Apr 16 2012 10:40am

Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 3: “What is Dead May Never Die”

This week on Game of Thrones, a bunch of twenty-something, rich, awkward, white chicks talked a whole lot. Wow, HBO really wants people to watch Girls. The commercials before Game of Thrones seemed to take forever.

In the world of Westeros, which seems more real to me than a Manhattan full of trust fund babies, Catelyn reaches out to Renly and his clever new wife, Tyrion sets a trap in Kings Landing, Jon learns a tough lesson, and the Kingsroad is stained with more blood.

Warning: book and episode spoilers after the cut. If you wish to avoid spoilers, I refer you to Leigh Butler’s excellent ASoIaF read.

Right off the bat, we see that Jon’s spying on Craster didn’t cost the Night’s Watch much aside from some more time at the creepiest keep beyond the Wall. Unlike Sam, I’m glad to leave Craster’s behind.

I loved Bran’s scene with Maester Luwin. The child actors on this show are just nailing their performances. And so are the adults. I liked Luwin in the books, but he’s just so much more vivid when you actually watch him advise and teach Bran. “Maybe magic was once a mighty force, but now it’s gone.” I’m gonna side with Osha on the existence of magic. Bran’s dreams are handled nicely.

In Renly’s camp, the knights of summer play games. I loved Brienne’s armor. And just... wow, she is crazy tall. I don’t think she’s as homely as she was described in the books. No one on this show is. Tyrion is downright handsome. But Brienne’s intimidating and seems deadly serious. I always imagined her being more awkward when she’s not swinging a sword, especially around Renly. I didn’t think Cat looks shocked enough to see a female knight.

But I loved Catelyn assessing the situation with Renly and his followers. That situation got awfully tense. “My son is fighting a war. Not playing at one.” Burn! What to make of The Tudors’ Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell? She’s definitely looking ready to get her hands dirty with something. My friend described Dormer as “Plotty McPlot-face” and it’s true. Margaery is very smart. I loved her bedroom antics with Renly. She’s keeping her priorities straight and not letting her feathers get ruffled by something as little as a difference in sexual orientation. She’s progressive and her dresses are very couture. I like her.

Theon is a lot more emotional on the show. I didn’t remember an outburst like that, but I actually felt bad for him. It made Theon’s decision to betray Robb carry more emotional weight. His scene staring at that letter and his subsequent baptism were beautifully staged. I actually had hoped, for a brief second, that Theon would do the right thing and call his new plan off.

I wasn’t feeling the scene with Sansa and Shae. I want to have sympathy for Sansa because she’s in a terrible situation. But get real. Hasn’t she seen enough to know that the world of “ladies” is only an illusion of grace? Maybe dressing down the help makes her feel powerful in some small way, but perhaps Sansa should go leave for Lena Dunham’s show instead of George R. R. Martin’s.

George R. R. Martin’s world is hard on children, as we get to see another one die horribly at episode’s end. Harder to take was watching Yoren get Boromir’d to death right after his new scene with Arya. It was my favorite of the night. That bedtime story wasn’t in the books, but it served a great purpose. Now, when Arya recites her own vengeful prayers at night, it will call back to the lesson she learned from Yoren. It elevated Yoren to something of a mentor for Arya, an anti-Syrio Florel. Watch out, Raff. Or was that Polliver?

Where’s Gregor Clegane these days, if we’ve already skipped to meeting Amory Lorch? I want to see the new actor. I wonder if he’s taller than Brienne.

Tyrion’s trap to catch his sister’s spy was laid out well. And it was good to get the payoff sooner, rather than several chapters later. Bronn is gold in any scene, but especially when he’s cutting off an old man’s beard. Tyrion is great at exiling people. Wish he’d work his way up to Joffrey. One gets the sense that Pycelle was just the stupidest of the three council members. Littlefinger is the most dangerous, but Varys is the most mysterious. “Power resides where men believes it resides. It’s a trick. A shadow on the wall. And a very small men can cast a very large shadow.”

Shadows? You don’t say. Watch the preview for next week’s episode and Varys’ words become a bit more portentous, don’t you agree?


Game of Thrones airs 9PM E/PT on HBO.

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1. Lsana
I too liked the scenes with Theon. Made me almost like TV-Theon, or at least empathize with him. I loath book Theon and wish he would die as soon as possible.

The scene with Sansa and Shae...the way I saw it wasn't that Sansa was being a bitch just for bitchiness sake, but as a reading that she knows something is up with Shae; Shae's obviously no lady's maid, so Sansa has to be suspicious of who she is and why she's there. It was also a sign that Tyrion's "brilliant idea" of making Shae into Sansa's handmaiden was actually a moronic one: Shae couldn't pull off the role for even a full minute. There's every chance Shae gets found out by someone Tyrion doesn't want to know about her.
2. Black Dread
Did they change up the actor playing Shagga? He didn't seem quite as cheerfully violent.
3. Black Dread
I was waiting for Theon's crazy uncle to actually drown him.
Theresa DeLucci
4. theresa_delucci
@3 I'm not sure that was actually Damphair. I looked very hard for seaweed. I don't think he's cast yet because he won't really get much to do until season 5. (Assuming they're splitting ASoS in half between two seasons.) It wouldn't make sense t cast him so early for one scene.
5. Kaldannan
I was very impressed by their choice of actress for Brienne; I admit I was the most curious about her. Loved how Tyrion's "trust" scenes were put together, though I admit seeing Cersei push him against the stairs made me a touch uncomfortable. Sansa and Shae were wonderful together: poor Sansa on the verge of cracking from the stress and taking it out on Shae while knowing the poor "serving girl" doesn't deserve it, as Shae simmers with quiet fury and humiliation at her "demotion," unable to carry off the deception for it. Arya is win all around.

I was kind of ehh at the last episode because of them offing Rakharo (I'm guessing there were issues with the actor?) and the extraneous scene of Littlefinger threatening Ros, and wondered what other unexpected plot changes they were going to throw in for titillation's sake. I am now less ehh.
Scott Silver
6. hihosilver28
@Kaldannan: I feel the same way. I was a bit underwhelmed with the first two episodes, but this one reminded me why I watch this show and fell in love with it in the first place. The changes that they made from the books in the first 2 episodes didn't make sense to me, but the changes they made in this one gave the show depth and just some excellent writing.

Looking forward to what's going to happen in the rest of this season now.
Pritpaul Bains
7. Kickpuncher
@ 3/4 - I don't think that was Damphair, but I was definitely looking for Theon's baptism by near-drowning as well. Isn't that something any priest of the Iron Islands can do, or was it specifically done by only Damphair in the books? I don't recall.
Theresa DeLucci
8. theresa_delucci
I thought the drownings were only for people wanting to become priests, not baptisms.
Caim Callohan
9. LionsRampant
Best episode of the season so far, and again, I felt that Theon was stealing this season.

I really, really hated Theon's character in the book and at no time felt any form of emotion for him, but you can't help but feel for TV-Theon, as he is lost, unloved and cast away.

Ah, Yoren, you will be missed. Great casting for such a bad ass character, and the scene with Arya was greatly done.

I kept waiting for the show to tell us that the horseman was Gregor "the Mountain" Clegane, but oh well, kind of surprized they wouldnt remind the viewer who that was.

I work with 3 guys who haven't read the book and all watch the show. Their opinions are always the most fun to listen to, as I know that it's soley based on what HBO shows them. Their biggest complaints are that they don't get updates on every character every episode, which makes them lose interest in certain people such as this week's Jamie Lannister, and that Stannis needs more character development because they still have no clue who that is.

Overall, good episode...excited to see how quick things move now with what's coming next episode.
10. sofrina
more incest? the biggest thing these added scenes did for me was to change my opinion of margaerys' guilt in Feast for Crows. i previously thought she might be innocent, despite the damning moon tea evidence. but they just confirmed she is in fact as slutty as every other princess in westeros, save young sansa. my lord! suggesting her brother join in - at the same time?! worse than foul.

that brienne is monstrously tall. she has to be 6'5 minimum. and big too.

still not too keen on yara. she just lacks the book's sauciness and confidence. she's so stiff. what's with the tight arms and shoulders? most people swing an arm when they walk. she mimics theon's smirk, but it doesn't really read. in the book she came off as a real captain bonnie sort of pirate chick. this girl is phoning it in.

i'm a little worried about compressing the plight of arya and gendry to take them directly to harrenhall. that time in that village barn with raff's daily torture, and the subsequent march, broke arya. being one of the helpless victims on that march changes her irrevocably. i'm assuming, but among other things she won't have to witness the daily rape of the women on this march.

also, will they be renaming gendry now that they've faked his death?
11. Lsana

The impression I got from Aeron's first chapter in FFC was that the drowning ritual was expected of all followers of the Drowned God, but that usually the "drowning" just consisted of quickly dunking a small child in a tub of water, rather than the actual hold-them-down-til-they-stop-breathing that Aeron does. The "baptism" ceremony they did here was more like a blessing or a prayer than an actual baptism.


I'd agree they rather eliminated any doubt as to whether or not Margaery is "innocent," though I think I mean that word in a different sense than you do. Her suggestion that Loras join them wasn't perverted, it was practical. She knows Renly is gay, that he has trouble performing with a woman, and she's telling him that she's okay with him doing whatever he needs in order to do his duty.

However, the fact that she's willing to have a threesome with her own brother in order to keep her crown says to me that she is not the innocent "Oh I just want to do my duty by my family and my husband" that she appears as in the book. I'd say this girl is as power-hungry as anyone else in Westeros, and probably a player to watch out for.
12. sofrina
@11 - she made several suggestions to renly, the first was that loras get him ready then she later suggests all three of them together. one of them seems "practical," and the other is a sin that dare not speak its own name.

and if we're talking about "practical" necessities, why not pick someone who isn't related to her?
Scott Silver
13. hihosilver28
@12 - Because she knows that Loras is who Renly is in love with. Not someone else. Besides it's a matter of secrecy that the king is gay. It could bring him toppling down. She doesn't want it from a "ooh forbidden sexy time" perspective. She wants whatever will allow Renly to stay legitimate as a king. And if that's Loras helping Renly to be able to perform and allow Margaery to conceive, then that is what she will do. Personally I thought that decision on behalf of the writers gave me greater respect for Margaery because she is not blind. It also makes sense that she has the intelligence necessary to play the Game of Thrones...especially when she gets entangled with Cersei.
Genevieve Williams
14. welltemperedwriter
hihosilver28 said pretty much what I was going to. I actually found Margaery's pragmatism rather refreshing. The show allows different perspectives on the characters because it's not so confined by point of view. I didn't have much of an impression of Margaery from the books; the show is changing that.
Theresa DeLucci
15. theresa_delucci
Agreed with @13 and @14. Yes, a threesome between siblings is pretty damn gross, but in the context of Game of Thrones? Not so much. It's more of a practical decision than anything out of desire. She's not in love with Loras in the way Cersei loves Jaime. And Renly is just in love with Loras. You can't just swap out his boyfriend and expect him to be totally cool with that. Some men are faithful.

(And the closest thing to a Loras lookalike is Lancel Lannister, and he's not on their side. Ha.)

Who are these other slutty princesses? That seems unfair. Good call on the moon tea, though. I was trying to figure out why she needed some in AFFC and what we saw this episode is the best explanation.

I like Plotty McPlot-face. I agree that she'll be a fun player.
16. Zenspinner
(I'm still betting there's a non-birth-control use for moon tea that we don't know yet, much like there is for oral contraceptives to regulate one's periods. There's not really much opportunity for Margery to be getting it on with anybody in books 4-5, however much she might want to.)
17. where
more incest? the biggest thing these added scenes did for me was to change my opinion of margaerys' guilt in Feast for Crows. i previously thought she might be innocent, despite the damning moon tea evidence. but they just confirmed she is in fact as slutty as every other princess in westeros, save young sansa. my lord! suggesting her brother join in - at the same time?! worse than foul.Sofrina: Slutty?! Really? How would you describe Robert and all the men in the series?
18. sofrina
@15 - i don't think it being AGOT makes a difference. we have it in both books and tv that incest is a massive taboo, which only the targaryens got a pass on, since they were in charge.

i'm not changing my mind and the rest of you aren't changing yours so we'll consider this an open exchange of ideas in which all parties left with what they brought.

on the slutty princesses: cersei (now slutty queen), margaery (per tv-loras) and that dornish chick from Feast for Crows. and...i'm not calling jeyne westerling slutty, but as the man said in "carnivale," "she weren't no good girl, were she?"
Genevieve Williams
19. welltemperedwriter
I can't believe I've thought even this much about it, but I had the impression that Margaery intended Loras and herself to be consecutive, not simultaneous, if you catch my drift.

Aaaaaaand that's quite enough from me on that topic, tyvm.
20. AlBrown
I love the character Brienne in the books, and am definitely pleased at her introduction on the TV. This looks like a woman that can hold her own in combat!
Theresa DeLucci
21. theresa_delucci
@18 Three seasons of Spartacus have made me a lot less sqeamish about unpleasant sex on TV. Spartacus would've taken us right into the act rather than describing it.

@19 Too funny! Yes, I think we've spent too much conversation on this. Why not talk about Tyrion and wildfire? When will he start talking about it? Will we see Jaime any time soon? I can't believe he's been offscreen for so long. It follows the plot of the books, but I would've figured they would make a few new scenes for the actor.

@20 Brienne really looks like a fighter, doesn't she? The actress is only 6'3". She seems so much bigger! I think she's got lifts in her armored boots. (Because I had to know, the actress playing Cat Stark is 5'5". )
22. I_darken_I
I think that HBO might be telling us something that GRRM only hinted at in the books. Perhaps Margaery is wanting Loras in bed because she loves him too. Think about how torn up she gets when Loras is nearly killed when taking Dragonstone later on. That's more that sisterly love if you ask me.
Rob Munnelly
23. RobMRobM
That was not the Damphair. Deliberately not cast this year by the producers.

Lorch did the attack scene in the book too, rather than Gregor Smash. Yes, they have Gendry fake name work to do since in books City Watch didn't come back and he was caught by Lorch in an unrelated murder and havoc attack. If this purports to be City Watch part II, he'll need to stay hidden. By the way, interesting interview with ep writer Brian Cogman at Westeros. They didn't have budget to do tower battle and had to improvise -dificult with all the kids since they only can work short hours.

Brienne actresss is 6' 3", give or tack.

They did not change the actor playing Shagga - but they did use the actor playing Timmett for this scene. (So role change rather than actor change.) Note that Shagga actor was apparently unavailable, so expect more Timmett when Vale action is needed.
24. The SmilingKnight
Brienne.... Gwendoline seems like she will be able to carry the name.

Well done. Well done indeed ... well... no lady. :)
I am pleased, very much so, even if Gwendoline is much more beautiful then THE book Brienne.
It doesn't even matter.(btw the scene with her and Catelyn walking was perspective shifted so she seemed even taller than she is for a few seconds)

We got a new great actor living and breathing the role and we lost another that raised this tv spinoff all by himself.

Yoren went.
He was just great, even the changes to the books he had were among the best if not actually the best of all. I would certainly have him ride with the Brotherhood.
He will be missed.

Young Isaac is terrific as Bran, continuously. (watch "the awakening" people, Isaac is one of the boys there)
Summer looked great and "summery" and that was another great scene with wolfe dreams. Short but very sweet.

I wouldnt agree with miss (or mrs Theresa) on Sansa. Im of the view that Ser 5. Kaldannan holds.
Sophie was great - again.

I also dont entirely agree on Maergery who is indeed too openly plotty mcplot face - although i liked how the actress handles it. I mean... its alright, although not the Maegery we know really.

Had to avert my view while Renly and Loras were going at it... and im sure it will anger many of you me saying so but you see.... im just too sensitive.

This tv spinoff does lay it heavily where its not necessarily at all quite often.
The cloned Littlefinger again shows his "emotions" too vividly and openly when Harrenhall came into equation... At least he didnt sing it outloud again while watching some silly sex scene.

And yara... good grief... ughh...

Theon...oh...poor EMOTIONALLY between rock and a hard place EH? EEEHHH? yuck...

what else....



Tyrion, yeah...whatever...

Oh right!The fire around Jaqen and two stooges? For christ sake couldnt they at least burn a barn somewhere? It isnt expensive or difficult to build some shack ffs...

And of course, say goodbye to The Mountain, say goodbye to Roose Bolton, say goodbye to Damphair, and very much say goodbye to House of Undying and especially to Unsullied.
Whatever... i have mine where i need them the most. Tv audience will be happy anyway. Especially after some more EMOTIONAL ENGAGEMENTS!!!!!!!And incest! lets have more INCEST yeeeeaaahhh! Look this book had incest in two places - once only in the past background. I know! lets make it so everyone has INCEST! YEEEEAAAAHHH!

Cant wait the next episode and that shadow. Go baby GO!
Ill bet a good sword and an armor i nicked somewhere there wont be any peaches either. Any takers?
26. Greg unique
What? Has there been confirmation that the House of the Undying chapter isn't going to be in the show? Or are you just rambling on in crazy talk?
27. The SmilingKnight
No, officially not.

First few are certain and the rest are my predictions folowing the available logic and scope. Especially that of Essos stroy line.

Roose is definitely out, confirmed by Maise who will be a cup bearer for Tywin instead. Dont know about Reek but doesnt look good or probable. The Mountain and Damphair are obviously out. As are Jojen and Meera. (sure some kind of Mountain wearing armor might appear in some scene but at this point it would be better just to entirely cut it out and forget about it)

Now, just looking at things i can farly say that if anyone is hoping to see house of Undying as anything else than two or three cobbles rooms in some house is just wishfull thinking. If you get that at all.
And if you think youre going to see thousands of Unsullied... even hundreds... youre just going to get sorely disappointed.
Rob Munnelly
28. RobMRobM
Gregor in the show with diff actor.

Roose bolton has been cast and will appear.

I will be shocked if no house of undying. No word that it has been dropped.

I would expect damphair when victoroian etc are introduced in season 4 or 5.
Theresa DeLucci
29. theresa_delucci
Pretty sure that's crazy talk. House of the Undying is like the only thing Dany does in ACoK. And the Unsullied wouldn't be til next season at least anyway.

I'm glad Damphair hasn't been cast yet. It means there's still time for me to start my grassroots Get-Viggo-Mortensen campaign.
Caim Callohan
30. LionsRampant
@29, I agree with your House of Undying comment, as that should be the only storyline for Dany that HBO should tackle but I'm curious how they handle that.

I'm also curious to what would happen to book 3, if it would be split into two seasons with the the split occuring at the wedding.
31. The SmilingKnight
I know another Gregor has been cast but i dont see much point in having him so cut up and out anyway.
He is going to end just as some weird freak looking mean.
I didnt know about Roose and Damphair being actually cast though....

Wonder when they will pop up.... no, wait.... actually i dont.
Even so... some weird lesser version of a tv clone doesnt really ring my bells in either case.

Im fully expecting them to make some silly cheating - make do - work of the house of Undying and Unsullied on the other side... even though they really owe the viewers different in that sense.

Maybe im just trying to make myself less disappointed in this in the end and many things turn out a bit better if you really have very low expectations.

Viggo is a bit too young i think... and hardly reachable anyway.
Of course he is so good thta you could push him in a bowl of water and he would play a convincing gold fish but thats beside the point...

Generally speaking i would rather have him as a certain Griffon... but then again i would force, blackmail, wrestle, fight, beg, bribe, plead Daniel day Lewis to be the one and only King beyond the wall...

Well...dont care anyway.

btw... why was Loras so annoyingly childlishy butthurt about Brienne? What was the point of that? (yeah i know, dont tell me, its pointless anyway)
Who is that guy anyway?

rhetorical question....dont bother.
Rob Munnelly
32. RobMRobM
To be clear, Roose is definitely in. Michael McElhatton.

Gregor/Mountain is definitely in. Ian Whyte (taking over from last year's actor).

Damphair, Reek, Jojen, Meera have not been cast this year. Producers have said some ACOK people have been put off until Season 3. Let's hope some or all of these guys come then or in future years.

As Theresa noted, Unsullied are a ASOS concept (except for the unmentioned few at Dany's wedding).

33. MikeDeepo
Am I the only one who thinks Varys, in his line about a small man casting a big shadow, is actually giving Tyrion a veiled warning about just how many strings Littlefinger is pulling?
34. Black Dread
No Jojen and Meera? But, but...
Rob Munnelly
35. RobMRobM
@34. Not this year, anyway. This is my most disappointing cast deletion, even over the Tullys. Let's hope Jojen has a greendream that they meet on the road.

@33. You are the only one. LOL.
Theresa DeLucci
36. theresa_delucci
@33 I don't think it's a warning about Littlefinger in particular, or even Tyrion quite directly, really. The statement could fit a man small in stature like Tyrion or a man small in status like Littlefinger. And despite being the Master of Coin and Head Pimp, Baelish doesn't have a lot of status.
37. sofrina
@33 - i agree. on reading that, i thought varys was pointedly saying 'littlefinger did it.'
Eli Bishop
38. EliBishop
sofrina @10: "this girl is phoning it in" -- I wouldn't be so quick to blame the actor. I think it's just as likely that this was a deliberate change in the character by the writers; the heartier side of Asha/Yara is just not in the script at all, and I don't think that's just for lack of time. They may have just decided to emphasize the totally un-fun aspect of the Ironmen, and play up Yara as less of a hilarious extrovert, more just competent and confident-- like Balon without the insane bitterness. In that case, Whelan is doing exactly what she should.

As for why they would do that... maybe because it puts Theon in an even worse situation. In the book, although Balon and his brothers are pretty awful, it seems like a lot of the Ironmen are kind of fun (despite being murderous pirates) and Theon would probably like it there if only they'd accept him. On the show, it's pretty clear that Theon is not going to like it there at all-- they don't even really like it-- and yet he's so desperate for approval that he's going to try to remake himself into one of these grim jerks.

Still it's not impossible that we'll get more of Yara later on, and see another side of her when she's not with the old man.
Emma Rosloff
39. emmarosloff
@17: Agree with you that it's silly to point fingers at the women and call them slutty, but not bother to acknowledge how promiscuous the men are. Nobody's pointing fingers at Theon, who'll bang any chick he can get his hands on (even when it will get the girl in serious trouble -- i.e. the captain's daughter, who tells him she'll be beaten for sleeping with him, and he clearly doesn't care). Or how quick he is to grope his own sister, whether or not he recognizes her. What about Robert's some 17 bastard children? He has so many that hard though she tries, even Cersei can't root them all out. And let's not forget Jaime and Lancel, who are just as quick to commit incest as Cersei is.

Women may be given power in this world, but they're ultimately seen as inferior. That's what so wonderful about characters like Brienne, Catelyn, Arya and Danerys, who try to bridge the gap without resorting to sex (sure, Dany has plenty of it, but it's something she has to overcome, if anything). But even when the women do, I can't blame them, particularly since being women puts them at a disadvantage. Any advantage you can get, man. When you play the game, you win or die.

I really liked Maragery's portrayal in the show -- for once, a competent female with power who seems to have a heart (unlike Cersei) and seems to be enjoying life (unlike Catelyn). I actually did get the sense that she lusted after Loras in the books, but was prudent enough to never actually act on it (again, unlike Cersei). She's supposed to be Cersei's 'purer' counterpart (notice I didn't say 'pure', just pur'er'). Remember the prophecy that's Cersei's ultimate undoing?

I was really confused when they introduced Theon's sister with a different name. I don't understand why that was necessary, unless they're trying to send a message -- this character's going to be a big deviation from the one you know. Personally, I loved the name Asha and I imagined her very differently. So maybe it's for the best that this girl's name is 'Yara'. It is interesting how the Ironborn are translating onto the screen. In the book they really 'own' their grimness, even have a zest for their ruthless life. In the show they're a bit more subdued. It definitely serves to make Theon's story a bit more sympathetic. I can see why that was important in the context of the show. He's hard enough to stomach in the book (although he certainly gets what's coming to him), and everything is so much more visceral on screen. He'd be a tough sell to viewers.
Carol Witt
40. carolwitt
emmarosloff @ 39: There's a spoiler in the second line of the third paragraph. Would you or a moderator please white it out?
Emma Rosloff
41. emmarosloff

Sorry about that!! I took the line out of my comment. I'm usually pretty good about that... but because the article said up front that there would be spoilers... and a couple of people were talking about Margery's story, later on, I thought it would be ok. Still, took it out, just in case.
Theresa DeLucci
42. theresa_delucci
@40 We are indeed allowed to talk book spoilers in this thread. People are given warning.
Carol Witt
43. carolwitt
In that case, I apologize for pointing it out.
44. The Other Keith
Re: the "ugliness" of both Tyrion and Brianne- there's a term for that: ollywood Homely.
45. The Other Keith
...Sorry, should read, Hollywood Homely. I don't find the edit button!

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