Apr 4 2012 2:30pm

It’s Wheel of Time vs. Malazan in Suvudu’s Cage Match!

Wheel of Time versus Malazan

Aes Sedai Moiraine Damodred and Malazan badass Anomander Rake have both made it through the initial rounds of this year’s Suvudu Cage Match. Now they’re facing off against each other and you can vote on the outcome.

And you better vote fast and hard, because this fight ends on Thursday, April 5th at 5 PM EST and throughout the entire bout the votes for both characters have been running neck and neck. This may come down to literally one vote. Make it yours!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and is going up against the Planet Express ship next. It’s a little worried about this one.

Matthew B
1. MatthewB
A god-like being vs. a moderately powerful channeler - that seems fair.

These cage matches are nothing more than thinly-veiled popularity contests. I must admit though - it's kind of fun to watch Malazan fans freak out when it looks like their guy might lose, so i guess it does have some entertainment value.
James Whitehead
2. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
I agree with that sentiment. This pairing reminds me of the old Bambi vs. Godzilla short.

Haven't read the Malazan books but did read some rather snotty posts on the site disparaging anyone even thinking of voting Moiraine; so I did. ;-)

Jennifer Bosworth
3. Jennifer Bosworth
My vote is for Moiraine. She's a tough lady, coming back from the dead and all.
Jennifer Bosworth
4. Cralic
All she needs is a lucky shot of Balefire and blam. Moraine has already taken out some pretty big baddies in her time anyway.
Tricia Irish
5. Tektonica
This is nothing more than a fan war.

I've read and loved both series. Moraine is no doubt my favorite channeler. That said, Rake is really a God, 300,000 years old and an amazing person. In a "real" contest, it would be hands down Rake, but....this ain't real!
Gerd K
6. Kah-thurak
Moraine beeing the only Aes Sedai who ever realized that bullying people sometimes is not the best way to approach things is certainly a sympathic character. And the Wheel of Time beeing so much more popular that the Malazan Book of the Fallen she will surely make it to the final. But if even a few people pick up Gardens of the Moon because of this, Rake will have won another kind of victory entirely - I couldnt see him killing anyone who dedicated her life to saving the world anyway.

Actually he refused beeing a god ;)
Kimani Rogers
7. KiManiak
I'm a fan of both series. I love Moiraine, was **SPOILER ALERT** thrilled to see her return to Randland in ToM.

Having said all of that, Anomander Rake is badass personified. Moiraine's trump card may be balefire, but if Callandor could deflect balefire, I believe that Dragnipur would deflect (or even absorb) it as well. Whereas I don't see Moiraine having a counter to Dragnipur. Also, Dragnipur isn't Rake's only trump card (he does turn into a dragon that can wield/unleash Darkness and Chaos).

Anyway, there appear to be more WoT fans than Malazan fans, so I won't be surprised to see Moiraine win. But I will be slightly disappointed, as I feel Rake should win.

I do kinda agree with Kah-thurak@6, though: if this leads to more folks picking up Gardens of the Moon and the Malazan series, then a different type of "victory" may be achieved.
Gerd K
8. Kah-thurak
In most types of confrontations that could be imagined Rake would certainly win. However... "Dont mess with mortals" is one of the key elements of the Malazan Book of the Fallen ;-)

I hope for the next cage match they choose a character like Fiddler, Kalam, Trull, Onrack or Karsa who fit much better in that kind of tournament regarding their power level.
Darren Kuik
9. djk1978
@8 you do make a good point. And it sure wouldn't be the first time in the Malazan world that we say, wait, how did X beat Y if Y is so amazingly powerful and can do all these things.

That said, I still voted for Rake and at least one of my remarks on this site might have been one of those that Kato @2 found snotty. Having read both series I much prefer Malazan, by leaps and bounds. In fairness, I am fairly sure I included an IMO. If not, it was intended, I'm fine with people preferring WoT.
Gerd K
10. Kah-thurak
I voted for Rake too... he is one of my favorite characters after all ;-)
Jennifer Bosworth
11. pCiaran
Has to be Anomander Rake
Jennifer Bosworth
12. Moiraine Sedai
I am no Bro!
Jennifer Bosworth
13. Ellestra
I'm more bummed out that Granny Weatherwax is loosing. I think Rake would win but I also think it would be awsome if the final was all female.

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