Apr 16 2012 6:00pm

Save Sean Bean! Your Game of Thrones Humor Roundup

Saturday Night Live Game of Thrones sketch

We love us some George R. R. Martin and some Game of Thrones, but it’s just as much fun to see others lampoon the series. This past weekend offered up a cute assortment of Game of Thrones-related humor, so we thought we’d gather it all together for an end of the day chuckle.

The above still comes from a Saturday Night Live skit from this past Saturday’s Josh Brolin episode. In it, an all important collaborator to Game of Thrones is revealed. You can watch the whole skit here. Just seeing someone impersonate Jon Snow is kind of hilarious.

We also noticed this campaign begun by Rock Paper Cynic: Save Sean Bean!

Save Sean Bean campaign by Rock Paper Cynic

And because it feels tidier to have things in threes, here’s an older gem we’re digging back up: George R. R. Martin reading bedtime stories.


Sky Thibedeau
1. SkylarkThibedeau
I was pleased that in the Last Sean Bean Movie I saw he was not killed but merely turned into a horrible griffin like monster. I'm much like the Vicar of Dibley in my worship of Sean Bean.
Patti Taylor
2. sapience14
SPOILERS! Sean Bean has already been killed once this year: the new show Missing opens with his death.
3. JRoot
@sapience14: The ads for the show seem to imply that initial death might have been a fakeout. But I don't watch it, so maybe he's died again since then...
4. pilgrimsoul
Go ahead and save Sean Bean--for me!
5. Tialin
Yeah, whatever. Nobody does a better job of it than Sean, so I say, keep on!
6. Gideon Hodge
Join the Movement!

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