Apr 16 2012 4:00pm

Cats in Space

Cats in Space

What is there to say about a Star Trek / cat video mash up? Nothing except that it’s ABSURDLY AWESOME. Introducing, Cats in Space, the latest venture from identical twin filmmakers James and Robert Dastoli, known for their micro-budget special effects extravaganzas, and formerly the creators of fine Star Wars fan films (try saying that five times fast).

Watch it below.

When you’re done appreciating the intergalactic cat action, check out the behind-the-scenes featurette. Dastoli Digital is just as entertaining as the film itself. If you’re just here for the cats, jump to 2:34 for adorable kitty footage.

Matt London blogs things and tells stories and goes to ITP. It is only because of Dastoli Digital that he has an IMDB page, a fact that he frequently brags about and laments. When George Lucas does stupid stuff, he makes a Downfall video about it. Follow him on Twitter.


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