May 26 2012 10:00am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Abigail” and “Alma”

Abigail: A young girl meets with her war council after being sent to her room one too many times. (1:52 minutes)

Alma: A young girl finds the doll she’s always wanted. (5:14 minutes)

by Melissa Webster

by Rodrigo Blaas

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Carl V.
1. Carl V.
Wow, cute and then creepy. An interesting Saturday morning mix.


I was actually hoping at the end of the second one that we would the little boy run out of the store, having been set free when she touched the doll.
Angel Banchev
2. Tiranas
When Irene was compiling this thread i actually recommended her Alma. It is good to see it again on @Carl Yeah, what you said.

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