May 30 2012 6:00pm

On Our Radar: The Iron Man Steam Iron

If you need to press your pants, shirt, skirt, or anything, we couldn’t think of a better way to look sharp. We saw this image on Blastr, but we’re not sure if you can really buy one.

David Goldfarb
1. David_Goldfarb
To a possibly-familiar tune:
Iron Man, Iron Man.
Does whatever an iron can.
Presses pants, really fine
Keeps those pleats, right in line
Look out! There goes the Iron Man.
3. AlBrown
I showed this to a friend of mine, who thought it was cute, but pointed out that the real thing might be dangerous, since young kids would probably want to touch and play with it, which could cause some pretty bad injuries.
4. Kerfos
Where can I get one?

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