Apr 13 2012 6:00pm

It’s a Kind of Magic: Freddie Mercury Riding Darth Vader

Freddie Merucry of Queen riding Darth Vader

Why yes, that is Queen frontman Freddie Mercury riding Darth Vader. Have a great weekend!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and is completely radio ga ga over this picture.

Brandt Hardin
2. Brandt Hardin
Freddie touched the entire world with his love-embracing energy and lyrics. 20 years after his death, I paid tribute to him on my artist’s blog with a new portrait at This new work of art is inspired by the words of many of Queen’s songs.
Brandt Hardin
3. 99jg
who is credited as the photographer for this picture?
Brandt Hardin
4. blecky
I miss Freddie. He was so talented, so sexy and so over-the-top ridiculous. A true Queen among men.
Brandt Hardin
5. Prabha
Freddie, the sense of fun, humour in the songs, the great music that he wrote, the great voice, song constructions that were so uniquely Queen, and the unparalled performer. What a sad loss, so many years after his death, mostly boring music around. The other day I put on The Miracle album to listen and felt so full of life after it, so enjoyable. We love you Freddie. God Bless Brian & Roger for carrying on and bringing their music to the new gen. God Bless John for being there and letting them do it, if only he will join, maybe they will make some great new music too.
Brandt Hardin
6. Catlanta
I'm glad I live in a world where that picture isn't a photoshop
Michael Maxwell
7. pike747
"I didn't see Jaws and I don't like Star Wars!"
Brandt Hardin
9. kithyra aka dormouse
I have only to Google "Freddie Mercury Darth Vader" and I find ... Heh. It's been over 20 years since our paths last crossed, but betcha I know who posted this on behalf of "Stubby." *waves*

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