May 15 2012 4:56pm

Amy Pond Wants to Guest Star on Community

In an installment of her wrap-up interviews for her run on BBC’s Doctor Who, Karen “Amy Pond” Gillan revealed that she loves stateside geek sitcom Community, loves the “Inspector Spacetime” spoof they regularly feature, and would not mind at all if Amy found her way onto the show within a show.

The admission made one of our office members lose his soft, gooey mind, so we must admit we are definitely behind the idea, although it’s missing a little Rory and The Doctor to make it truly perfect. Thankfully, the BBC is also behind this notion and is promoting the video with the hashtag #AmyMeetsAbed.

Your move, NBC/Dan Harmon/whoever’s in charge now.

Stubby the Rocket remembers the time Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Enterprise crossed over and how well it we... oh no. We thought we’d repressed this...

Mordicai Knode
1. mordicai
My brainflesh also went wibbly-wobbly brainy-wainy at this idea.
Bridget Smith
2. BridgetSmith
I just tweeted this, too! I love it. This would be fantastic, and I can't imagine the people behind Community wouldn't be on board.
Joseph Kingsmill
3. JFKingsmill16
Did it look like she was read a teleprompter or something?
Ty Margheim
4. alSeen
Yvette Nicole Brown mentioned it on her twitter feed also.

This needs to happen. It really needs to happen.
Eugene R.
5. Eugene R.
Hmm. A Karen Gillan/Gillian Jacobs mash-up, perhaps? Or would Ms. Gillan prefer to play Angelica 'Angie' Lake? Or Angie's mystery daughter (who is actually her grandmother), Brooke? (Must stop visiting TV Tropes Inspector Spacetime page ...)

In any case, I hope that NBC makes nice-nice with Travis Richey (the ... uhh, "real" Inspector) and lets up on the lawsuits and brings him back.

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