May 11 2012 11:30am

On Our Radar: The Avengers on Parade in Maurice Sendak Style

Avengers on parade in Maurice Sendak style by AgarthanGuide

DeviantArt user AgarthanGuide (also known as artist Hannah Friederich) is responsible for the cuteness overload drawing up above of the Avengers on parade, done in the style of Maurice Sendak. Click the pic to enlarge! And if you’re not simply dead from the overdose of awesome we just gave you, head over to AgarthanGuide’s page to download free wallpapers of the illustration!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and cannot speak ahhh the cute.

Larry Sica
1. lomifeh
Oh wow, this is great, downloaded instantly.
Ravyn Night
2. Ravyn Night
So totally love this!! I printed it out for my daughter to use as bookmark in her comics.

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