May 21 2012 2:57pm

First Skyfall Trailer Hits

Bond is back in the first 007 film directed by an Oscar-winning filmmaker. What is everyone’s first impressions of Sam Mende’s Skyfall?

Carl Anderson
1. Carl V. Anderson
I've been waiting for this trailer. Looks good! Looks like what I've come to expect from Daniel Craig in the James Bond role. November cannot come soon enough.
Mike Conley
2. NomadUK
This trailer looks pretty good. As someone who absolutely loves the Daniel Craig Bond films (and I think he really is the definitive James Bond; sorry, Sean), and someone who also rather liked Quantum of Solace, I hope they just ignore all those moaning about that last film, and keep going in pretty much the same direction: vulnerable yet lethal, gritty yet smooth, with just a touch of ice-cold humour, and serious action without all the ridiculous gadgets. And maybe we can finally consign the the camp Bond to the dustbin once and for all.
3. bmoineau
cool trailer! I'm very pleased to see that it doesn't reveal too much (unlike a lot of movie trailers these days).
4. Yatima
To you these are maybe Bond movies. To me, they are M movies.
5. KarraCrow
Very nice! Here's hoping Sam Mendes can recoup some of the damage done by "Quantum of Solace."

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