Apr 12 2012 6:00pm

On Our Radar: A Star Wars Nursery

Wish your nursery had been in a galaxy far, far away? Actually, you only need to go to Graylake, IL, where a certain infant named Rocky happens to have the coolest room any kid could ask for. Yeah, it’s themed, but his parents knew how to avoid the clutter, and the result is a very chic Star Wars habitat for one cute kid.

Check out the wampa rug! (Where did they get that, no really, we need one for the office. We promise not to use it for practical jokes on our boss. Often.) The cross-stitching on that pillow! Lightsabers on the wall!

There’s also a sweet quote on the wall, wonderfully applicable to any handsome young man. (They put it up in vinyl in case Rocky ends up more of a Star Trek kid and decides he’d rather have a quote from Doctor McCoy.)

And then poor Rocky got eaten by his rug monster. That’s one for the baby book.

More pictures over Apartment Therapy, plus a great interview with Rocky’s parents and how they put the whole room together!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot. The quote over Stubby’s crib reads, “Lando Calrissian and poor Chewbacca never returned from this awful place.”

Sarah Hale
1. rocketshale
That room is excellent. And the Wampa rug can be found at Think Geek. My group of friends gave one as a housewarming gift. It is all kinds of wonderful.
2. Dulox
Yeah stop by Think geek and pick up a wampa rug and a Tauntaun sleeping bag.
Looks like the rug is out of stock till next month :(.

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