Apr 9 2012 6:00pm

On Our Radar: Mike Wallace Interviews Rod Serling

The recently deceased Mike Wallace interviews Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling about television, censorship, and science fiction as a genre. Definitely worth a watch.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and don’t tell Mr. Serling, but it prefers The Scary Door.

Benji Cat
1. benjicat
I haven't watched the video (blocked at work) but I believe you meant to say Rod Serling.
Chris Lough
2. TorChris
Thanks, benjicat. We initially had brain-spaced and typed it Roger Sterling (the Mad Men character) and it looks like we didn't catch the entirety of that mistake. :)
Thea Boodhoo
3. Thea Boodhoo
"Well you're not going to cop a plea or chop an axe because you're going to be obviously working so hard on The Twilight Zone that in essence for the time being and for the forseeable future you've given up on writing anything important for television."

It's really incredible - the guy is talking like he's given up but it was the beginning of the most influential and important project of his career, and possibly all of television. Really inspiring in a werid way.
Thea Boodhoo
4. wizard clip
This is very cool. I've never seen it before.
And while it would be appropriately Twilight Zone-ish if the "recently deceased" Mike Wallace were interviewing Serling, I'm fairly certain it's the very much alive Wallace conducting the interview.
Thea Boodhoo
5. Mimi Stratton
I cannot believe they are both smoking on air.

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