May 24 2012 4:15pm

On Our Radar: Loki Does What He Wants (and so does Tom Hiddleston)

It’s possible that you may have seen the internet meme going around for super villain Loki of Avengers fame. In case you didn’t: in an old Thor comic, Loki happened to shoot off a childish retort during one of Thor’s attempts at reasoning with him. The exact words were “I do what I want, Thor!” You can imagine the field day the internet has been having over that diva fit.

Naturally, someone made a t-shirt of it. And naturally, because Tom Hiddleston is adorable (and so very in tune with the mischievous god he has brought to life on screen), he is wearing one. We kind of love him right now.

(And yes, you can buy the t-shirt.)

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Shiloh West
1. Shiloh
I would buy it if it had a picture of Tom as Loki :)

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