May 1 2012 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Peter Jackson Would Like You To Calm Down

Last week some parts of the Interwebs freaked out because the the footage from The Hobbit looked “bad” because Peter Jackson was using 48 Frames Per Second. Well, he’s responded, and said that it might take some “getting used to.” However, could it in any way be worse than the video above? Really? (We love this song AND movie, just making a point.)

Your offsite links are the greatest adventure.

Highlights include:

1.) Prometheus might be rated R after all

2.) Lots of superhero stuff

3.) More of P.J.’s response

Every day Stubby the Rocket jets around the internet looking for links of interest. When Stubby finds these links, they get put in our handy Links of Interest section and sometimes on our Twitter and Facebook!  Here’s today’s selection:

Star Trek

Star Wars

Superheroes Control the Interwebs

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Ben Frey
1. BenPatient
You shouldn't attack that old Hobbit animated movie. That is, for whatever reason, the very first thing I was ever exposed to that had anything to do with JRR Tolkien, and it's what got me interested in reading sci-fi/fantasy, at least indirectly, because I went and checked out "The Hobbit" from the elementary school library after watching it. It's got a certain kind of cheese, but so does "The Last Unicorn," which everyone seems to put on a pedestal.
Alan Courchene
2. Majicou
On The Hobbit and 48 fps:
It's amazing what people get used to and how they can react badly when it's improved. I know someone who watches 4:3 TV stretched to 16:9. Everyone looks short and overweight. But whenever I'm at her house and fix the aspect ratio, she yells at me. She says that the correct ratio looks wrong to her and that the horrible stretching is "fine."
As for the Rankin/Bass thing, I'm still baffled by the affection people seem to have for that hideous pile of celluloid. The character designs alone make me want to stab my eyes out.
3. Yenvious
"(We love this song AND movie, just making a point.)"
I feel so at home here.
4. tom_nackid
I'm sure you can find stil find a few people who think sound and color ruined the movies!

As for the R&B Hobbit, it is still one of my favorite versions of Tolkien--silly 70s folk songs and all. Many of the poeple involved with the production went on to form Studio Ghibli--so I guess they knew a thing or two about animation and character design.
Brandon Lammers
5. wickedkinetic
Give me HD movies! I found that article which was about another article to be amusing. Of course all these film-critics/film-snobs are going to make fun of the guy messing with the program. Its not film anymore, for the most part its all digital, and it offers improved clarity, and judging by the electronics market of the last 20-years (every day a bigger, better, faster, more expensive 3D-HD-Backlit-LED-120MH-bluray-megaTV shows up) us average movie-going morons will be psyched about a truer-3D that is easier on the eyes.... but it doesn't look like black&white 35mm from 50-years ago? I guess I'm ok with that...

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