May 23 2012 4:00pm

On Our Radar: Joss Whedon is Our Leader Now

Joss Whedon is Our Leader Now poster by Sarah Anne Langton

This take on the now-ubiquitous Shephard Fairey poster lays the truth right out for us, really: Joss Whedon is our leader now.

The poster in question was created in March by graphic artist and Forbidden Planet web mistress Sarah Anne Langton for an impressive window display at Forbidden Planet’s Liverpool store. (Check out a pic of that below.)

Unfortunately, the poster is not for sale but an image of it is available in a spectacularly large image file on Langton’s site, should you have access to some sort of futuristic device that deposits visual information on to paper.

Here’s the window display itself:

Joss Whedon is Our Leader Now poster by Sarah Anne Langton

[via Being a Geek]

Chris Long
1. radynski
Now? Pfff... I've been riding that train for over a decade.
2. Capper
I think I own every item displayed in that picture except the "Joss Whedon Is Our Leader Now" poster (though I do have one of Scott Kurtz's "Joss Whedon Is My Master Now" t-shirts, found at: (the PvP strip introducing that phrase is also a classic:
3. wingracer
I NEED a T-shirt of that!

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