Apr 10 2012 6:00pm

Moiraine Sedai Is This Close to Winning the 2012 Suvudu Cage Match

Moiraine Sedai Is This Close to Winning the 2012 Suvudu Cage Match

The championship match between Moraine Sedai (Wheel of Time) and Kylar Stern (Night Angel) is well underway in Suvudu’s 2012 Cage Match. Wheel of Time and Night Angel fans have until 5:00 PM Thursday to vote, at which point Moiraine Sedai will have pulled ahead of Kylar Stern’s current lead and be crowned the winner. Right?

Stubby is looking at you, eligible voter.

Erin Hoffman
1. ErinHoffman
Wow, art credit help - who did that lovely portrait of Moraine? I haven't seen it before.
Sanctume Spiritstone
2. Sanctume
@1 that is a ebook cover. there's a post about it here somewhere here in tor

ahh here's the ebook cover links.
Brent Longstaff
3. Brentus
@1: The picture is from the Fires of Heaven ebook cover by Dan Dos Santos.
Erin Hoffman
5. ErinHoffman
Wow, thanks, everybody. One heck of an ebook cover. That "making of" post is really cool. I've seen some of Dan's work before (really like his Mercy Thompson covers) but missed this one of Moiraine. Really captures the character so well... it would be awesome if he could someday do an Aes Sedai series!
David Thomson
6. ZetaStriker
I'm honestly still surprised WoT didn't take the win last year. It's easily got the biggest/strongest fanbase. Still think Kylar would have little trouble killing Moiraine though.
Alan Courchene
7. Majicou
Can I just point out here that it's MUCH EASIER for me to come here to Tor and follow that link to keep tabs on the Cage Match than it is to go to Suvudu's front page and try to find anything I'm looking for? Either I'm seriously missing something, or their navigation design is complete rubbish (to put it politely.)

As for the contest itself, I have exclusively voted for characters I like better with zero consideration for relative skill or power level because I always found those "Who would win in a fight" debates tiresome. I also love how outraged some of the commenters over there get at the thought that characters win based on popularity rather than a careful, meticulous comparison of fighting abilities and magical systems from massively incompatible fictional universes.

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