Apr 20 2012 7:00pm

Oh My! Today is George Takei’s 75th Birthday

Don’t call him tiny! George Takei is a 75 years old today and we wish him a happy one. We don’t even know where to begin in thanking him for his contributions to our lives; so instead, we’ll give all of you a present with this picture we found on TrekCore. Have a great birthday George. You can drive the rocket anytime.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and the only reason it survived the explosion of Praxis is because of Captain Sulu.

Happy birthday you crazy devil you!!! Live long and prosper - here's to you!!!! (pic for george)
Chris Meadows
3. Robotech_Master
Was also the birthday of Peter S. Beagle, who baconizes to Takei by having written an episode of ST:TNG about Sarek, who was also a character in the old series…
4. Dejadrew
I was lucky enough to be at George's impromptu 71st happy belated birthday celebration at Calgary Comic Expo some years back.

Hope there were klingons and chocolate cake aplenty this year too, and for many years to come!
5. Teka Lynn
It's okay to be Takei!

Happy birthday, George. And thank you for everything.

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