Mar 9 2012 6:00pm

What Does Neil deGrasse Tyson Keep on His Desk?

Can you judge the measure of a scientist by the desk they work on? National Public Radio’s Science Friday has a series of short interviews with prominent scientists giving tours of their work spaces. See a painting of Michio Kaku with a lightsaber. Wonder if Neil deGrasse Tyson is any less sexy for his Starry Night kitch collection. And sit for a few minutes and enjoy Oliver Sacks’s rock collection. (Brian Greene seems too busy moving between dimensions to have much of anything on his desk.) Lighthearted and occasionally poignant, these are great little things to watch in between tasks.

Irene Gallo
1. Irene
Full discloser, the current state of my desk:

2. boquaz
Thanks for pointing this out again.

I really wish the work could see some of the offices of the scientists I work with, but alas, I work at a military base. There is a culture and a perspective there which is absolutely amazing and inspiring (yes, I'm talking about government workers), yet almost invisible from the outside world.

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