May 9 2012 6:52pm

New Featurette: Prometheus is the Quest to Find the Origin of Humanity

A recent New York Times article talked about Ridley Scott’s desire to tell a spiritual story in Prometheus:

On the phone from London, where the film was mostly shot, Mr. Scott described it as “ ‘2001’ on steroids.” He said he liked Stanley Kubrick’s notion of “a police agency in the universe that will give a ball of dirt a kick.”

“God doesn’t hate us,” Mr. Scott added ominously. “But God could be disappointed in us — like children.”

...and this latest featurette does not shy away from that.

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1. o.m.
Can they be serious?

It is a movie. It might be a good movie, possibly even a great movie.

Of course the PR flacks will call it the greatest movie ever, but calling it an astrobiology documentary it a bit much.

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