Apr 19 2012 2:45pm

Dark Shadows’ Original Barnabas Collins, Jonathan Frid, Passes Away

An actor who changed the way we looked at vampires forever passed early this week. Jonathan Frid, the Canadian actor who originated the role of Barnabas Collins was 87 years old. Originally not intended to be a reccurring character on Dark Shadows, Frid’s performance as Barnabas changed the show forever, with the character redefining the way a vampire could be portrayed in popular media.

Prior to his death, Frid filmed a cameo for the upcoming Tim Burton remake of Dark Shadows in which Johnny Depp plays Barnabas.

Frid was an accomplished stage actor, and writer of one-man shows. When Dark Shadows was on the air, he received around 5,000 fan letters a week. He will be missed.

[news via The Daily Beast]

Roger Powell
1. forkroot
Oh my ... another icon from my childhood gone. Dark Shadows was so different from all of the other daytime soap offerings in the 60s/early 70s! Campy, often outright sloppy, it was still a breath of strange air in a stultified 3 channel world.

Jonathan Frid was a constant - a good actor in an uneven series. He will indeed be missed.
2. Ravenslair
Good bye Basrnabas i watched you everyday for years that Darkshadows was on air. My childhood was made richer by your body of work. Thank you and god rest your lonely soul.

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