May 29 2012 1:00pm

On Our Radar: Star Wars Characters Posing with Bunnies

Star Wars Bunnies by Kelly Kerrigan.BUNNY! Artist Kelly Kerrigan has created a series of paintings of characters from Star Wars holding bunnies. Like you do.

She’s done both Boba Fett and his clone daddy father, and you can check out Leia’s Boussh bunny-loving disguise and a stormtrooper below.

Kerrigan has even more paintings on display on her site, all of which are for sale on Etsy.


Star Wars Bunnies by Kelly Kerrigan.

Star Wars Bunnies by Kelly Kerrigan.

[via Short List]


Colleen Palmer
1. arianrose

(Help, cuteness levels out of control. Work in danger of permanent derailment.)
Barry Arnold
2. Barry Arnold
Its A Trap! We cannot repell cuteness of that magnitude!
Barry Arnold
3. kelly kerrigan
thank so much for featuring my artwork! ~kelly
Barry Arnold
4. Lavanya
tribbles, anyone?
Barry Arnold
5. Gwendolynkay
What? No Ewoks!

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