May 4 2012 11:55am

Discover Peter Parker’s Weakness in New Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

We really like how snarky Peter Parker is in the newest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. Maybe Andrew Garfield will be a worthy sucessor to Tobey? What does everything think?

Jonah Feldman
1. relogical
"Worthy successor to Tobey"? Are you familiar with the old robot saying, "DOES NOT COMPUTE!"?

I mean, he wasn't horrible, but he wasn't the defining Peter Parker that I'll always remember.
Vincent Lane
2. Aegnor
I think it is ENTIRELY too soon for a remake of Spiderman.
James Whitehead
3. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
Have to agree with Aegnor on that. The preview does look good, however, and I know my kids will want to see it so we'll go eventually.

@1relogical, which Peter Parker is the defining one for you? I'm somewhat confused.

Zayne Forehand
4. ShiningArmor
I feel very confident that at least for me, this movie will blow Raimi's films out of the water. I never understood the high praise for the first 3 (specifically 2) and I think this one seems much more in line with what I think Spider-man should be. It reminds me of the Spectacular Spider-man show.

I'm also a huge Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone fan so take that bias into account.

@2 Normally I would agree that it's way too soon but Spider-man 3 left such a bad taste in my mouth, this looks to be a much needed palette cleanser.
5. NormanM
This Spiderman looks a lot more like the witty, sarcastic kid I grew up with. I'll have to wait for the movie to be sure, but based on the preview I'd take Andrew Garfield's Peter over Tobey's any day.
Gregg Anderson
6. digrifter
After being subjected to the first three movies... I am pessimistic, but hoping to be proven wrong.
Ashe Armstrong
7. AsheSaoirse
Tobey's a cool actor and I dig the dude, but his Spidey was...boring. Now, the "knife" scene right there? Yeah, THAT is Spidey. If this is as good as the trailer promises, then we'll have the real deal for Spider-Man finally (INCLUDING WEBSHOOTERS, YAAAAAAAAY).
Del C
8. del
Oh dear, they're giving Peter Parker the Oliver Twist treatment now. Spider-Man was supposed to be Marvel's antidote to the son of Kal-El or the Waynes, but this trailer gives him a secret origin as the son of an elite scientist. Everybody's got to have the proper pedigree, just like Luke Skywalker with the midichlorian genes.

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