Apr 2 2012 1:00pm

Mark Molnar Takes Us to Arrakis: Dune Concept Art

Concept artist Mark Molnar has been having some fun doing some Dune speed paintings as a personal project.... Makes us wish some studio would give the movie another go.

1. mike-ptda
How about instead of a new movie someone commissions a “Selznikized” version of Dune.

Mark’s got some real nice images there, mix a 100 more of those in with the Frank Herbert’s own words… And let your mind work its magic.

Selsnikized –To intermesh visual storytelling with the written story telling in a highly engrossing, can’t put the book down, and want to read it until the story is over way.
2. blackeagle
An Animated miniSerial would do it the best justice.... with the style about, not anime or manga...
3. rabbit
These are great. Dune is one of my all-time favorites. I have long dreamed of playing an MMO based on the Dune universe. If a quality company would take it on, it could be the richest MMO world ever created. Oh well...

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