May 15 2012 1:30pm

Zombie Apocalypse. Will You Be Prepared?

Free zombie audio books from TantorMay is Zombie Awareness Month and to celebrate, Tantor Audio is offering 50% off all zombie titles and a free first chapter download of Mark Tufo’s Zombie Fallout, the first book in his Zombie Fallout series. The series is narrated by AudioFile Earphones Award winner Sean Runnette.

A rampant flu season drives hordes of people to get the newest vaccine. The only problem is the vaccine wasn’t tested as well as it should have been, and within days fevered people collapse and die only to be reborn with a thirst for blood and brains.

The Zombie Fallout series follows Mike Talbot, his family, and his friends as they struggle to survive in a world dominated by zombies. Talbot has been waiting for this day; a self-proclaimed survivalist, he gathers his family and friends to prepare for the face-off. A story written from the perspective of Mike’s diary takes us into the mind of a man who thought he was ready but learns there is more to a zombie apocalypse than he thought. Trying to keep calm and maintain sanity, Mike’s sarcastic approach to the situation often leaves him on the outskirts with the other survivors. Can Mike save everyone from the zombies and more important, the zombie queen?

To get the free first chapter you must have an account at www.tantor.com. Please note that the free first chapter may not be available in all areas.

Cassandra McNeil may be one of the living dead . . .

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1. Maranda
I LOVE the entire Zombie Fallout Series (ZF1-ZF5) & can hardly wait until ZF6 in October! Mark Tufo's style of writing is comparable to an ongoing conversation in my head & completely addicting. His characters (based on people from his real life) makes them so realistic that I find myself wondering what they are up to like it's based on an ongoing saga. I am so happy to have found this author. :D

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