May 30 2012 11:55am

Simon Pegg Denies Khan Rumors

Speaking to The Telegraph, Simon Pegg has denied the supposed “confirmation” that Benedict Cumberbatch would be playing a new incarnation of Khan in the next Star Trek film. Straight from the article:

“It’s not Khan...replies Pegg, annoyed. “That’s a myth. Everyone’s saying it is, but it’s not.” and numerous other sources all reported on the news at the beginning of the month, though the “confirmation” of the villain being Khan was never coming from offical sources. Could this be actual misdirection, or Pegg genuinely clearing the air? Simon Pegg has a track record for calling things like they are, so our feeling is that this is true, and Khan is indeed NOT in the new film. In any case, this seems to be the first person actually involved with the new Trek film who has definitively answered the question.

Ken Miller
1. jackatthekilns
I hope Pegg is tellig the truth. I think the people making this movie can be more creative than retelling "Space Seed". That can be done in the IDW comic series.
Jim Burnell
2. JimBurnell
I am very much crossing my fingers that Pegg is telling the truth.

I'm a big fan of Cumberbatch as Holmes, and I can't wait to hear him voice Smaug... but the idea of a thin, wiry British actor playing a genetically enhanced supervillian from the Indian subcontinent that was previously played by a muscular, defined Latin American actor just stretches believability WAY too far for my tastes.

Honestly, I'd rather see Cumberbatch play a corporal formerly-holographic Moriarty than to try to swallow Khan Noonien Singh who looks like Sherlock Holmes.
Dave Thompson
3. DKT
To be fair, Abrams himself denied it as well. We just may have read more into his denial than there actually was, due to Benecio Del Toro's exit.

I think it's very unlikely that Pegg's lying.

I also think it's possible Khan is in the movie, but not the major villian (or the character played by Cumberbatch). Either way, this news makes me happy!
4. tigeraid
ooooooooooooh I hope he's right.
5. Bryan Rasmussen
My money is on Cumberbatch playing Finnegan
6. Ryu
I don't understand why so many people think that if the villain is Khan that the movie will be a remake of Star Trek 2. The great thing about Nu-Trek is that it isn't like the other Star Trek stories, even though it respects the Trek reality. J.J. Abrams and company are creative people. They can--and I'm sure they will--do better.

Besides. I'm hoping for Klingons anyway. Or maybe a galactic god like the ones that showed up in every other TGS episode.
7. SueQ
If Cumberbatch is British anyway, why can't he be Trelayne (the 'naughty little boy' alien played so well by William Campbell? Can't you just see him giving the 'new' Kirk what for?
8. Betty
Oh I hope he is telling the truth!! Regardless of how good of an actor he might be, he could NEVER be Khan. Granted Ricardo Montelban wasn't Indian either but come on! He set the bar and he set it high! You can't go less and Benedict Cumberbatch does not have the physicality of Khan by any means!
My vote it for Hrithik Roshan! Man! He's perfect!! Watch Agneepath or look at some of his modeling like for Pro Vogue and there are some shots that are simply Khan!!
Khan Noonien Singh was genetic perfection, he was beautiful, charismatic "A prince among men"! Hrithik Roshan is a really good actor, I weep everytime I watch "Kites". He's very flexible and expressive and yes, his accent isn't a problem but makes him more.... sigh.... Exotic. He's such a good actor I don't even care that someo of the movie plats have more holes than Swiss Cheese! He makes it worth wild and entertaining. AND he can dance and buckle swash too!! (IE swashbuckling = sword play)
Anyway he is also near physical perfection! HECK! He's downright Hummina hummina hummina!!!!! sigh...again ? Can you tell I am a fan? I'm not even remotely of Indian descent! I just love his talent, he is gorgeous and he seems like a true genuine person.

I bet Benedict Cumberbatch would make an excellent Mr Seven... I'll leave that for real Star Trek fans to figure that one out. Now. who would play Terry Garr's character??

OH LORD!! O hope Simon Pegg is telling the truth!!!! If he is, I look forward to the movie. If he is not, I won't waste my time or my money on it. He's NOT Khan. Period.
9. Betty

Who is this?
Khan Noonian Singh THAT'S WHO!

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