May 17 2012 11:30am

New Doctor Who Mini-Episode to Be Olympic Themed

On May 24th, we’ll get our first bit of Doctor Who since the Christmas special last December. This is set to be a mini-episode like “Time Crash” or “Space” & “Time.” It is airing as part of Blue Peter’s Script-to-Screen contest, so it might be similar to the fan-written “Death is the Only Answer.” However, it has been reported the episode will be Olympic themed. Will Chloe Webber return?

Also with the invention of Draw Something, will Chloe Webber’s alien friends be more dangerous than ever? 

UPDATE: The video has just gone live in the U.K. Here’s the Mini-Episode in full!

[News via io9 from Life, Doctor Who and Combom]

1. Kanlee
Where,when,what channel?
Russell McOrmond
2. russellmcormond
Likely only in the UK, although the older ones ended up on YouTube (not quite legitimately) so I expect others will as well.

If someone knows of a good source of Who webisodes for Canadians, please post. There was some pretty neat ones on the DVD set last year and I hate having to wait so long to see them...
David Lev
3. davidlev
there are also programs which can give you UK IP addresses--so you'll be using slightly illegitimate means to watch shows legitimately!
4. Kerry Hennigan
Great fun! Thanks for the video. I shared it with my friends on Facebook.

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