Apr 6 2012 6:00pm

Wheel of Time Fans, Fancy Up Your Facebook

Love it or hate, Facebook timeline is here. If you want to wear your Wheel of Time colors, download any of these A Memory of Light timeline banners and show your WoT Pride.

They come in two flavors.


Download the ominous version:


Download the triumphant version:


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Christopher Everett
3. MidwestMedic
I'm happily staying off facebook. But, these are still pretty cool.
5. Mike G.
Sorry - if you can't trust us enough to do the ebook release right away, then why should we help you do your marketing?
6. Dragonian
See this is the reason why I still believe the ending should have been done the way Jordan wanted (without the division of the last three books). Now we know that the battle will be won. The turning point of the battle was the ending of The Gathering Storm "Veins of Gold."
7. bushiki
I'd definitely use the banner if it had this on it...:D

'Dovie'andi se tovya sagain'
Michael Maxwell
8. pike747
I want to like @7. bushiki but I left Facebook.
9. Eleutheria
I echo comment #7 - say a bone colored cover image (bone for dice) with "
'Dovie'andi se tovya sagain'.

You have the triumphant cover and the omnious cover. Please create one which dances between the two.

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