Apr 25 2012 10:16am

Tor UK E-book Titles to Go DRM-Free

Tor UK E-book Titles to go DRM-FreeTor UK, Pan Macmillan’s science fiction and fantasy imprint, has announced today that it will make its ebooks DRM-free over the next three months.

“We know that this is what many Tor authors passionately want. We also understand that readers in this community feel strongly about this,” says Jeremy Trevathan, Pan Macmillan’s Fiction Publisher.

This decision has been made in partnership with our sister company Tor Books, an imprint of Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, in New York. Tor UK is consulting with its authors at the moment and will announce their plans in more detail in due course.

About Tor UK

Tor UK is a Pan Macmillan imprint specialising in science fiction, fantasy and horror. We also publish YA crossover fiction and novels based on internationally bestselling computer games franchises. Our team is fully committed to bringing the best imaginative fiction, in its many forms, to the reading community’s bookshelves and eReaders. More news and views from Tor can be found on twitter and

3. deoren
I'm really looking forward to this and am already building a list of books I'll be purchasing. Awesome news!
adrian bellis
4. Nilrem
The news gets even better:)

I suspect like deoren I'll be making a list soon :)
6. rob anderson
awesome! I will buy the entire Sword of Truth and Wheel of Time series if its at a decent bundled price. I want them for both my readers.
7. elkrisp
So, will this be extended to TOR books that have already been purchased?

For example, I have the Wheel of Time books for iBooks, and would love to have them on my Nook... Any chance of this happening?
8. Eric Cosky
I have never bought e-books because of the insulting DRM whose only effect was to punish me for being an honest person.

Finally, I will be buying e-books and I look forward to it.

Thank you.
9. Hatgirl
@8 Eric, there are already a bunch of publishers and e-bookstores that sell DRM-free SF and Fantasy ebooks. Books)
You can find work by Hugo Winners and Nominess such as George RR Martin, Robert Silverberg, Lois McMaster Bujold, Lauren Beukes, Stina Leicht, Karen Lord and many more at these sites. And magazines like Asimov's, Locus, Analog, Lightspeed and Clarkesworld.
(heh. So many links... this poor post is going to spend some time in the spam queue....)

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