Apr 19 2012 2:30pm

Memory of Light Backpack Sweepstakes!

JordanCon is on, and no one should feel left of out this celebration for all things Wheel of Time... so we’ve got a treat for all of you! We have 15 special Memory of Light backpacks ready to go out to 15 lucky winners, and we’re going to stuff them full of books for you! Each backpack will contain the first installment of four other epic fantasy series’ — Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson, Lamentation by Ken Scholes, Imager by L.E. Modesitt, Jr., and Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson. Enter in the comments and one of these beautiful prizes could get shipped right to your door! Good luck!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, fill out entry on this post beginning at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) April 19, 2012. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET April 23, 2012. Void outside of the 50 US and DC and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

1. Trib
As a Canadian, I sure wish I could try to win one of these contests.
2. pungentodor

Need nerdy backpack!
Sean Calhoun
6. Musicspren
15 Backpacks? So by the time this closes, I'll have a 1/50 chance or so?

It's time to toss the dice...
7. jmd
Ooooh ! Me me me me pleeeeeeease! (Ahem) I would like to be entered in the drawing for a backpack if you would be so kind.
8. Mysterium
Awww, another one locked to US only? Bah! :( I got so hopeful...
9. Hyperionides
By the Light, and my hope of salvation and rebirth, I'd cry tears of joy to get one of these.
10. Herb435
Dovie'andi se tovya sagain.
13. Jeff M. Miller
This is the next best thing to going to JordanCon.
16. shadowmaat
Oooo, shiny!
19. Shadow
Would love to win this. Good luck all
20. ConstantGeographer
If its not too much to ask, could mine come w/autographs of the models, or Stubby the Rocket?

21. Cody Musser
Well, that's broken. *This* is my entry then.
Marykate J.
22. MKJasp
This is awesome.
Here's hoping!
23. autumnmoone
Backpacks & books...
24. David b M
I would love this thanks!
26. Kristine M.
I would love to have a backpack full of good books!
27. Kim Pittman
Ooo that would be awesome!
29. drbobbin
And I've been meaning to buy 3 of those 4 books
30. Zmogyls39
Entering!!!! Very nice backpacks!!
31. Jessica @ Book Sake
Very cool backpack with very cool books! Count me in!
32. jefff
Awesome swag! May i please win one? Thanks!
38. Kristi Lea
I would love one of these :)
John Pigott
41. AbEnd
My MoL backpack on my back.
42. Luckystrikes23
So, what am I missing, how do you enter? Maybe I'm not seeing it because I'm on the phone?
James Whitehead
43. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
Owning one of these would complete my journey to the dork side.

I musts have it, yes! yes!

44. CharlesRM
Better odds than the lotto, and I'd probably just use lotto money to buy these books and the backpack anyway.
45. Mia C.
A backpack AND books? It's like Christmas all over again!
Ross Newberry
46. rossnewberry
I've read Mistborn, but the other three would be welcome additions to the library.
47. The Matt
Lisa needs braces.
DA Ford
48. Ford75
Can you do one of these in Canada?
Some of us have been following WOT for decades and would love the chance at this kind of swag!
53. BlackAjah
Wow, this would look Darrell K SWEEEEEEEEEET with my Asha'man duds!!!! Thanks Tor! (Would be willing to teach secret weaves to you all if it would help be win!!)
54. Eric Peters
Pick Me!
Peter Czyzewski
55. sebastianelgar
I could use a new backpack, the books would be nice too.
Chris Lehotsky
56. Tel_Janin
Wish I could make it to JordanCon. Consolation prize ftw!
☾ witch of Angmar ☾
57. gwrthryfel
Heck yes tech fest

Does this comment count as my entry?
58. Hoot'n'Toot
59. davebower
Will there be room in them for more books?
60. Some guy in Texas
I would like one, as you can see, no one else does...
62. Claudia
Yes, please!
Jon Cheek
65. Luckystrikes23
Apparently everyone wants to win so bad, they won't help anyone else enter. Kinda Sucks.
66. Jason W.
I would thoroughly love A memory of Light backpack! Being a hardcore WoT fan I need it! It will go great with my WoT themed tattoo... :)
67. Efrain
I will have much Toh if i win
69. Matalina
Ooh, pretty and trendy!
70. rhandric
I hope I have the Dark One's own luck and win this
71. Brian Z
Please me. I work with quite a few people who will be very jealous.
72. Phasmus
One backpack to rule them all! ... Oh wait, wrong series.
73. dannyboy0694
EH, can i has one of those backpacks XD
74. Tristan Skye
Looks great, would love a backpack and a few more books I don't own, and second copies of a few others.
75. Bryan Hefner
Would love the WoT backpack
76. Danielle D
Yes please :)
78. Kathy Branson
Yes please, pick me!
79. Rachael Bashaw
Ooo! Pick me! :)
80. heWhoComesWithTheNoon
Yes please!
82. jmanidb
I will sport this everywhere! Pick me!
Marc Gioglio
83. Fuzzix
Sounds great. I'd like one too, please!
85. Jamie Dement (LadyJai)
Does just commenting register you? The post says to fill out the "entry", but I'm not seeing a form or anything. Maybe I am missing something?
86. Kriti Godey
Yes please!
87. Jemaclus
Nerdy backpacks? Yes please. :)
88. JenniferK
I'll take one!!!
Katherine Page
90. taconista
My dog Adama tore up my backpack to get some treats. I would really like a special Memory of Light backpack to replace it! Pretty please. (It would be kept out of dear Adama's reach.)
91. BrandyC
Those are some sexy backpacks. Would love to win one!
92. Lori Merritt
Yes please!!!
93. Alexis Rehkop
I would love this!
94. Elendil
Blond with blue hair.
95. Walrusburger
I'm in. Sign me up, please.
96. DylanB
I would be quite delightfully happy to win such a wonderful backpack :P
97. K Dragon
YES PLEASE! the backpack looks super awesome! and the books sound like an awesome plus!
99. Erica Murphy
I want one please!!
100. Erica Murphy
I want one please!!
101. Jobi-Wan
Awesome and epic, sign me up!
tatiana deCarillion
102. decarillion
I'm almost done with my first read of the Mistborn trilogy--I'd love to go right into the new book :)
103. Carly Lanners
I would absolutely love one of these backpacks! WOT is awesome, and the books would be icing on the cake of nerd-ness! YAY!
104. BillK
Need me a backpack
105. FredG
Cool sweepstakes. I'm in.
106. Thaum
Great backpack!
107. Loebick
Spiffy--I'm in.
108. Dylan Bronstein
This would be fantastic! Count me in!
109. FantasyReader18
This would be awesome! Pick me!
110. Sharon Stogner
I will use the magical monkey dust, monkey dust to increase my chances of winning!
corey chapman
111. martianblues
Blood and ashes! That is the coolest giveaway EVER! Please please please!
114. Ben Eiler
I would like to enter please..Thanks
115. jdollar
I'll take one
116. JimmyWang
Please, let me win something. I need a new book series to get into now that the WOT is just about complete. Mistborn was great, so hopefully one of those other books is really good.
116. Debra LeBlanc
Jordancon. would be heaven, but I will settle for wishing for a backpack. We do miss Robert, but Brandon rocks too!!
117. Mote
Nice! I could totally go for one of these.
118. Ron_1
I would love to get one! I'm a huge fan and couldn't make it to the Con. Please give me one!
119. moonsent
I would love to have this.
120. rakugal
An AMOL backpack and fantasy books! Yes please, I want them!
121. bcholms
Fantastic, I'm definitely in...
122. Wilson P
Yes please!
123. Mote
I'd love one...
124. Stone
Oh yeah, I would love to win one of those dope packs.

Sign me up.
125. Eric444
Count me in!
126. jim162065
very cool bag.
128. JTCarey
Love WOT !!!
Ben Eiler
129. beneiler24
Enter me in to the contest please, Thanks
130. Ron M.
I would love one!
131. Melissa B.
Yes, please!
132. DebL
WoT is just as greta with Brandon's work. Would love to go to Jordancon, but maybe next time. Backpack + books, yes please!
134. LeighannGHowell
I want one of these sooooo badly. I have loved Tor and loved Tor well; a little somethin' somethin' in return isn't too much to ask, now is it? ;)
Tiffany Proctor-Eiler
136. TiffanyProctor-Eiler
Posting a comment because I can't find a form to fill out...
Margaret Marcheck
137. Eindare
Blood and ashes! Who wouldn't want one of these backpacks?
Dylan Spencer
138. DJSpencer
This sure would be an awesome thing to own.
Rich Bennett
139. Neuralnet
Wow! nice prize package... please enter me into the contest. thanks
141. Muerandah d'Acre
pretty sorry to miss JC but its Katelyns birthday weekend.
142. parrotjen
Am I blind, or do I truly not see how to enter this anywhere on the page?
Regardless, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win, thanks!
145. Kaliban01
Me please!
146. Leetah
Stupid US only contest..... I live in Canada!!!
147. Jfink
I would love it and my teenage daughter would love that backpack for school!
150. Andrew Loves WoT
I love these little give aways! I have been reading WoT for so long it is nice to have the journey be almost as fun as reading the books.
151. Auth0r
I'm totally in.
152. J'aime
I want a backpack please (or more specifically, I want more books!)
153. Gavin T Doyle
I'll take two thanks! (there must be balance, you see. The light and the dark).
154. trunuyawkr
I have 4 boys who are always swiping my bags - having one as cool as this to call my own would be fantastic. Thank you for offering us a chance to win!!!
155. NathanQuinm
Those backpacks are so awesome. I can't make it to JordanCon winning one of the backpacks would so make up for that. It would also be a good way to get I to some new series.
156. AmandaJ
Oh please, oh please oh please!
157. JustinP
Backpack, please!
Matthew Smith
158. Blocksmith1
Great time to make a return...around one in ten odds for the moment. Soon to be one in a hundred or so
161. Tmemmel
I could not imagine the joy of winning one of these backpacks! I love everything Robert Jordan!!
Ervin Campillo
162. PyreoftheLiving
I do hope to win, and though I've read the Mistborn books and Gardens of the Moon, a re-read would be lovely, and the other two books would no doubt also be a pleasure to read.
163. sharkmgs
One of these times, I 'm bound to win.
165. The David
This sounds awesome...
Lynn McDonald
166. meal6225
If I can't attend JordonCon winning this backpack would be a great consolation! Thanks!
167. Michelle S.
I sure would love to win one of these for my husband since he's a big WoT fan.
168. MJM
Sweet backpacks! I want one!
169. Ronald M.
I would love to get one of those! WoT is easily the best fantasy series ever!
Mary Buchner
170. HeyMaryHi
Yes, please!!! Wheel of Time is my favorite everything!
171. Kevin Groesbeck
Need backpacks now! Pretty please?
172. AllysonOrr
Pick me!
173. Salinm
I would LOOOOOVEEE one of these!!!!
174. Bernadette
I'd be game!
175. Joshua Strasburg
Yes, please!
176. netrunnr
In the bag...
Chris Celeya
176. cceleya
I would like one or two ;) Consider me, uh, entered. :-|
178. DarkCondor
Now this is a very geek backpack that I would gladly make my work backpack! Count me in.
180. Brian Heitzenrater
Winning would make me happy. Thanks for the contest. :)
Frank Nagy
181. fjnagy
Pack (of books) for my back. Just what I need.
182. Jeffrey Garber
I would love to have one of these!
183. Robin D
OOOHHHHH! I hope I'm not too late....
183. Gareth Davies
What a wonderful idea for those who can't get to the 'con. Would love to be lucky enough to get one!
184. Bittersweet Fountain
Me! Pick me! I need a WoT backpack!
185. Azarael
That is an epic backpack full of really good books...several which I have read. Really hope I am lucky enough to win one. ^_^
186. theilmadeknight
As a human, (maybe, as of yet unconfirmed by current scientific capabilities) I would sure love to win one of these backpacks free of charge.
Derek Dominquez
187. fomartorch
That is a pretty cool idea, and a nice backback.
187. Cecilija
I'd like to win, pretty please. :)
188. lordvanduu
I so very much want to win one of these backpacks!
189. Ron Derry
This is my kind of contest!
Andrew Hsu
191. Azraik
I would love to get this backpack!!
192. Edwin Weber
Someday, somewhere, I'll win something. If not this time, well congratulations to someone who does!
193. Steven Mosher
Carai an Caldazar! Carai an Ellisande! Al Ellisande!

Also, a backpack would be nice :)
194. BumbleBob
Tor has the best contests! You know the backpacks are awesome because the people look so happy in the photo!
195. MasterNinja62
This would be AWESOME to have.
So lets hope.
Dovie'andi se tovya sagain
198. Bambilicious
200. Scifirdr
I will take one of your hands..........
202. Mary D.
Oh I love the WOT series... I need to read it again! Those backpacks look SWEET :)
James Hogan
203. Sonofthunder
One day I would really love to win one of these!!!!
204. ScottC
I'm in. Sounds great!
205. hemmel
yes, please.
206. thecheeto
Can't find the form to enter. TOR post says to comment on the blog post to enter. Commented and hopefuly entered.
207. Starlase
I can haz bakpak? Kthxbai!
208. Scott H
That's a sweet looking backpack! I'd love one.
208. Stone Dog
I would absolutely love one of these/
208. Philosophunculist
A Wheel of Time backpack for the guy who stopped reading the series because it was really the never ending story, sounds perfect.

By the way, who is using my name here?
209. Terrance McKean
210. huudu
Would love to have the backpack/books.
211. Paul D Williams
May you always have a bag of books to join you under the shade....
212. Mary D.
Oh I love the WOT series... I need to read it again! Those backpacks look SWEET :)
213. BillyZ
hope I win!!
215. Kathleen C
Picked up this series at the library when there were 8 books, feeling for sure the series was done at 8000+ pages. You can't image how ticked I was to get to the end and find out it wasn't. Couldn't bring myself to wait for the next book, but I did turn my kid onto the books. He rereads the things! OMG! Thought I was I geek. This would be perfect for him.
Boyd Jackson
216. milkduds1971
I realy need a backpack, and I realy love The Wheel of Time ........ consider me entered
217. AZ Joe
Would love a backpack! :o)
218. Michael Furo
I'll shoulder it!
219. dramallama
This sounds great! Would love one :)
222. benvan
I like easy contest. PLease let me know if this is not the way to enter. lol
223. Maplefan
I really wish I could win
224. foxsable
Also, couldn't find an entry form, and hoping that this counts as my entry. If not, hoping someone shows me where the official form is.

Super Sweet Backpack btw.
227. yarncore
I hope this works!! (crosses my fingers)
Erelieva Valdarmerca
228. ErelievaValdarmerca
I feel the dice spinning in my head wondering where they will land....
The Wheel turns and backpacks come and go....
This backpack is Ta'veren, I feel drawn to it....

Punish me with a backpack?
229. Bsnoops79
Please please please please!!! Reading since the beginning! Hook it up lol
231. foxsable
My comment did not seem to post. I would like to enter. It's an awesome backpack.
Tammie Dillon
232. maccrazed
Would LOVE to win this, new books to read AND making my family jealous of the backpack! Next best thing to attending JordanCon
233. lepo
Ooo - pick me!
234. RosieK
Dovie'andi se tovya sagain.
235. Artichokecandy
I would spear fight a trolloc for one of those backpacks!
236. Darryl Jones
That would be perfect for my trip to Europe please ...
237. jupiterzero
It would be so awesome to win one of these!
238. tyler hare
pretty cool idea.
239. LeliaZ
Hopefully this is an entry!
The backpack is awesome, so fingers crossed! :D
240. AZ Joe
I would love to have a backpack!
Paige Vest
241. paigevest
This would be amazing! My J*Con plans fell through but this would be a fantastic consolation prize!

If I won, I would donate all of my worldly belongings (sans my books) to Rand's libraries! I would send my only child, my 17 year old daughter, to the Tower or to the Sea Folk or to the Wise Ones for training... they can draw straws and the short straw gets her (with my apologies)! I would visit the Aelfinn and ask three questions for you! I would dance with Jak 'o the Shadows! I would follow The Way of the Leaf! I'm kind of a chicken anyway and I have little fashion sense so it wouldn't be too difficult for me to adjust. As long as I can have a wagon caboose for my books. ;o)

Thanks for the giveaway!!
242. Jasen Stengel
Throwing my name in the hat for the Backpack and books... such an awesome giveaway
244. Meozwer
The amount I need this cannot be measured by the human vocabularly.
245. loglar
could really use a new backpack, and theres always room for new books
246. Jeandiata
Backpack Backpack Backpack Backpack
I'm the Backpack
Loaded up with things and nick nacs too
Anything that you might need I got inside for you.
Backpack Backpack Backpack Backpack
Warren Bennett
248. deejrandom
I am going to be traveling and I need more bags. More books would be great as well! If I win, I promise to take this bag across the USA.
249. UmmS
After dedicating 18 years of my life to WoT, I think a backpack would be a perfect addition.
251. zeldaissheik
Ooh, do want

but can I win?....

Dovie'andi se tovya sagain
252. Larry Soule
Can't win if you don't comment.
253. JohnG
I hope I don't have to be Ta'veren to win one of these!
254. Dothius
I would love to win this!
Sharon Haas
255. kazul1
I'd love to have one even though I'd have to share it with my brother who intro'ed me to the Wheel.
256. Liz A
This is a great giveaway! Thanks!
257. browneyedgirl67
would love this!
259. Raychell
So, wait, just how do I enter this? Because oh so want one of those!
261. Panegyrist
I'd love to win this, I need some new books! (and a backpack would be useful too...)
263. rkbrook
I would love to win this. After all I will need a new series to start reading in less than a year.
264. btoyer
One book, two book, red book, blue book
Black pack, Back pack, WOT pack, New pack

This is an entry for the backpack :)
265. Jamerz
I would LOVE to win this. My sweety is a HUGE fan of the WoT books and this would be an EPIC gift to surprise him with!!!
269. Pyle313
Hopefully my entrance has been recived because those are freaking AWESOME!!!
270. mkd
I would share mine with my wool-headed sheep herder. Or Warder. Whichever he is today :)
271. Joleen
Oh, yes, please. If I did manage to win, I'd have to hide it from my husband...
273. Elenion
Looks awesome, and with more good books inside? Definitely want!
274. SueRed
Oh please, please.
275. Kim Meyer
This would be lovely! Almost done with Way of Kings, and I'm always looking for new fantasy authors to read.
Rachel King
277. theraisama
Definitely enter me in for this. Backpack is beautiful.
278. jhilburn
Besides Brandon's Mistborn, I haven't heard of the other three books that are included in the backpack - so it would be great to be exposed to some new series!
280. BlindseerJB
Tai'shar Manetheren!!
281. libraryofmyown
Oooo please pick me! Thanks for the giveaway!

282. NatalieKaye
This would be an amazing gift for my husband, one of the biggest WoT fans I know!
Tyler Sprenger
283. Kappi
Women...are like goats :)

I would love this backpack and the books. Haven't read Malazan or Imager yet.
284. Kyleshoe
I want to win!!
285. GeoGuy4
A great bag filled with great books.
286. Dalton Dunn
Count me in please.
287. GundamGaidin
I'm hoping the comment is the entry, its not exactly clear though.
288. btoyer
One book, two book, red book, blue book
Black pack, back pack, WOT pack, new pack
This is an entry for the backpack :)
289. ezekiel2021
So who wants one, this guy here, in Kentucky, who needs a good day today or this year. Please...PLEASE?
290. midnightblooms
Ooooh, enter me in the contest please! Thanks for such a great giveaway.
291. Doktoreble
Rolling the dice!
292. Nathaniel Sternbergh
This would be fantastic! Yes, please.
293. W. Alexander
From the day I pick up the Eye of the World at the bookstore, I was swept into this world created by Robert Jordan. I have cherished my time reading, and re-reading, the entire series. The Wheel of Time is one series of books which I know I can continue to read countless times to come. Before I had picked up the first book, I had never read one one word written about it. I had no idea what I was getting into. Thank you Robert! As for the Backpack givewaway, I would really enjoy to have one. But, The Wheel weaves its own pattern right. The winner will be chosen.
294. midnightblooms
Ooooh, enter me in the contest please! Thanks for such a great giveaway.
295. Nathaniel Sternbergh
Yes, please. I hope this isn't a double post. I just don't see my comment. I'm not trying to enter twice, I swear!
297. James Patrick
I only read fantasy novels, and I love the WOT series. It would be awesome to get the backpack and read some other TOR books from some new authers.
298. JAC
What an awesome prize.
299. Haley
I would love to win this. I love to read any type of book that I can getvmy hands on lol. I wish everyone the best of luck and thank you for giving this away. Have a Happy Day.
Rj Susara
300. dmonray
Wow! Perfectly sized for a Tarmon Gai'don emergency kit!
300. Noreen Kelly
So excited (and sad) for this series to end. I would love to have a WoT backpack.
301. CharlesC
Backpack Sure I am too late
302. debdolls
"Mother's milk in a cup!"
303. Tarin
I love wheel of time and love to read! I want to win!
305. Katie Reid
I would like to win please! Thank you!
306. Jeremy76
I'd love one! Can't wait for the final book...
307. Trevayne
Yes, please
Sean Banawnie
310. Seanie
Yes, I would like that very much.
Thank you, in advance.
311. Cherei McCarter
I'd love to win this! Sounds SO cool! Of course.. I'd turn right around and donate it to the Homeless Shelter.. we have so many kids in San Antonio that don't have homes.. it would be awesome to give it to one kid!
313. Forte
Look's awesome! Count me in!
315. Shannon A.
Mee me!! I sooo wish I could go to JordanCon. :/ Winning this might take away the sting of missing out on Harriet reading an excerpt from aMoL.
317. Trevor Dumont
I wish I could make it to JordanCon. This would be the next best thing, though.
318. Jomedome
So cool! Count me in.
319. Michael M.
This'd be cool! Been wanting to read Mistborn, and WoT has Been my favorite since I picked up the Eye of the World in 6th grade. Read the series 4-6 times since. =P
320. Zanna
I would love one of these.
321. Orchid
Between going to college to study psychology, and writing fantasy part time, winning this would give me such a relaxing break!
322. nedo
would love a new backpack to go with the WoT comics im trying to find online!
324. sbass
Sounds groovy.
325. Orchid
Between going to college to study psychology, and writing fantasy part time, winning this would give me such a relaxing break!
327. Wendy Brodersen
This backpack will go all over LA with me!
Matt Williams
328. sprainogre
This sounds awesome, and as a gamer geek I can always use another backpack! Throwing my name into the running for this one.
330. Jason O
The Wheel of time turns.
Ryan Richardson
331. LudwigVanRyan
As a stressed out college student of physics, nothing would help calm me down more like reading a good book and cuddling up with a Wheel of Time backpack.
332. JustinLubbe
Yes please! So awesome. I would love to win this, and if you can include the flowers from the picture that would be nice too. ;-)
333. Rebob1059
The WoT series has been one of my favorite reads for a long time and can't wait for the next book.
Marlin Day
334. marlinday
I never win these things, I don't know why I bother. Oh yeah, I remember! Because I want a Wheel of Time backpack!
335. natedizzie05
Please and thank you!
336. Mooeth
I'll take two! Ok, ok, I'll settle for one.
337. nathan p odom
thank you!
i would love to be entered into this sweepstakes!
Dovie'andi se tovya sagain :)
339. Caryla
My precious! (Oh wait, wrong epic series..) ;)
341. Jeddadiah
Give it to me now!!! Please.
342. Casey Moore
Please enter me in the contest, I would love to win!!!!
343. pgrim
I like to read, whats better than free books?
344. Nicoletort
What a great way to get introduced to four new series
345. kylissa11
I'd like to enter to win a backpack!
Kimani Rogers
346. KiManiak
Oh, yes please! I would gladly sport that backpack!
Sam Brougher
347. Azuaron
Ahhhh, already so many comments. STILL MUST TRY TO WIN!
348. Scott M
Please enter me to win. I would sport this backpack to all my favorite nerd events.
349. jcs97b
Well if you're just gonna give one away, I'll be happy to take one. Thanks!
351. Christina Mullinax
Yes please, it would go to school with me everyday so I could represent!
Sam Mickel
352. Samadai
One of these would be awesome. Thanks Tor
354. whill1219
I would LOVE one of these backpacks!
355. mutantalbinocrocodile
I really really wanted to go to JordanCon and had a conflict, so pick me!
356. rc1261
Fan of all these series. Nice backpack.
Bret Scott
359. BlacksmithButNotEmo
I'm tempted to make some sort of woolheaded remark in here...probably been thinking too much with the hair on my chest...
361. liesel
Awesome backpack and great books!
363. Kate4442
I would love to get one of these!!
Kristen Cook
364. Clover4
The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.....and the Wheel totally wills me to have a backpack.
365. Amy Farmer
So does this comment get me entered? This is the only form I can find on this page.
366. wyshome
Pick me!! And I'd even share... the books, anyway.
367. jodi adams
would love this
368. Caci
Ooooh fun! I'd love to get one since I can't get to Jordancon
369. Jim Henning
Please enter my name in the contest.
370. terisue
wow what a great gift!! crossing my fingers :)
372. Ashley Davis
Would love this as well.
373. Torin D
I would love to win anything Wheel of Time related and this backpack looks awesome.
Benjamin Taylor
376. AzmadonBT
i would love to have one of these to take all by books to signings in!
377. WadeCastle
I lost both my hands to Forsaken fireballs so would be very helpful to carry things on my back! With this backpack!
379. Dawna
I need more book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
380. Yoda24601
Sign me up!
Roy Landrum
381. tigeroy77
I want to win one, but I'd be willing to buy one if I don't.
382. Biggalup
My brother always wins these things.
383. thorf
I want – I want...
Rand Al Thor
384. Elayne_Cousland
LOL I see a lot of people have commented, sweet. Glad to see that this series is so popular even to this day.
N yes I would like to have a WoT backpack. I can keep my WoT books in it right by my bed or when I travel. So please please may I have one please :)
385. Roheryn
That would be awesomeful!
386. Dawna
I need more book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
387. CarolynC
Why are these contests not available to Canadians? :( I would love to have one of these backpacks!
388. timg
i cannot wait for a memory of light! but a backpack full of books would help pass the time!!!! please throw my name into the drawing!
Tom Norris
389. tomn482171
Yes, please! Can't access the entry form but I want to be considered in the drawing. Many thanks.
Jim Brannick
390. divisionerror
Wow, nice one! I'd love to win that backback and the books would be an added bonus!
391. DukeW
Nifty backpack, good books. What's not to like? : )
392. RLBrown
Nothing better than a bunch of books and AND something to carry them in.
393. Scoundrel
nice backpacks :)
394. BDaleske
I'd like one!
395. Ruifeng Wang
That's a prettty nice backpack if I do say so myself.
Kram Dratta
397. KramDratta
My precioussssss ....

Oh, wait...wrong book(s)
Brandon Gregg
398. Irregardless
Looks great, this a really amazing prize. I'm in! Good luck everyone.
399. stampit615
This is a great giveaway....but I cannot figure out how to enter.......are we entered just by commenting? The hyperlink to "enter" just brings me back to this page....../confused
400. seth olson
Got my fingers crossed I get lucky and receive one of these backpacks.
April Boyd
401. Iselia
Fantastic: both the books and the backpack. (pun sorta intended)
402. AvonLadyLEH
That's awesome! And the bonus is having something to read until the final WOT book comes out. =D
403. bellatrixknits
Sign me up!
404. shipoopi512
Is this how I enter? I would LOVE to win a WOT backpack.
406. dwndrgn
Light! What a prize! Pick me!
408. Sara Couthan
Brilliant! I would love one of these. Fingers crossed. x
Dovie'andi se tovya sagain...;)
409. Cimikat
So do we enter just by commenting? It's not really clear. Still, if that's the case, sign me up!
411. j80
Wow! Great contest.
412. Mason Cole
Still trying to find a book series that captivated me like WoT did. Excellent books...
413. krystlih
I'd love to have one of these!
414. Nalranelle
This backpack is awesome.
415. Pedeka
I'm glad that I am not the only one who can't find and entry form. But I would love to win this!
418. chylve
Yes, please.
419. Bryan V
Sign me up!
420. SurrealCoda
Pick me please, thank you.
Melissa Tabon
421. kiara
*Wishing I was at JordanCon*

But the backpack would be a nice consolation prize. :D
423. Heather K
I would LOVE this!
425. Blake Cates
This would be awesome, I hope I win.
Jennifer B
426. JennB
I would love to win one of these prize packages. Thanks for yet another fun giveaway!
427. Dicer
I've read Mistborn but haven't gotten around to the other 3 series, although they are on my list to get to.
428. Kody Thompson
Not seeing an entry form for this, oh well, as they say...
Dovie'andi se tovya sagain.

Would totally make my day!
429. BazingaBob
I need this (backpack) for school. I need these (books) for...Me!
John Massey
430. subwoofer
Dang you Tor and your Amerocentric prizes!

::shakes fist at screen::

When I take over the world the first thing I'm going to do is fire the person in your company that excludes the rest of us brilliant people.... or they are going to be in for a very long "time out"!

431. Frederick Chen
WANT! Verymuchwantgivethankyouplease!
432. Raj patel
Sickest competition ever! Would make my whole year!
Cara Gorman
433. gormaniavt
Nice backpack + books! Would love to win one, thanks for having the contest..... fingers crossed :)
David Gomes
435. Drago
That is a pretty slick backpack!
And all the book choices look very good.
436. Cody J
Yep, I need one of those!!!
437. lightkeeper
Sign me up!
Marc Froimovtz
438. malkieri98
I would like verymuch to win one of your fine, fine knapsacks.
439. Joseph A. Gervasi
If I will this backpack I will take out the books in order to read them then re-fill the pack with hungry centipedes and small grey pebbles.
440. April Green
Only time will tell if the pattern allows for me to win one of these backpacks. "The wheel weaves as the wheel wills."
441. jdevera
I would like that very much.
442. AnnaDesiree11
My best friend loves these! It would mean the world to her if I won and could give her such a lovely present. I love my Ki!
443. Blaise137
I want one!
444. shozzzaame
would love this
Craig Piercy
445. cpiercy
Backpack, Backpack, Backpack, Backpack. I'm the Backpack loaded up with things and knick knacks too. Backpack, Backpack. Backpack, Backpack. YEA!
(still stuck in my head after my kids watched Dora for about a million times)
Please enter me into the sweepstakes, thanks.
447. Timefox
I drew the Wheel of Time symbol on my backpack, but this looks much better! An it's got BOOKS inside! Want~ :)
Cori Hull
448. yarnandtea
Yes, please! That is a pretty spiffy looking backpack, and I have been wanting to try out a couple of those series.
449. Jeff Carlson
I want one.
450. Rob The Rizla
The backpack was not the beginning.
There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time.
But it was a beginning. . . . .
451. 5pades
:) please, please!
453. Grace Irelan
Neat looking backpacks.
454. Heather M. Gardner
Yes, please! I would love a backpack! Heather.
456. Danette Oswood
Oooh...a backpack and a couple books I haven't read yet? Yes, please :)
Daniel McShea
457. shamr0x
Oh man I need a new backpack for walking around town, and I do love to read :)

It's time to toss the dice!
Zayne Forehand
458. ShiningArmor
That backpack is awesome. I hope that this time is the time I finally win one of these things!
460. Jannessa C.
I would love to have this! It's so cool, and I'm pretty sure all my friends would nerd out over it. Especially my older brother, who introduced me to the series years ago! Time for little sis to win something awesome for once!
461. Ivanthecow
I love free stuff, especially when I have interest in the subject!
463. Josh F
Ive been a fan since I was 11 and am now 26. I would love to have another Piece of WoT memorabilia. Please consider me!
464. Glittercupcake
Pretty please! :)
465. Biggins1201
Sounds Good! I need some more books to read!
467. John W.
I would glady sell my soul to Shai'tan for a backpack!
Hell I'd even be nice to Faile in my fantasies for one!
..or I'd try to at least. Perrin deserves so much better.
The Imager
469. TheImager
Freaking sweet!!! I have all the books anyway, but they'd make great gifts to get some more people hooked. Cool looking pack from what I can see, so I'm tossing in my entry as well.
470. LarryB
Books books and more books :)
471. GHF
This would be awesome to get!
473. Th_G
Hope it's for me!
474. EM42
I don't know what's better, the awesome backpack or the books inside! Please pick me so I can decide! ;)
475. Kathleen F
Yes please more books!
476. AlfredTungstan
Books and a backpack, oh my!
James Vesper
477. JamesVesper
This would be the best thing ever to have!!!
479. DDHowell
I want that for my wife. She lives, breaths and sleeps Wheel of Time.
480. Gwendolykay
Pick me please!
481. UnkUnk
Thanks for having my back(pack)!
482. Penny Seibert
Absolutely craving the final novel~in a melancholy way - if it ends, then its over, and its such a wonderful story! the Ultimate fight of Good against Evil....
483. DW
The mistborn series is sweet, and My backpack has a big hole in it :(
484. robbin
you'd need the dark one's own luck to win this, but here goes nothing!!

dovie' andi se tovya sagain!!!!
485. Orcaflamethrower
I think I started reading wheel of time back when I was in High School and have been loving it ever since. I would love to win that back pack and find a series to help replace WoT when it ends.
Fake Name
486. ThePendragon
Is this random, or based on what we say here in the comments? Like, should I write an essay?
488. NazgulTheFallen
I want one!!
489. ZZenx
Backpack please!
492. chelcie shell
another great sweepstakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
494. Leala
Those look amazing!
495. AaronWilliams
I'll take one, if you don't mind.
497. edtompkins89
Jason Krause
498. Moridin77
This would be sweet! Wheel of Time stuff plus free books. The only thing that could be better would be a copy of A Memory of Light as well.
499. mehndeke
It's all about the swag, baby!
500. Spydercry
OMG!! I want one!
502. Rand Therin Telamon
503. Idiaz
I would love to have this backpack! Pick me! =)
504. Sarojin
Yes! How awesome! It would be super cool if those of us who don't wim could buy a WoT backpack please!
505. jenbit
Oh please please please pick me meme!!!!!!!!
janet vaughn
507. geochic1
What a neat treat.
What could be a better way to celibrate unemployment then with backpack of goodies
508. barbed1951
Oh wow, who couldn't use an awesome backpack stuffed with books? I'm definitely in!
509. ValeriePledger
Those backpacks are super gorgeous! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to sport WoT on my daily commute!!!
510. Ermal
I've already got the books, but the backpack would be awesome!!!
512. Sodobo77
It's my husband's birthday today, I need to win this for him PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
513. Wampuscat
With this I could carry enough supplies to survive the Re-Breaking in Decemeber long enough to get the last book in January!
515. The cake is a lie
This looks awesome can't wait for this book!
517. grg hbbn
Off my plane, blue monkey!!!
518. Jalenie
Now that is cool! And it comes with books! That's my kinda backpack
519. BoPeep
I would love to win this also but where is the entry form?
520. sandyl
wow. I know I need a backpack filled with books!
521. Hwlbkexam
Books in a bag! Nuff said.
524. HowieIsANiceGuy
I'm just a WOT junkie looking for a fix... I'll make you feel good... :'(
525. BookEater
On book 9 of my wot reread. Perhaps supplies for further adventures would help me to complete my quest.
Shaka Jamal
526. FaceofYo!
Would love to get my hands on one of these... :) Let's make up an involved back story for how I got them... :)
527. FunBob
Bobby needs a backpack!
tri nguyen
528. zadent
I don't see the signup page :( Must have bag of magical stories!!!
felipe nunez
529. zenun2009
This would be one of the best wins ever.
Stephen Lyon
530. skaftafell
Memory of light;
Carry the latest novels
in Jordon style.
531. Marjorie Pawley
WOW! This is the perfect summer gift for me. Book, drink & glider, here I come.
532. Jennifer Reynolds
Ooooo..... love the backpack.... must have. :-) This would be an awsome win, and would love to get it.
533. StacieH
zomg backpacks full of books.
534. Bill Alexy
I don't want to win. I don't want to win for me that this, but for my friends and family who need to be introduced to all these great books!
535. Ron Brown
2 weeks worth of reading material and a cool backpack? Count me in!
536. Jmiller
this would be awsome to win
537. Josh2007
I'd like one!!!
Kryla Gonzales
538. Krgriley
I would certainly enjoy this backpack and the books in them... I really really want it!!!!! Thank you. ;)
539. Christine Owens
So awesome!!! Love the wheel of time and Sanderson's books!
540. Ceanabhan
How could I not want a Memory of Light backpack stuffed with good reads I haven't yet read? Thanks TOR for the opportunity.
Amanda Hayes
541. Kisanthe
You had me at 'stuffed full of books.' I would like to enter the sweepstakes!
542. wjames1204
I need this backpack for my journeys into Tel'Aran'Rhiod. I've tried thinking one into existence and it never works.
543. Josh Baughman
Sign me up
Andrew Thomas
544. ThomOfAndr
An awesome backpack full of awesome books, hooray! I'm in!
Amber Chesnut
546. DragonWyrd
Oh my! That would be completely epic! :)
Kelvin Bailey
547. kgbailey5
I think, I hope, I think, I hope!!! Pick me, I'd wear that everywhere with my Wheel of Time t-shirt on!
549. Sky Sloderbeck
Sign me up! Nifty backpack and new books? Always a wonderful prize!
550. cofab
Those look like some nice backpacks!
552. Michael Habif
yes please
553. Brigitte Reed
But what do I comment???

"'I will give you your lesson today.' She folded herself onto the end of Egwene's bed, feet tucked under her. 'Sit, child.'

Egwene sat, but Nynaeve began trying to push herself to her feet. 'I think I will go on deck.'

'I said, sit!' The Amyrlin's voice cracked like a whip, but Nynaeve kept rising, wavering. She still had both hands on the bed, but she was almost upright. Egwene held herself ready to catch her when she fell.
Closing her eyes, Nynaeve slowly lowered herself back to the bed. 'Perhaps I will stay. It is no doubt windy up there.'

The Amyrlin barked a laugh. 'They told me you had a temper in you like a fisher-bird with a bone in its throat. Some of them, child, say you’d do well for some time as a novice, no matter how old you are. I say, if you have the ability I hear of, you deserve to be one of the Accepted' She gave another laugh. 'I always believe in giving people what they deserve. Yes. I suspect you will learn a great deal once you reach the White Tower.'

'I'd rather one of the Warders taught me how to use a sword,' Nynaeve growled. She swallowed convulsively, and opened her eyes. 'There is someone I'd like to use it on.'" (tGH, pg 275)
Mike Rice
554. MikeRice
Would definitely love me one of those!
556. Aaron Robbins
That is an excellent prize, please enter me.
stephen wertan
557. Thomaswertan
I never though i would see anything worth turning to the Shadow for but now i have i must have this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please!!!!!!!!!!!
559. Curtis N.
I would like to win some books to read, and a backpack to carry them in please :)
560. Paul S.
I'll look so cool on my scooter wearing that.
561. Mhlavaty
Oh lordy me I'll take one please
562. Matt Brancazio
Soo want! Let's make it happen.
563. Travis B
That's pretty sweet, good luck everyone!
Steven McVey
564. StevenMcVey
This is awesome! Those backpacks look great!
565. mnozzi
Eeeeee, I want one!
Tyler Kempton
566. Mistborn034
I don't know which one I want more. The books or the backpack. How about I just get both.
567. rjshirts
I would love to win this. Need some new books and a new bag to pack them in.
569. Sandra K321
My son loves this series. He is anxiously awaiting the final book and has read the entire series at least 3 times. I would love to win this for him.
Tim Cook
570. angusx51
I would love the backpack and the books are an AWESOME plus!
571. Gregan pace
I have always wanted one of these!
Scientist, Father
572. Silvertip
You guys realize you would probably come out ahead by just giving those particular four books away to anyone who asked?

Oh well ...

573. Craig A. Queen
Oh, yes, that would be awesome! Cool!
574. Christopher J Bright
Want one badly!
Joanna Schmidt
575. Joanna
I'm fairly certain that the only thing that will prevent the Mayan-pocolypse this December is me winning one those backpacks. I'd hate to curse the world to oblivion by not entering, so consider this my entry. :-)
576. Parker Tzar
Very cool! Would luv to win one.
580. byronba
I'm in! Me too please.
581. VuKaDr
They look cool, but I'll be lucky if I have a 1% chane of winning.
582. Douglas Sellers
Yes Please!
583. Rob1971
I really want this since I can't make it to JordanCon!
584. Philip Korchnak
Very nice!!
585. Christina Dickens
Count me all sorts of in! I love those bags!
586. nanasap
I'm in -------
587. LLSpangler
One of these bags filled with books would be great to carry...more books!
Ram Rangaswamy
589. Thrawnis
This is an awesome backpack!! Please let me win!
590. The Traveling Dutchman
Couldn't you guys vissit Norway or Holland once in a while?
I would LOVE one of those backpacks...!!! Have been reading WoT since `99 and I'm still dedicated to the series!
592. Joseph Andrews 75
I would love one of those! Awesome.
I live in Germany, but work for the US Army and I have an APO AE address. Am I eligible?
593. JMerry
A backpack full of books beats a nook anyday.
594. Traneman8
Um Yes Please!!
597. TinaA

Once again, the UK and the rest of the world miss out on the chance...

*stomps off to indulge in a spectactular temper tantrum...*
Erik van der Meulen
598. brik
The backpack looks awesome and I haven't read some of those books so that would be great!!
600. Toohey Cohen
Oh, yes,please! I have nothing clever to say, except I'm a huge fan and i'd love a backpack and actual books!
Stu Fox
601. Stumerbeth
Yes sir/ma'am, would love a new backpack!!
602. Pat E.
Would love the books and the backpack to hold them!
Jeremy von Kesselburg
603. macandjeeps
Great looking bag. I need something to keep all the books in! Count me in for the drawing please. :)
604. NancyP
Yes, I'm in....
605. Terry Cover
Such a great deal for a senior citizen that sure would like to lighten the load.
606. jelsel
oh! Come on!!!

World Wide Web!! Global Community!!!

US only? Who do i sue for this blatant discrimination?

yours sincerely,

the Netherlands.....

ps. arrangements can always be made ;)
608. digitalbusker
I would like to win this, please and thank you.
no thx
609. nope
Wow this is an awesome contest! Consider this my entry.
610. Debo
Oh...Oh...Pick me! Pick me! Sweet prize.
611. John T.
I'm in! This sounds great.
612. Eliane
Just what I need to store all of my Cuendillar collectibles...
613. JTR
I would love to win this.
614. vespasian13
I could use a nerdy backpack full of nerdy books
615. Laura M
I'm in!! Would love to win.. Thanks
616. Rise Isom
thanks so much for the chance-nice prize!
617. Michael D. Jenkins
Dovie'andi se tovya sagain.
619. AndyL
Decent odds. I'm in.
620. Mike R.
Thanks for the chance!
Jay Shifflette
621. jaybird
Let me try - I'll not get to JordanCon
Nadine L.
622. travyl
My adress doesn't fit : (
Although, If you considered me - you really could ship the gift (across the atlantic ocean).
Kristoff Bergenholm
624. Magentawolf
A backpack full of books? I'm entering, I'm entering!
625. Bwait
626. ChuckFrank3
Cool sweepstakes! Go go gadget...Wot backpack!
Neil Sood
627. RanchoUnicorno
As always, I'm eager to get something for nothing. Although, I would be interested in an option where I could swap the four included books for a way-too-far-in-advance copy of AMoL. Not that I'm thoroughly enjoying having my brain crushed by by current first time read of Gardens of the Moon.
jimmy huckaby
630. lazysk8r
Well, since there's no other comments I should be a shoe in. Right? Lol.
Rammy Meyerowitz
631. m5rammy
you had me at "stuff them full of books"
634. Band of The Red Hand
would love me a backpack
636. DavidC
This would make an excellent work bag. And the books, pure gravy.
638. NinaStar
Sign me up too! Geek out!
641. Szordrin
Wants!!! :)
Eigor Maldonado
642. e-mann
Would love to show off my WoT Geekness w/ backpack!!
643. jemron
Thanks Tor! Would love to win this!
644. RugbyMoose
Would love to have one!!!!
The Dragon Reborn
646. Rand__alThor
I remember these being hinted at on Twitter. Would love to win one.
647. BD Kellmer
Very cool! I'd love to have one.
648. Brian Hunt
Backpack me please. rules!
649. Kevin Isherwood
I would love this
650. Briantologist
The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, and yes I would love one of these awesome backpacks.
651. Matt Cannon
I want AMOL backpack!!!
652. AnnieT
Can't nake it to JordanCon. Would
653. virginia
OOooooh, best way ever to carry fave authors:
Scholes and Sanderson!
654. Generic Eric
Enter me please!
655. Craig M
I want in!!!
656. radkick
Woot, great idea!
657. JustLaw
These have all come recommended by friends, but I haven't gotten to read any of them yet - help me fill my summer with good reads!
658. LadyJai
consider this an entry :D
659. JDW87
Do want! PICK ME! PICK ME!!!
660. Melanee
I would love a backpack as mine is on it's way out. PICK ME!!! **The bookworm**
Verne Weikle
661. kipper413
I would love to have this backpack, I have read some of the books, but do not have the hard copies.
662. Paula Tavernie
I would love to win!!
ptavernie at yahoo dot com
Terry Bragg
663. TeriCalling
This is my favorite series, please pick me :-)
665. Kimberly B.
What a generous prize! Thanks for the great giveaway!
Amit Kotwal
667. amitkotwal
Yay! A backpack full of books. What could be better? (Two backpacks full of books, of course).
668. Andrea Lasana
That backpack is total win. Very awesome. :)
669. Angel D.
Ohh yes! Nothing is finer than books and backpacks! :-)
671. @rosatools
I would love it! Maybe I wouldn't be such a "noob" if I had this!
672. Alexander Graf
That would be amazing!!!
Scott Silver
673. hihosilver28
Eh, may as well, but the chances are getting smaller.
674. Travis Black
A Wheel of Time backpack would really make my month. A little fantasy always helps to cope with a sometimes cruel world.
675. aweguku
I just saw this. Sorry so late entering. Would love to have a WOT backpack.
678. Veleste
Awesome! Would love to have one of these.
679. will4187
ugh nine more months til AMoL. I just started reading the series over again. I know me and I read through at least one more time before AMoL comes out. I love this series!!!
681. JillA
Please enter me in the sweepstakes. And tell me where I can buy one of those backpacks!
greg scott
682. worthy
This would be such an excellent consolation prize for missing out on the so cool!
684. Bjsisco
i would like to win the Memory of Light Backpack Sweepstakes
Kerry Heminez
685. Kalanar
Backpacks look pretty awesome, durable and comfortable as well. Incredibly cool way to show appreciation for an amazing series, and a chance to dive into some other books! Woot woot!
686. Jennifer Schroeder
Wow! What a great giveaway! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.
Benjamin Winter
687. winterbc
I believe I am lusting after this backpack. I formally enter this sweepstakes
so I can receive said object of lust.
688. jediman111
I am a huge wheel of time fan. This would be awesome!
Donald Phillips
689. Dicedagger
"Thus is our treaty written; thus is agreement made. Thought is the arrow of time; memory never fades. What was asked is given. The price is paid."
692. KrisLynnLittle
My husband is a nation wide therapy traveler, and since I am a good, obidient (don't laugh!) wife I go with him. My backpack, which goes everywhere, is very uncool. No Wheel of Time logo, no fun fantasy stuff.... sadly I am in need of an awesome backpack. And look, you have one! Plus it would be seen all around the country, giving me an opprotunity to educate the masses about WoT so you see it would both be amazing for me and promotional for you!
693. jasonlukas
I just finished all the books (on audio) and totally love the series. My wife turned me onto it. She really wants a backpack. Would be a really cool thing to have on our travels.
694. YellowAjah
May the Light illumine you and keep you safe.
695. AMC
What a great way to get my kids started reading the important books...
696. Sara Floyd
Thank you I would love to win!
697. GreatPigeon
I need this.
Elizabeth Hoggard
699. elizabethhoggard
Narg stay. Narg smart. Narg enter this contest to win some epic backpacks.
700. Danny Mullinax
Dovie'andi se tovya sagain. Let's hope the Dark One's luck is with me.
701. Candice Hull
I'm #701! 15 seems like a tiny number now....but still an awesome giveaway and that you are doing 15 is great, most people only do 1! 15 is my lucky number, ok, 7 is, but I didn't know what else to say. I got nervous and panicked. Don't judge me!
Thank you again!
702. Monica Young
I would LOVE to be entered pretty please with a cherry on top :) thank you
Ben T-Moore
703. BenTGaidin
These are pretty sweet backpacks; I keep seeing all the special people at JordanCon walking around with them. *grins*
704. looloolooweez
705. piedmontgardener
Yes, please.
706. Valerie taylor Mabrey
this is great
vmkids3 at msn dot com
707. Joseph Gueary
It would be great to have a cool backpack. I will even buy one if you tell me where I need to 'travel' as long as I make it back to work in time.
708. Laurie Emerson
I love using backpacks for everything. Thank you so much for the chance to win!
lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com
William Alexander
709. WilliamAlexander
Had troubles posting before, post#293 W. Alexander is also mine. Things got messed up with account. just hoping that I get my comment in. The WOT series has been my go read for the last 10 years. I would never replace it. I have friends that say I should have outgrown novels of this type by my age. I just laugh at them and tell them they have no idea what they are missing. Then offer to enlighten them if they wish.....LOL. Winning one of those few backpacks would just top off an era in my life. I plan to re-read WOT many times to come.
710. Beverly Metcalf
What could be better to win, then a new backpack filled with great reading material? Thanks for a great contest!
711. Pauline M
Count me in! These backpacks look awesome and I can always enjoy a new book, my favorite passtime!
712. Adam B. Carter
Those look really cool and I havent read some of those books so...
Donna Harvey
713. snaggletoothedwoman
Verrrrrry nice! Would love it, and squeeze it and call it George!
714. jennifer cecil
nice backpack.
715. Courtney Lewis
OMG - I would love to have this for the library I work in! Books on the shelves and the backpack would make a killer prize for my fantasy fans. :-)
Paige Vest
717. paigevest
I haven't seen a winner announcement... has one such been made? Anyone?

718. HowieIsANiceGuy
I guess I didn't win. :(
Ryan Jackson
720. KakitaOCU
It went out quietly in email, I actually misseed it initially, but was emailed yesterday asking to confirm name and address within 24 hours.

Hopefully I didn't miss the deadline. :D

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