Apr 7 2012 1:00pm

Weekly Highlights: Wonder Woman Fail, Matheson Musicals, and All Our April Foolery

This week has been full of laughter (unless you hate April Fools in which case it was probably full of irritation)! So we thought we’d share our giggles with you, and review the week in full.

Here’s some of what you might have missed:

  1. Lady Doctors!
  2. You guys, Game of Thrones Season 2 was totally leaked.
  3. Bunnies! (Guess why?)
  4. All the batmobiles
  5. Poetry for you!

Cool Stuff on Our Radar:


What We’ve Been Discussing This Week:




Read some original and upcoming fiction!:


Book reviews:

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1. Vikki
The link to Alaya Dawn Johnson's "Inconstant Moon" does not work. Is there an updated link or has the story been taken down? (I just discovered her Zephyr Hollis books and was looking forward to reading this short.)

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