May 22 2012 6:00pm

What London is Really Like. You’re Jealous.

So... wibblywobblytime on Tumblr posted this fantastic art by Tom Preston, and we just had to share the glory. For the record, this is exactly what London looks like. Or any street in England for that matter. It’s why so many of us wish we lived there. There are enough references here to make our tiny hearts explode, but Paddington Bear might have taken the cake. (Winnie the Pooh is suspiciously absent, however. Someone had too much honey for lunch.)

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Tor.com. Stubby wishes it could take credit for bringing over the British Invasion, but alas, Stubby has no passport.

Andrew S. Balfour
1. Andrew S. Balfour
Winnie The Pooh is absent because he belongs to Winnipeg. Doesn't matter who wrote him.
Andrew S. Balfour
2. Cain S. Latrani
Danger Mouse FTW!!!!
Paul Howie
3. FluffyPanda
I do live in England (not London, but England nevertheless) and it might seem like a fantastic place to live, but having to chase Mary Poppins off your roof soon gets old.

And don't talk to me about all the Tardis damage... The man's a menace.
Andrew S. Balfour
4. Narmitaj
Winnie the Pooh is not an urban cat but a woodland bear, so it suits him not to be in London.
Andrew S. Balfour
5. Muswell
I live in London. It's getting expensive having to go on holiday every Christmas to avoid the alien invasions. And Paddington Bear is a menace - you can barely sit down on the Tube for discarded marmalade sandwiches. And trying to row on the Thames with all those yellow submarines about is an experience you don't soon forget.
I'm currently wearing my "Have you seen this chicken?" t-shirt. Gromit ftw.
Jenny Thrash
6. Sihaya
There's a "Have you seen this chicken?" tee shirt? Must have it!
Andrew S. Balfour
7. politeruin
Pretty accurate. It's missing the CCTV cameras for every man, woman and child and the steady erosion of civil liberties (which i'm not sure how you'd portray anyway) but other than that...
Andrew S. Balfour
8. Andrea K
Mention should probably be made of the artist, Tom Preston

Emily Asher-Perrin
9. EmilyAP
@Andrea K - Thank you! We were looking all over trying to find the artist. Fabulous. :)
Irene Gallo
10. Irene
Oh man, this gets my NY up! Now I want to commission a Big Apple version.
Andrew S. Balfour
12. Badgermaster
Oh, right, the guy who stole Aaron Ross' Big Ben/Clock Tower photo off Wikipedia, copy and pasted it into the background of his London poster, and then refused to attribute the original artist until forced to by tons of internet furor. I mean, it doesn't even remotely fit with the rest of the hand drawn stuff, so I'm not sure how he thought nobody would notice.

That's pretty much just the beginning of the story when it comes to Andrew Dobson (his name isn't Tom Preston, just a weird pseudonym he uses for some reason).

Plus he's selling this poster, full of other peoples' and companies' IP? Terrible artist, and a plagiarist. You can do better than this, Tor.
Andrew S. Balfour
13. SueQ
Winnie The Pooh is based on a bear who lived in London at the zoo where A.A. Milne took his son Christopher Robin. Winnie stands for Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada; however, that was the hometown of the soldier who bought her (yes, Winnie was a she-bear) in White Lake, Ontario. He took her with him, and she became a mascot of his troop until she needed a new home while he was stationed in London, England. There is a statue of Winnie The Pooh (the Disney version) at White Lake. Google it or Wiki it or watch the Canadian History minute on CBC .
Paul Howie
15. FluffyPanda
@12: The crazy thing is that it only took me 20 seconds with Google to find this royalty free image which is almost identical:


so spending a minute and $99 and he wouldn't have needed to defend himself against claims of copyright infringement. Also his image is now legally required to be licensed CC BY-SA, so I can legally sell copies of it if I want. Anyone want to buy a postcard?
Andrew S. Balfour
16. Roger Lord Zeck
Liverpool is 350 kilometres from London. Maybe the Beatles were teleported ?
Andrew S. Balfour
18. Jennifer Schillig
Well, Pooh doesn't really belong to London, anyway...he lives in Sussex, in the country.

(Anyone ever wonder what would happen if Pooh and Paddington met? Despite being a city bear and a country bear, they'd probably get along wonderfully...both innocent, earnest little chaps with a penchant for misunderstanding things, both with robust appetites.)
Andrew S. Balfour
19. Wombatcombat
What's the mad hatter and Cheshire Cat doing in london

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