Apr 5 2012 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Have a Questionable Easter With BSG Eggs

How would Battlestar Galactica have been different if the entire cast were eggs? Would them getting thrown out of airlocks be hilarious? Would the Cylons make an omelet out of our heroes? Would we still get totally addicted to watching these eggs even though we don’t agree with their decisions?

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Highlights include:

  1. Move into the real District 12!
  2. Buy an Enterprise coffee table. (Really, no Voyager coffee table?)
  3. Dinosaurs in formal wear.

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Easter Bunyip
1. Easter Bunyip
That's nuttin' - I've been hunting Easter Eggs for most of my life!

The Easter Bunny, you see, is a carnivorous monotreme, and the only way to prevent an Easter Bunny population explosion, with all that that implies in the gormandization of your next door neighbours, not to mention your own delectable and tasteful self, is to hunt Easter Eggs, fervently preying that one gets there before it hatches ...

Well, I'd better be off. I've cleaned my AK-47, loaded it, and calibrated the sights ... my neighbour's calling me - he's got himself a RPG, so he's taking it even more seriously, if that were possible ...


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