurt to get the first few free...
The Other Erik
1239. Julie S.
Sweet... I feel Lucky.
The Other Erik
1240. TomSpindle
oh yeah!
The Other Erik
1241. ErikGross
Thank you for trusting in the common decency of the majority of people.
The Other Erik
1242. Nick Piagentinti
Keep up the good work Tor. Well done!
Ethan Bjorn
1244. Elayneismyhero
Sounds Awesome! I could go for some DRM-free ebooks. And one of those flash drives doesn't sound bad either :)
The Other Erik
1243. AnneMarie
wow! Hope I'n not too late.Thank you.
The Other Erik
1245. GDBJNC
Very nice! Would be great to win one!
The Other Erik
1246. Kelly Bailey
I have loved every Tor author I've read so far - especially John Scalzi and Robert Jordan. Keep up the good work!
The Other Erik
1247. Hotswopp
Sounds great. Hope they bring alot of the older books back out to be enjoyed!
The Other Erik
1248. Taylor C
Ah ha. I'd like one, yes.
The Other Erik
1249. ShellyMichelle
Going DRM free is such an awesome idea! Thank you.
Matthew Taylor
1251. vinco
DRM free means I'm suddenly interested in buying TOR ebooks. Excellent!
The Other Erik
1250. AJMaguire
Free books plus the pins in that picture? Count me in.
d g
1252. dak180
DRM free ebooks are definitely what I prefer.
The Other Erik
1254. Giancarlo
My kindle needs some refilling.
The Other Erik
1255. J. Joseph Kelly
This is great. DRM is counterproductive. Thanks for making this choice.
The Other Erik
1256. DavidLillard
Please enter me in the sweepstakes. Thanx, David.
Scott Kullberg
1257. sekullbe
Excellent, haven't read most of those yet!
The Other Erik
1258. Bryan Wilson
Thanks for another great publishing move. DRM-free is the way to go.
The Other Erik
1259. J-Ro
oooooh! I'd like one!
Bruce McNully
1260. RazorBat
Typically, I'm just a lurker and don't alsways even sign in. Free ebooks as bait. I guess that I'm trapped. Especially now that TRO is moving to no DRM. I won't say that I don't buy ebooks with DRM, but I do very seroiusly consider them and how badly I want them before I do. There are several Tor books that I have not bought due to DRM. I have already had one format go to life support and use 2 differing formats (even double buying some TOR (Weber's Safehold) novels to avoid availablity issuses. No DRM for those of us that are already hoset is very important to me.
The Other Erik
1261. Melissa(My World...)
Holy comments! lol. Wow, wonderful to hear about the drm. Thank you. And 6 amazing sounding books I need to get reading. Thank you greatly for the chance to win them.
The Other Erik
1262. Dana H
It is great to see an enlightened publisher. Tor has been innovative in any case and going DRM-free shows their confidence in comsumers. I, for one, see the primary advantage of DRM-free is being able to move my book to the various reading devices I use without restriction.
The Other Erik
1263. Shelley with an E
Huzzah for DRM-free books! My wallet patiently awaits the opening.
The Other Erik
1263. Gabrielle L.
I would love one of these!
The Other Erik
1264. John J
I'll take one of those! :)
The Other Erik
1265. penny
thank you for listening and making this drm-free bookstore happen! yay tor!
The Other Erik
1266. Cory W.
Congrats on the DRM-free e-book store. And awesome book selection on the drive!
Michael Hayden
1267. MikeHayden
This is a great idea. I wish myself luck.
Donald Murray
1268. benmurr
DRM Free at last, DRM Free at last!
The Other Erik
1269. Julie J.
Congrats on the launch, exciting! I would love more books. :)
The Other Erik
1270. Jeremy H.
I am desiring these things.
Michael Gants
1271. Quelthan
I, for one, am glad to see another book publisher look at their readers and say "Yes, you are good people. We do not need to make your reading time harder by limiting where or when you read an ebook." Thank you TOR for pushing forward with this initiative and allowing us, the reader, to decide how we will read books we have purchased.
The Other Erik
1272. Tiggs
Hopefully this move will be successful and show the industry that DRM-free books are the way to go.
The Other Erik
1273. CharlesH
Excellent! Reading ebooks on my just-good-enough 4" smart phone screen is the only way I find enough time to read books on a regular basis with work and family and all.
The Other Erik
1274. AmyO
I'm definitely interested in this, as at least one of these books is on my to get/to read list. And thanks for making them non-DRM. I like to be able to read on more than one device.
The Other Erik
1275. Lee Hulbert
1000 comments so far, I like those odds!
The Other Erik
1276. Luis B.
Some great titles on those flash drives. Thanks for making such an awesome giveaway!
The Other Erik
1277. PeteSams
This is really the wave of the future. I don't think that electronic files change the nature of sharing more than sharing books, used bookstores, and libraries do -- they only make a purchase more likely. Storage, availibility, and advertising are the real services people are paying for here.
Tina Pierce
1278. scissorrunner
This is a great step forward for e-readers. I still LOVE a good paper book, but e-books have become a BIG part of my book buying budget. (oops, did I say book buying & budget in the same sentance, silly me....)
Thanks Tor, this is a great move!
The Other Erik
1280. Reader951
Glad to see Tor going to DRM free books. As others have said I do not want to be forced to use just one format that might go away as technology improves. Thank you Tor!
The Other Erik
1281. Eric D.
This is really exciting news! I'm very much looking forward to more of the industry embracing DRM-free ebooks. DRM'd / "defective by design" books only restrict the choice of legitimate users - the pirates will pirate them anyway regardless of what mechanism is used, so DRM becomes an inferior product compared to the pirate copy whcih is flexible and easy to use.

Also I'd love to get one of these *hopes for luck*

The Other Erik
1283. ChiMyOi
Great idea! The last release before the web launch introduced me to new authors and definitely increased my purchases. Sneaky Tor.
The Other Erik
1284. HowardL
Yay! now my ebooks can join my PBs and HCs in sharting the joy of old and new authors alike!

Nothing promotes an author faster then word of mouth and a sampling of his/her stories.
The Other Erik
1285. hmullens
Sign me up!
The Other Erik
1286. jjayj
Kudos to Tor/Forge for an innovative an d pioneering decision.
The Other Erik
1287. tallisen
I would love this I love to read
Shane Silbaugh
1288. dRAEMtYGER
Only one I have read is Scalzi's Old Man's War. E-books are nice been using my original Nook quite a lot. Though I still love the feel and smell of real dead tree books. Thanks Tor for going DRM free.
The Other Erik
1289. originalCG
I would love one!
The Other Erik
1290. Jeff S C
Wow, how do you pick just 100 from this group.
The Other Erik
1292. Leslie the Librarian
Thank you Tor for DRM-free . . . and for hosting Teresa De Lucci and her weekly comments on George R. R. Martin's "Game of Thrones" HBO series, and for hosting all the other book/SF&F bloggers.

Leslie the Librarian

Go, Readers!!!
Donald Ohde
1293. djohde
Excellent news. I really prefer DRM free books.
The Other Erik
1291. Kalffiend
Excellent decision!
Kellie Hultgren
1294. keelin
Two I want and more I'm curious about? Count me in!
The Other Erik
1295. kodasmom11
This is wonderful news!!! Thank you.
The Other Erik
1297. Maxy
Entering... thx much.
The Other Erik
1299. AngelaH
Very cool!
The Other Erik
1300. Despotes
Looking forward to the store!
The Other Erik
1301. elliot91030
Great news for those of us with mutiple reader.
The Other Erik
1302. ClaudiuO
DRM-free? Sweet! TOR store will be my main source of ebooks from now on! Thanks for such an awesome decision!
The Other Erik
1303. Kishkumen
Count me in.
The Other Erik
1304. Gary D. Foster
Another welcome nail in the coffin for DRM protected books. I love to see free and open formats made widely available!
The Other Erik
1305. Zacola
Great news for the future of e-books.
The Other Erik
1306. Carl Thompson
I hope the trend away from DRM grows! Thanks for doing this.
Derek Hansen
1307. Pokaia
I think the drm-free tor store is awesome. Sight me up for the flash drive also.
Stephanie Stein
1308. stephaniestein
I'd love one! Thanks so much to you guys for taking a big ol' step in this direction.
The Other Erik
1309. EndersArcade
Hooray for good ideas!
The Other Erik
1310. Joanne Mielczarski
This is a great offer - thanks!
Sammy Hendrick
1311. qbnflaco
So glad Tor is getting with the times! :-)
The Other Erik
1312. Tahmi
sweet! Yes please!
The Other Erik
1315. PaigeTurner
eBooks are good, mmmkay?
The Other Erik
1316. bozoid
I already own three of those books on dead trees, but I'd *love* to have eBook versions of all six. Hurray for DRM-free eBooks!
The Other Erik
1317. Julia S
Yes please. I would like to win a flashdrive.
The Other Erik
1318. Tom K.
Great offer, thanks much!
The Other Erik
1319. Alexiosio
Huzzah to Tor for their stance on DRM. I'd love to get the ebooks too.
Behn Israel Gonzales
1320. dax322
Hail to Freedom of Thought and Pffft! to Big Brother!
Jeff Graham
1321. beowulf6809
Hooray for DRM free. I know I'll be buying some eBooks this summer.
The Other Erik
1323. Arsey
I'd like one.
Thanks for going the DRM-free route. It shows that you are interested in what your customers want.
The Other Erik
1322. weweedman
Who can turn down free gifts? Plus a DRM free e-store to use in the future! Things are looking up.
The Other Erik
1324. Chip Kaufman
I like all the authors and would cherish a flash drive with the books.
The Other Erik
1325. Dan Z.
I'm quite pleased to see one of my favorite publishers going this direction. I absolutely refuse to buy eBooks that I don't actually get to own. DRM-free FTW!
The Other Erik
1326. dw
Thanks, Tor! (ooh, pick me!)
The Other Erik
1327. lilytiger
DMR-free books. You'll be my new favorite book store.
Lance Williams
1328. rook751
Please for the love of rockets and wonderful things let me win one.
The Other Erik
1329. Tommy, Williams
I have not read any of the books or authors listed but I am always open to new reads. I hope I get one to Increase my Library of literary works. I am also looking forward to the new store and seeing what books are available there to purchase to add to my device or have a back up digital copy of books i own in print. I am relatively new to electronic readers but I am getting the bug of reading back from my childhood. it is nice to be able to carry a lot of books on one small light weight device rather than a knapsack full of books.
The Other Erik
1330. LauraB
Very cool giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!
The Other Erik
1331. Cyrian
A bold step in the right direction!
The Other Erik
1332. Deann
Excited about the new store. Thank you!
The Other Erik
1334. David T. Wiley
What a great give-away idea to celebrate a great occasion. I can't wait to shop there in July!
The Other Erik
1335. VettekLisa
I love the idea of a DRM free ebook store! I find it a major pain that I can't transfer my ebooks from one device to another because of DRM.
I would love one of the flash drives! And that's a lot of commenters above me!
The Other Erik
1336. Mike Walpole
So glad to see more people embracing DRM free distribution. Can only hope more content publishers go this direction eventually.
The Other Erik
1337. Steve L
Count me in.
The Other Erik
1338. KathyF
I'd love one, of course! Very excited that Tor is going DRM-free. Good news for readers.
Justine Von Arb
1339. thoughthearer
This is fantastic (just like you guys)! Thanks, Tor!
The Other Erik
1340. FracturedArt
Almost fairtrade for books!
The Other Erik
1341. MikeJ
"Please, sir. May I have another?" Well, not another - how about just 1?
The Other Erik
1342. JH
A 1 in 12 chance, as of now, to win? I'll do my part to worsen the odds a bit, count me in.
The Other Erik
1343. saezutte
I could always use more books!
The Other Erik
1345. AndyH
Yes please.
The Other Erik
1348. Slinkinlip
I would love to get my hands on one of these!
Cael Hazard
1347. Napstalker
Great authors supporting a great idea. Count me in. Looking forward to the store opening.
The Other Erik
1349. DPritchard
You know I'd love to have a drive with free e-books on it, but more importantly, I'm super excited about the store. Great idea and can't wait!
The Other Erik
1350. Peter Hansen
Thank you for starting the DRM-Free ebook revolution. I hope all the other imprints within McMillian follow with DRM-Free as well. Thank-You!
The Other Erik
1351. JackCohen
Glad to see drm free books coming from tor. This way I can also buy Modesitt in ebook format as well as hardcover. Baen has been drm free for years and it seems to work very well for them. I buy their monthly bundles often.
The Other Erik
1352. MatthewC
Been looking for an excuse to read Old Man's War. This just might be the perfect time...
The Other Erik
1353. jcbenten
Great titles and authors! Count me in!
Brad Hargrove
1354. bullfye
A DRM free store is great news. I've got thirty pages left in Old Man's War. I'll be finishing it up after lunch. It's been an absolutely wonderful book.
The Other Erik
1355. PWallace
Enter me, please!
The Other Erik
1356. MrMightyMax
Good deal! Thanks for the DRM-free e-books!
The Other Erik
1357. JonnyK
DRM-free is the way to go! I'd love to win one of these.
The Other Erik
1358. JQLibet
Thanks Tor! I am in!
The Other Erik
1360. St. Mayhem
Here's hoping!
Rebecca Scudder
1361. rscudder
I am all in favor of Tor's decision to sell DRM free eBooks. And I really enjoyed the giveaway books from a few years back, so I'd like to enter the drawing for these.
Edward-Alexander Gerster
1362. AlexG
Yay! Tor/Forge DRM-free store! Look forward to reading some more of my favorite authors on my Kindle Fire... :)
The Other Erik
1363. csmith
Thanks for going DRM-free!
The Other Erik
1364. KellyB
I'd like one
The Other Erik
1365. RisaWiles
I'm really excited that the ebooks will be DRM free.
The Other Erik
1367. R Seevers
Way to go, Tor!
Jody Crocker
1368. Jei
Wonderful! DRM free is the way to go.
The Other Erik
1369. CEGA
Thanks for making the e-book site and the drive prize available!
The Other Erik
1370. omnireader
Count me in. Excellent!
The Other Erik
1372. Max P
DRM Free Rocks! It's great not being locked into a single platform!
The Other Erik
1371. Brendan Cullen
Count me in
The Other Erik
1373. Reyna Wilcox
Woohoo! Me, please :)
The Other Erik
1374. KShuman09
Great news! Hope I get one!
The Other Erik
1375. Elizabeth J
Please include me in the drawing. Thanks.
James Hill
1376. zookpr71
I am glad to see a publisher doing this.
The Other Erik
1378. Lupine Claw
This new store is pretty cool, not as pretty and cool as my pet chicken's butt, but still pretty cool.
The Other Erik
1379. GaryM
The one regret I have with a Kindle is the DRM. Thank you for taking this step! And, of course, please include me for the lottery shown above :)
Kajsa Anderson
1380. KajsaAnderson
Glad to see you trying again on the DRM-free ebooks.
The Other Erik
1381. DanielC
Thanks for the 1/1380 chance to win a flash drive!
The Other Erik
1382. dfirehawkc
Very Nice!
Scott Donaldson
1383. The_Autarch
Please to be having flash drive? OK, thanks.
The Other Erik
1384. csschi0
Hooray for DRM-free books!!
The Other Erik
1385. joe57
Wow, I wants
The Other Erik
1386. oonagh
i'd love one; i haven't read any of those yet! would love some more stuff to put on my nook.......
The Other Erik
1387. Kriszini
A very wise business decision to drop DRM!
The Other Erik
1388. Brad Hanken
DRM-Free sounds great to me! Please count me in!
The Other Erik
1389. jeandiata
Would love one of these! My ebook reader has been complaining it doesn't have enough books on it.
Matt Diamond
1391. MattDiamond
Good luck to everyone! (By 'everyone' I really mean 'me'.)
Bill Davis
1392. BillDavis
I'd like one of those flashdrives! Some of my favorite authors too!

Congrats on your impending DRM-free eBook store and thanks for trusting your customers. I've mostly been buying from other DRM free stores, I'm glad to be able to add your bookstore to my list!
The Other Erik
1393. Ozzie_Issac
As an avid purchaser of eBooks, this is an exciting change. I am glad to see a customer centric move by a publisher. Now I am not locked into my eReader ecosystem. Thank you Tor!
Jason Fruscella
1394. Nuncio
I'd like to enter for one!

Great move on the DRM-free ebooks!
The Other Erik
1395. Peter Pearson Sr.
This would be awesome to get! I've recently gotten into ebooks.
The Other Erik
1396. kluelos
Commenty, commenty, looty, looty.
The Other Erik
1397. Gawain07
I'm so glad I live in the future where books are bits, and I can carry six books between 2 fingers!
The Other Erik
1398. meestergud
This immediately joins emusic as my favorite online media retailer. Well done!
The Other Erik
1399. Wolfechu
Count me in!
The Other Erik
1400. tjbogart33
Really looking forward to this!
The Other Erik
1401. Eknahs
I'm win!!
The Other Erik
1402. Cankerz
Yes Please!
The Other Erik
1403. redptc
Awsome - DRM-free. I can't wait.
The Other Erik
1405. Hollis McCray
I for one am very glad that many of my favorite books will now be available directly from the publisher and DRM-free. I can't wait to pick up the Safehold series.
J. J. Franzen
1404. jjfranzen
Way to go guys. Nice to see someone finally take a real stand on this. I'm tempted to rebuy books I have hard copies of just so I have DRM free digital versions as backups. Cheers!

The Other Erik
1406. Fodo
Yay! A flash drive with six books that I can read on any device I have!
The Other Erik
1407. Kesarai
Looking forward to the eBook store =)
Donna Courtois
1407. Donna
I'd like to have one also. Thank you for having the contest.
Louis Richards
1408. lummer5000
I've only read 2 of them.
Need them all.
Patricia Riebeling
1409. Patrie255
DRM-free books. An idea whose time has come.
The Other Erik
1410. joe5129
THANK YOU! About time publishers began listening to their readers. I certainly will be looking forward to the arrival of the book store.
The Other Erik
1411. Melissa Grant
Let's hope that all the publisher's follow your lead!
The Other Erik
1412. Erin Bast
The Other Erik
1413. Kayla B.
Thanks for sharing this with those of us who were unable to make it to BEA!
The Other Erik
1414. csdaley
I am happy the age of DRM free books is here.
The Other Erik
1415. M.K. Turner
It will be worth the effort and a prize for the publisher.
Andrew Hendela
1417. Zelkathak
Drm free means I will buying a lot more tor books now. Thanks for listening to us
The Other Erik
1418. LoriL(shetreadssoftly)
Thanks for the opportunity to win some great books!
The Other Erik
1420. Redtwo
About time DRM goes away like the dodo it is. Yeah!
Peter Zalinski
1419. pezalinski
Thanks for making it DRM-Free!!! That makes it easier to read on all my favorite devices, without having the hassle!
The Other Erik
1422. brianinca
Glad to see Tor titles available now. I just blew another $72 at Baen, now I have to worry about your store!

Brian in CA
The Other Erik
1423. Marianne
I hope this will work with my Kindle! Please enter me in the contest.
Barbara Deloris Walker
1424. Orangejewels
Technology making a surprise and mind-blowing impact in the Magical Universe. Aha... and never-ending.
Kent Bunn
1426. KBunn
I'd love to add to my flashdrive collection, and with good data already preloaded to boot!
The Other Erik
1427. mikvo
It's good to see a little attention to the importance of DRM-free eBooks. Way to go TOR! I'll definitely be keeping on eye on your store.
The Other Erik
1428. muse03
Thank you, Tor! This is a wonderful treat for us, especially now that book prices are rising and there are so many books to choose from. Crossing my fingers...
The Other Erik
1430. Nick K.
Really, really happy to see Tor trying out going DRM-free; I'm confident that will influence my future purchasing decisions.
The Other Erik
1429. bob burton
Sounds very cool. I'm in.
The Other Erik
1431. Xenophon
oooh.... Shiny!
The Other Erik
1432. David Earle
Sounds nifty!
The Other Erik
1433. Pam B
This new bookstore is so wonderful. Can't wait for it to be up and running.
John Kusters
1434. jkusters
Keen! Looking forward to the "Grand Opening"!
The Other Erik
1436. Junipe
Entering to win! Also, selling the books DRM free makes me more likely to buy them because I know I'll be able to easily move them from device to device in the future. Excellent move.

The Other Erik
1437. lunameow
All I have to do is comment to enter? Yes please.
Mike Jones
1438. yosso22
Can't wait for the opening of the DRM free store. Now send me the memory stick. :-)
The Other Erik
1439. gt
Looking forward to the new store :)
The Other Erik
1441. Samantha Warden
I'm very pleased to hear about the advent of the TOR DRM Free eBook Store. Here's hoping that other publishers soon follow suit.
The Other Erik
1440. J. Metzner
Count me in! Thanks!
The Other Erik
1442. Erin B
Yay for DRM-free ebooks! I'm in.
The Other Erik
1443. LazerWulf
Just read through Journey to Planet JoCo, so I'd love a chance to check out one of Scalzi's books!
Ted Hatfield
1444. tedhatfield
I always try to purchase my e-books directly from the author or their publisher. I would rather have the money bypass amazon if at all possible.
Unfortunately I still buy my hard-backs from Amazon. Free shipping via Amazon Prime is hard to beat.

Ted Hatfield
The Other Erik
1445. eg
I want one! XD
The Other Erik
1446. JeanJ
Congrats to Doherty and Tor on the DRM free store. A great idea.
The Other Erik
1447. Jean F
100 prizes! Your generosity is appreciated.
The Other Erik
1449. Heather L.
Pick me!! :)
Charley McCue
1448. Kansan52
Wow, what a bargain!!

Heck, I'd be satisfied with the cute buttons!
The Other Erik
1450. bigalosu
I will not miss the DRMs when I read all six of my new e-books!
Laura Domitz
1452. LauraD
I'd love to have one of flash drives!

Great idea.
The Other Erik
1453. illusionist5151
I am entering to have a chance to win an flash drive with six DRM free books.
The Other Erik
1454. Gene Kannenberg Jr.
I'm in - great move, Tor!
The Other Erik
1455. psacyber
Congratulations on dumping DRM! This is the inevitable future. More vendors should join you in this bold move.
The Other Erik
1456. Eric Sz
The cadence of the DRuMs sparks rhythm, uniformity, and pace. There is a greatness there, but one that overlooks the beauty of a whisper.
The Other Erik
1457. rlridenour
My admiration for your courage at taking a real stand against DRM. It definitely makes for a better reading experience, and I hope you continue to lead the way in the publishing industry.
The Other Erik
1458. melstav
Good to see Tor go the DRM-free route.
The Other Erik
1460. Prasure
Please, Sir! May I have some more?
The Other Erik
1461. Moachaen
I'm up for some free reading! Love the DRM-free market!
The Other Erik
1462. Al Adkins
Love scifi and Tor as a source.
The Other Erik
1463. Ruth Ann
Woo-hoo! for DRM free ebooks! Thanks! And thanks for the chance to win!
The Other Erik
1464. Katy Holder
I would love to win free reads!
The Other Erik
1465. missavonne
Wow! Looking for some new good authors and eager to try the new DRM-free books! Go TOR!
The Other Erik
1467. dhuff
A DRM-free ebook store ? Way to go, TOR! Can't wait to be a customer...
The Other Erik
1468. technologist
DRM free content? Nice!
The Other Erik
1469. Brandon k
Yes please
Lenny Robinson
1470. lenrob
DRM free ebooks are a great idea. I cannot wait to start purchasing them. I use multiple devices to read my books
The Other Erik
1472. meaura
Great idea, hope other publishers follow suit.
The Other Erik
1474. Judi Y
Here's hoping you're an industry leader with DRM-free books, too! Thanks, Tor
richard campleman
1475. rclpb
Took you long enough to figure it out
DRM only works for the computer non-users.
The Other Erik
1476. Jimbeaux
Huzzah!!! Count me in.
The Other Erik
1477. Dan L
Was I supposed to delete that text before submitting?
The Other Erik
1479. horndog
I want one of these
The Other Erik
1480. J. Wiley
Please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please!
- Thank you!
Christopher Spring
1481. springc
The thought of free DRM-free Tor e-books makes Thursday endurable.
The Other Erik
1482. Pearannoyed
DRM is a hot button issue. I understand why so many companies/authors choose it, but it's easier on the consumer to not have it. Kudos to TOR for opting for an simplified experience for their customers.
The Other Erik
1483. TrevorW
DRM free! It is great when a company trusts their customers!
The Other Erik
1484. BillyTX
Alright, I'm in. Definitely excited about the DRM-free bookstore
The Other Erik
1485. Edward C
I wouldn't mind one!
The Other Erik
1486. mitoQueen
yes please
The Other Erik
1487. SusanDewey
I would love one of these to give as an End of Year prize at my school. I teach English and am always looking for things to excite students. This would be perfect.
The Other Erik
1489. Crossman
what a wonderful idea! count me in!
The Other Erik
1490. Amador
I want one of these flash drives. Thanks for going DRM-free.
The Other Erik
1491. Mark L. Hendrickson
So very cool, the DRM free books make it like you actually own the book and can do with it what you like including lending to others to read, just like when we all used to read paper books.
The Other Erik
1492. Mercsanchan
Pleased at the news, for sure!
The Other Erik
1493. LinzWolf
I think this is such a great idea, to have DRM-free ebooks, and direct from the publisher! Thank you Tor for being a leader and starting something new!
The Other Erik
1494. Esther
Such an awesome idea! Thanks for the giveaway!
The Other Erik
1495. rapche
Huzzah for no DRM!
The Other Erik
1496. Kauket
DRM-free is fantastic, thank you!
The Other Erik
1497. Connie R
Riffing on Norse mythology -- plus fantasy/noir and four other DRM-free books!! What's not to love?
The Other Erik
1498. Joyce S.
Can't wait for the store!
Christopher Calzonetti
1499. elbie
Sadly, not a resident of the US, but still very excited about the new store!
The Other Erik
1500. Mark Thomps
DRM-Free = Free Minds
The Other Erik
1502. KevinH2
I would love to win!
The Other Erik
1503. skua47
The TOR store is a great beachhead against DRM tyrants
The Other Erik
1505. NinjAlan
I would love to win one of those!
The Other Erik
1506. joe richardson
Also, hooray for Leigh, Bill and Amanda's (re)reads
The Other Erik
1507. William Bentrim
DRM free is the way to go, I can't tell you how often I have thrown up my hands and walked away from a book that would not open on my eBook.
The Other Erik
1508. Anthony C
I woudl love some DRM free goodness!
The Other Erik
1509. Bonn B
Wonderful news. Read new authors and get familiar with old ones!
Maxwell Maguire
1510. maxofox
1/15 odds of winning 6 free books and a flash drive at this point. Kinda pumped.
The Other Erik
1511. Toohey
I love DRM free books. Thank you!
The Other Erik
1512. eric welch
What a great idea. Long overdue.
The Other Erik
1513. paleo
DRM free is the way of the future, so it's appropiate a sci-fi company embraces it.

The Other Erik
1514. Kelso
Woot. DRM-Free is the way to go!
The Other Erik
1516. seadaddy
Very exciting!
The Other Erik
1517. EricLKlein
Sounds like a lot of good reading to me.
Britton Ries
1519. Bagman
Free books? Heck yes! Also, if anyone is reading this, make sure you check out one of the books for free, even if you don't win
Old Man’s War by John Scalzi is an awesome series, one that got me hooked to Scalzi's work.
Dennis McLaren
1520. dennismclaren
This is a great idea! DRM free files should open the door to increased sales! Other publishers should take note.
The Other Erik
1521. Maggy
Looking forward to the new store!
The Other Erik
1522. Spookymizu
Sign me up, Frankie!
The Other Erik
1523. Windy
I can use some more books to read before the fall semester starts.
Michael Lynn
1524. MLynn
Thats great news! I would love to get one of these also.
Denise Z
1525. DeniseZ
Never tried a DRM free book, how awesome to have the opportunity to get a BEA treat, especially since I was not able to attend and have only been able to lurk around the fun. Thanks for the fun giveaway opportunity. Will be looking forward to reading more on this new offering :)
The Other Erik
1526. noomninam
I would very much like your USB device to interface with my tablet's receptacle. Include me in!
David Woodman
1527. Chu-Chu
Awesome! This is a good selection of books.
Ray Briggs
1528. rahvin1
Looks like a great collection that anyone including myself would like to add to their ebook shelf.
The Other Erik
1529. Robert H.
DRM-free goodness! Not locked into one platform! Sign me up!
The Other Erik
1530. Aniera
That is awesome! I am glad to hear that Tor et al. is supporting DRM-Free ebooks.
The Other Erik
1531. WeaveMeAlone
Cool deal! I'd like one of these - sign me up.
The Other Erik
1532. rkhdgr
Tor > Penguin!
The Other Erik
1533. AllBooksRule
The Other Erik
1534. FantasyFan
No DRM - such a great idea. Now I have one more reason to look at your bookstore first.
The Other Erik
1535. Nobleknits
Arrgggh! Canadian here pouting that I cannot enter this contest. Can we fix that sometime?
The Other Erik
1536. Mike K.
Mmmmm.... Want......
The Other Erik
1537. Curtis K Miller
Just once I'd like to win a drawing. I'm not asking to win a huge lottery, so fickle finger of fate touch me. ;-)
The Other Erik
1539. Spartan1446
Sounds great! Sign me up!
The Other Erik
1540. Amilu
Pick me! Pick me! =D
The Other Erik
1541. HandNik
Copy left everything!
Dawn Jobes
1543. knightsr4me
Free books are great. They encourage people to read an author, fall in love, then purchase the next one.

Great idea!
The Other Erik
1544. Anne Marshall
Love e-books! Love TOR! Great idea!
The Other Erik
1545. Alanm
Count me in!
The Other Erik
1547. harry a richardson
sweet new book source!!