May 25 2012 11:15am

Matt Smith Will Really Run With the Olympic Torch!

Though David Tennant’s 10th Doctor already fictionally carried the Olympic Torch for Doctor Who episode “Fear Her,” current Doctor Matt Smith will actually carry the Olympic Torch in real life this Saturday May 26th. This is coming straight from the official Doctor Who twitter feed, with the BBC and the Doctor Who website confirming. Matt will not be decked out in tweed and elbow patches, but instead in the traditional Torch Bearer uniform and carry the Flame from the center of Cardiff to the next runner waiting at the Senedd. This will all happen starting at 6:20am BST.

We think the reason why Matt Smith was selected as the lead runner for the torch bearing ceremony is directly related to how often the Doctor is running away from things. All joking aside, this is something that Doctor Who fans have been pulling for since “Fear Her” aired, and it’s pretty amazing to see it become a reality. It looks like all that expectation has paid off!

The Blue Peter/Doctor Who script-to-screen contest aired a mini-episode yesterday featuring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and the Weeping Angels at the Olympics. Read all about the Doctor Who Olympic connections here, and information about the torch and itself on the BBC Olympic site, where you can also watch the ceremony stream live. The hashtag on Twitter for this event will be #whowillrun.

Rob Hansen
1. RobHansen
Saying Matt Smith will "carry the Flame from the center of Cardiff to the next runner in Senedd" makes it sound like this is the name of another town. It isn't 'Senedd' is Welsh for 'Senate', the Senedd being a building in Cardiff Bay that houses the National Assembly of Wales:

So it would be more correct to say he will "carry the Flame from the center of Cardiff to the next runner at the Senedd." Cardiff is my home town, and I'd estimate this to be a distance of around two miles.
Bridget McGovern
2. BMcGovern
Fixed--thank you for the clarification, Rob!

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