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Who Should Assemble for Avengers 2?

Who Should Assemble for Avengers 2

With the success of The Avengers this year it’s no surprise that Marvel has already announced a sequel slated for 2015-2016. There’s a lot of ground to cover between now and then to set up the cast for that big future and Marvel’s made lots of promises, including new Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor films to keep us all Marveled up for the next team-up. But who will that team-up include? News indicates that there’s some certain additions to the horizon, including Ant-Man which will be directed by Edgar Wright, and Joss Whedon did joke around about adding some more ladies to the roster.

Considering the size of the Avengers roster over the years, Marvel and Whedon have tons to choose from in terms of super heroes. So who should round out the team next time around? And more importantly, who should play the newest Avengers? Let’s take a look at some possibilities.



Who Should Assemble for Avengers 2

With a confirmed director in Edgar Wright, Ant-Man seems to be the next logical male Avenger to be added to the roster. Early discussion when the film first came out seemed to peg Castle himself, Firefly alum Nathan Fillion to play the size-altering Hank Pym. This choice makes sense since Fillion can play not only intelligent and wise-cracking but intense. Pym’s storyline includes a very tumultuous relationship with girlfriend Janet Van Dyne aka The Wasp and Fillion could handle a character with such ups and downs (no shrinking pun intended). As an alternative, though, I’d love to mention Bradley Cooper, whose name has also been associated with the project. 


The Wasp

Who Should Assemble for Avengers 2

And speaking of Janet, The Wasp is one of the most well-known female characters on the Avengers roster. If Whedon wants more women, and especially those with powers, the Ant-Man movie is the perfect tie-in for this winged super woman. When the original rumors brought up Fillion for Hank Pym, Eva Longorio was tossed around as The Wasp. With Whedon’s habit of reusing old friends and favorites, I could see Angel and Cabin in the Woods alum Amy Acker playing a perky and powerful Wasp. On the outside, an interesting choice could be Mila Kunis. The Black Swan star has proven a great actress who can go from funny to intense, something that Janet Van Dyne has in spades. 


Ms. Marvel / Warbird

Who Should Assemble for Avengers 2

Very few female characters on the Avengers roster are as perfect for the movie Avengers as Carol Danvers. A military woman turned super hero, Danvers is a heavy hitter who has had a rocky road throughout comic book history. After she had her original powers drained away by the X-Men’s Rogue (yup, that’s how Rogue got so strong in the comics!) she went through years of transformation before becoming a staple of the Assembled heroes once more. This realistic military background makes her a very grounded realistic choice for the film while her powers make her another heavy hitter the team needs. To portray someone as strong as Carol, I could see Diane Kruger doing a phenomenal job. Alternately, consider Star Trek’s Alice Eve.


Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

Who Should Assemble for Avengers 2

A staple Avenger, Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch has been one of the longest-running female characters on the Avengers roster. Alternately, she’s also been one of their biggest problems in the comics as the character’s reality warping powers and emotional problems have caused world-changing disasters that have killed teammates and destroyed most of Marvel’s mutant kind.

The issues with Scarlet Witch seem to cross sadly into real life legality issues. Marvel has admitted they share the rights to Scarlet Witch with Fox, since the Witch is a mutant and the daughter of Magneto, putting her and her brother Quicksilver solidly in X-Men territory. Still, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s story of jumping ship from Magneto’s Brotherhood to become good guys was always a wonderful addition to the Avengers.

Should they be able to join the cast, I think the Jessica Chastain would be a fantastic choice. She recently turned down being included in Iron Man 3 but talked about appearing in future Marvel projects so this could already be a possibility. Alternately, we could go right to one of Hollywood’s best known redheads these days, Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks.


Who Should Assemble for Avengers 2

As for the cocky, arrogant and over-protective Quicksilver, I could see Guy Pierce pulling off the silver-haired speedster pretty well. Quicksilver is a very intense, brash and loud character who would need to be able to stand up in a scene to Cap and Iron Man, which Pierce could do.


Black Panther

Who Should Assemble for Avengers 2

He’s a king, he’s a super hero, and he controls one of the most technologically prosperous countries on the Marvel Earth. He’s the Black Panther and Marvel has been tossing around the idea of a movie for King T’Challa for years. Yet one of the big parts of T’Challa’s story is when he stepped away from ruling his kingdom to team up with Captain America and eventually became an Avenger. Black Panther brings a powerful tactical mind, stealthy physical power and the confidence born of a king to the team that would make him a fun addition to the mix. As for who to play him, I think Luthor’s Idris Elba was born to play the roll. His intensity is perfect for T’Challa while his voice is just made for commanding a room full of heroes to sit up and take notice. He currently plays Heimdell the Asgardian however, so that could cause a problem! So consider instead former Spawn Michael Jai White. He’s got the body, the martial arts talent, and can pull off intense with no problem.


The Vision

Who Should Assemble for Avengers 2

The team might have it’s own Iron Man, but the Avengers has a human-like cyborg on the books in the person of The Vision. Along with a vast artificial intelligence, The Vision comes with the capability to alter his density to pass through objects, fly, and generally be the emotionally-even Pinocchio every good robot in a comic seems to be. Hell, he even married the Scarlet Witch in the comics! So who could pull off the Vision’s implacable calm? Sure, we could go into the obvious and say our new Spock, former Sylar Zachary Quinto. But I’d be more inclined to go with Paul Bettany. The man has suffered his way through some awful films like Priest, but his talent cannot be denied. If anyone can convey unemotional emoting through serious red face make-up, my money’s on Bettany.


Spider Woman

Who Should Assemble for Avengers 2

For a female option that’s a little more off the beat and track, consider Jessica Drew aka Spider Woman. With the possible future introduction of HYDRA into Iron Man 3 already rumored, Jessica’s background as a HYDRA agent who turns over a new leaf would be a perfect inclusion. Sure, her name sounds exactly like a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man whose new movie is coming out shortly from a rival studio, but Jessica Drew is her own creature in no way associated with Peter Parker. Her powers are completely different and her secret agent background gives her that realistic grounding I mentioned before when discussing Carol Danvers. Jessica is an intense character and would require a tall, darkly beautiful and powerful actress to deal out the goods on screen. For her, I’d suggest former Bionic Woman Michelle Ryan. Alternately, Adrianne Palicki got a raw deal with the horrifying Wonder Woman TV pilot, but she could pull of a statuesque Jessica Drew with no problem. 


Some honorable mentions that I wouldn’t mind seeing also include Justice, a young convicted criminal turned Avenger, the Falcon, or the bald telepath Moonstone. What do you think, folks? Got any other ideas?

Shoshana Kessock is a comics fan, photographer, game developer, LARPer and all around geek girl. She’s the creator of Phoenix Outlaw Productions and

1. olethros
I've seen speculation that Agent Coulson will be back as the Vision. Remember all the mentions of his on-again, off-again cellist paramour? Scarlet Witch is a cellist.
j p
2. sps49
Carol Danvers would be good, but they already have 3 tanks already in Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man. Maybe replace 1 or 2 of them?

Some mobile artillery (better than Hawkeye) or stealth might be more called for, and more female is always good, but I never really liked Wanda and Janet might be too small for a movie.

Quicksilver always annoyed me, and was too much a Flash knockoff.

Now I'm trying to think of non-mutant Marvel ladies. There's not many that are top tier, are there?
Risha Jorgensen
3. RishaBree
Jan sprang immediately to mind - if any person springs instantly to mind when you say "Avengers", it's her. But she might be too tightly tied to Ant-Man to make it as a standalone character (I'm not talking about as herself in the comic books, but rather as Hollywood would portray her). I don't want my hypothetical new female to be an appendage to a male character.

She-Hulk has the same problem. I'd veto Spider Woman for the same reason, no matter how separate she might be from Peter Parker. As you yourself noted, Wanda is too closely tied to the X-Men to be worth the bother sorting out any potential legal and backstory issues.

...Actually, I might have just set myself an impossible bar. Past female Avengers that wouldn't immediately be characterized as a spinoff of a male by the general public are thin on the ground, and mostly very minor/obscure. Mockingbird? Hellcat? Firestar? This is depressing.
Dave Thompson
4. DKT
Idris Elba as the Black Panther would be the epitome of cool. Make it happen!

Unfortunately, generally speaking, a lot of the better known Avengers are related to men. Wasp to Hank Pym; Scarlet Witch to Quicksilver AND Vision, She-Hulk and Spider-Girl, well.

Kind of a bummer. I'll need to think about this some more...
5. mechazoidal
Monica Rambeau, maybe? Granted, I (shamefully) only know about her from Nextwave, but her past as an Avenger is pretty prominent in the book and she supplies the mobile artillery in spades.
6. NormanM
Bettany is already doing the voice of Jarvis, so unless Vision is going to be a robot body for Jarvis, that's a non-starter. Coulson as Vision makes some sense, but could make his death in the recent film less meaningful.

There definitely needs to be another female, and of the female options the only one that really fits is Carol Danvers. It's true she's another tank, but if you saw the mid-credits scene you know the villain is likely to be Thanos, so there's plenty of room for tanks in that battle. T'Challa could be good, too; how about Mekhi Phifer?
7. moonglum
I am hoping that Willow, from the buffyverse, crosses over to the universe of the avengers via an Einstein-Rosenbergy (ofcourse) bridge to become the Scarlet Witch.
8. AlBrown
The team needs more diversity! I vote for Wasp, or Ms. Marvel. And if Thanos is indeed the villian for the next one, they will need the cosmic-level powers that Ms. Marvel brings to the table.
Although, I do love watching Nate Fillon, so the idea of him as Hank Pym is very intriguing. And bringing him in alongside Wasp brings that whole girlfriend/coworker source of drama to the team.
Risha Jorgensen
9. RishaBree
@mechazoidal - Oh, interesting one. I don't remember much about her, but she's powerful and has a long history. Would also help the unfortunate current color spread on the team, i.e., none. Still pretty obscure to the non-fan, though.
10. DH the Lurker
Make a Captain Mar-Vell movie with Carol Danvers as the leading lady that takes over his mantle when he dies.

Tigra would be another feline choice.

Firestar would be cool, as would She-Hulk or Mockingbird.
11. Hedgehog Dan
Regarding Scarlet Witch, the X-men: Evolution interpretation - which I liked the best, despite I had some issues with the series* - somehow reminded me of Fairuza Balk. And you know what? That would be cool!

Not just because she has appeared in the Craft, but not unlike Scarlet Witch, she is partially a Romani.

*(Which was still a better "introducing the X-men for kids" series, than Millar's Ultimate X-men. But that is not relevant now...)
Mordicai Knode
12. mordicai
I actually thought "Phase Two" or whatever they called the Tesseract weapons was going to be Miz Marvel-- like, "oh Phase Two is how we've been studying all these crazy stuff & Captain Danvers is our first human trial."

Anyhow, they need to diversify the cast, so Black Panther is a smart pick, plus he could support his own movie.

Everyone else is...a matter of the web of licensing & copyright & options & all that, right? Like, Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver...can The Avengers II talk about the X-Men? Who owns that? Same thing with, like, Spider-Man; I feel like there are issues of rights that get in the way of dreamcasting.
13. MasterAlThor
I read on the net that Marvel can us Scarlet Witch and Quciksilver but can't mention that they are mutants. Fox can use them but can't mention the Avengers.

Carol Danvers is my vote followed closely by Black Panther.
Steven Halter
14. stevenhalter
Doctor Strange would be great if they would do it right.
Philbert de Zwart
15. philbert
Peter Dinklage as Pip.
I know it's not a woman, but I can't get enough of him.
Marcus W
16. toryx
I've never liked Ant Man and one of my favorite things about the first Avengers movie is that he didn't show up. I'm pretty bummed that they're planning a movie for him.

On the other hand, Nathan Fillion really would be the perfect choice for the role.

Idris Elba for Black Panther is so perfect that I'd rather he didn't show up at all if they didn't find a way to wrestle Elba away from Thor.
17. DresdenRose
I have also heard rumors that Agent Coulson will be back as Vision. Please, Joss, listen up to the Agent's fans who are begging to have him back. And I definitely want Hawkeye to be a presence as well.

Idris Elba as Black Panther ... from our thoughts to TPTB ears!
18. AlBrown
If you think Ant Man is too tiny and specialized, remember that Hank Pym was also Giant Man. Those Pym Particles work both ways! Nathan Fillion wouldn't have to settle for chewing the scenery, he could crush it under his massive feet!
19. sambo
I know ant-man n wasp were one of the first avengers in the comics. But they r boring heros. I think the new additions should be vision , Ms Mavel , n spider woman. They have powers that would help the Avengers become even more powerful. Theirs beens alot of members throughout the years in the avengers. But for now it should be those 3 .
Peter Tijger
20. Peter-Tijger
I saw the movie a few days ago, together with my 13-year old son. And it was a BLAST !!!! Loved it, loved it, loved it. What's more rewarding than seeing an Avengers movie when some 35 years ago I was a little boy discovering the first Lee/Kirby stories. To this day I remember exactly in which shop I saw these adventures, remember getting that some 200 page pocket-sized book with the first Avengers stories. Flipping through it and then looking at my parents to get it for me, which they did. And every time there was a new pocket there, be it Spiderman, Avengers, Fantastic four, Hulk or Conan, I got it. Barely able to read.
And now I'm 42 and see it all come alive with my own son, who has this dad with loads of comics, both equally thrilled with the movie. A very well executed movie, everything you could wish for. Enough respect to the history and setting it in the present at the same time. What a Hulk in this movie !!!!

As for the sequel I would love to see Black panther, Ant-man/Giant man, Vision (maybe this one the most), Spiderwoman. And with Thanos as bad guy maybe a few more powerhouses are welcome too......Ms. Marvel, or Captain Marvel (the original)....setting up a Kree war movie or something?

And am I dreaming too much to see a Secret wars movie in the future ?
A guy can dream....
21. Terror and Love
If any of you have watched the Avengers EMH on netflix you know how amazing a character Antman can be. That version made me really appreciate the character. I kinda have a crush on him.
22. jackiel
If you bring in Hank Pym, then you could use Ultron as the baddy and bring in Janet and Jocasta.
23. justins
I think Ant-man and Wasp would be good as would Black Panther.

I think having Carol Danvers as a pre-Ms. Marvel would be good, and trigger her in the movie, or in A-III.

If there is a She-Hulk, she needs to start in a Hulk movie, not the Avengers.
24. TrishEM
A lot of fun possibilities here!
Minor nitpick: It's off the beaten track, not the beat and track.
25. DeathWatch
i'd rather see the blue suited spiderwoman her name was
Julia Carpenter in the next avengers though i have no clue where she went in the comics.
26. Joe Dolash
If you see a hidden scene in iron man 2 when they are giving Tony Stark's assessment, you can see a map with circles around it. One was brazil (Hulk) one was New Mexico (Thor) one was Antartica (Captain America) and one was Africa (Black Panther) making black panther an obvious choice along with Pym and Wasp as they were parts of the original. A Pym movie also adds more super villians to the mix, especially Ultron that Pym created. By the way the Vision was createdby Ultron so no Pym no Vision. Ms. Marvel seems like she will be able to help against someone as powerful as Thanos once he gains his infinity gauntlet from Odin's treasure room (another hidden segment) which should be featured in Thor at least as an easter egg.
27. Mervi
I'd love to see any of these heroes or heroines. Personally, I'd really like to see Monica Rambeau or Carol Danvers. However, one obvious choice would be James Rhodes as War Machine who was already introduced in Iron Man 2.
John Massey
28. subwoofer
Just pointing out that Thanos is a super heavy hitter, any additional cast for Avengers have to be up to the task... maybe a Power Man and Iron Fist add. Vision would be good. Quicksilver would be an interesting tie in to the X-Men as he is Magneto's son. Ms. Marvel would be perfect tho' as a character and a fit with the story. Her powers of flight, strength and butt kicking would go a long way. Dr. Strange would be a handy addition as his powers would also be unique yet much needed. Wonder Man and Captain Britain maybe? Heck, the possiblities are endless as every other super hero was an Avenger at some point. Even Namor was a West Coaster.

The important thing would be who would have enough juice to deal with a world killer like Thanos? What sucked about the second FF was that they were up against Galactus and in no way was it explained how they would deal with him. If not for the Silver Surfer(who is no match) the FF would have failed, so really the FF were extras in their own movie.

The Avengers have to step up one better for this next match.

29. Skyros
Black Panther would be redundant with Black Widow, two uber-athletes. Plus she does one better, with the Widow's Sting. Carol Danvers is kind of a neat choice, because she's becoming Captain Marvel in her own title in a couple of months, and how appropriate would it be for the newest Captain Marvel to go up against Thanos!
30. Sheltontl8
In reference to the character 'Black Panther', Idris Elba would be a good choice. However, the number one choice for that character in my opinion, would be Boris Kodjoe. He is perfect for the character 'Black Panther; he has got the body, the face, the personality and charisma, not mention he is a heck of an actor. My votes on Kodoe, and I hope it counts where it will do some good!
31. Romian
I think Black Panther, Vision, Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man and Wasp are all joinging up the team for Avengers 2.
32. David Castor
Well 1st off u mention Spider Woman but why not Spiderman! I think after the success of "The Avengers tht Sony would sell off Spiderman so they can put him in the new Avengers film. 2nd Scarlet Witch is a must 4 the next Avengers film but come on she's from Argentina and has brown hair and tan, and I think castings pale red heads wouldn't be the way 2 go on tht. I'd pick Sofia Vegara 4 the role. Yes the accent is a little weird but come on she's from Argentina! 3rd why not Jamie Foxx 4 the role as Black Panther. His acting capabilities would be good and he has proved he can kick ass b4 and how much fans he has would bring more people 2 c the next Avengers film. 4th why not Doctor Strange? He's already gonna have his own movie and I can c Gorge Clooney playn him (if he would ever concider it just because he has the look of the grayish darkish hair and he could grow a beard.) but he's also a neosergeon and is a fn wizard! Has a long life span. It would make sense haven him in it.
35. marjean
Screaming mimi a.k.a song bird, would kick ass.
36. Iron America
Ant Man is the only new hero that has been confirmed since he is connected to wasp its possible she is in the Ant Man movie Too
37. 8Andrewman8
Scarlet Witch is my favorite female Avenger, and I'd love to see her in a movie.
38. Lowjack
I like the Vision but I think Wonder Man needs to be introduced first, I he is too closely linked to the Vision to just leave him out. His story line of revenge against Tony Stark would play well as a side story, he is linked to the Masters of Evil, Baron Zemo and thus Captian America. He is linked to the Enchantris and thus Thor, and his brother is the Grim Reaper. He is just to intertwined to just ignor. He was a major BaddASS back in the 70's and 80's, and his ionic powers would make for some cool special effects.
39. Seeker94
I Think Ms. Marvel is a great idea although there is the issue of there being no kree invasions. How is Carol supposed to get her powers? As for female The only other logical choice is wasp but then there is the issue of having to throw antman in the mix. Also since thanos is the villian wouldn't it be fitting to have Adam warlock join the fight?
Steven Lyle Jordan
40. Steven_Lyle_Jordan
You missed some obvious great choices. How about the Falcon? Jamie Foxx would not only bring some much-needed color to A2, but he'd be a great personification of the genius engineer with military background who creates his own working wings.

And yes, A2 could use more women. I'd rather see the Wasp than Ant Man myself, but as her origin is kinda tough (given "Pym Particles and a biomechanical procedure to grow wings in original canon, a just-plain mutant in Ultimates canon), I'm not sure how they'd work her in there. I guess the recipient of some SHIELD experiment gone incredibly right...

Many other characters are rather redundant in one way or another, but I think Wasp and the Falcon would be the hands-down best choices for A2.
43. dudde
Looks like you were right about Bettany as the Vision. Now they're includiong the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, but I still want Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and the Wasp.
I don't think Danvers would be a redundant powerhouse and she'd be an upgrade from Black Widow. I just think that with all the powerful women on the Avengers they chose one of the weakest

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