May 18 2012 5:00pm

The Dark Knight Rises 1990s Animated Series Style

Back in the 90s, Batman: The Animated Series redefined how many of us think of the caped crusader. In fact, you could make an arguement that the Christopher Nolan films owe as much to that show as they do the comics. As further evidience, take a look at this wonderful trailer for The Dark Knight Rises using exclusively footage from Batman: The Animated Series. Very cool.

[Via The Mary Sue]

Ashley McGee
1. AshleyMcGee
I loved this show!

I agree that the last several films owed a great deal to the Animated Series, and I'm sure I'll never feel the same way about Christian Bale as I did about Kevin Conroy's portrayal of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Hat's off to the Animated Series!
Charles Moore
2. Shadeofpoe
I have to second the Conroy love, He'll always be Batman in my book. Just like Hamilll will always be my Joker.
3. politeruin
Oh my. So good. The definitive batman voice, you don't need to be imposing by pretending you're chewing gravel.

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