Apr 2 2012 9:41am

Full Total Recall Trailer Hits

It doesn’t matter what your remember about the original film, or the Philip K. Dick story upon which it was based (“We Can Remember it for You Wholesale.”) The new, full, Total Recall trailer is here.

Walker White
2. Walker
I would say "Why do they need to remake this film".

But then I understand that is the same as saying "Kids, get off my lawn". In the same way that the adults sounded to me when they bemoaned Carpenters 1982 Thing (in comparison to the Hawks version).

However, that has also become my yardstick for remakes now. If the remake can bring as much to the original as the Carpenter Thing did to its predecessor, then I am all for it. Otherwise, not so much.
Del C
3. del
That's a surprisingly faithful-sounding remake. It sounds as if the actors were speaking the old lines in a production with a new look, like the latest film version of a Shakespeare play.
4. Dajoran
I refuse to watch trailers of movies that I want to see (in case of spoilers sweetie); so, I need someone to answer me this question:

Is this movie considered a remake of the Arnie film or is it considered the second adaption of "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale".

I mean, ever since Impostor and Minority Report there seems to be a new PKD adaption out every two years, give or take.
5. Dave Andrews
While I've always loved the original Total Recall, you have to admit there was some pretty low-end, cheezy humor that just looks poorly done today. It was an amazing film in its time (the stupid red ball the size of a golf ball being removed from Arnie's nose notwithstanding, as well as the ridiculous effects of people entering Mars' atmosphere) but this is a film that could use an update. There are some films you should never, EVER mess with. This isn't one of them.

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