Mar 31 2012 1:00pm

Weekly Highlights: Redshirts, Summer Movies, and When Robot Unicorns Attack!

You are busy! And we want to make life easier for you. So we’ve put together a roundup of the happenings around here this week. We hope you like them. We do. (But we’re a pretty weird bunch.)

Here’s some of what you might have missed:

  1. What Game of Thrones would look like in the style of a beautiful illuminated manuscript. (Also, House drinks for your GoT viewing party. Aaaand a chapter of The Winds of Winter.)
  2. The moral and ethical issues of The Hunger Games.
  3. Fanfic in the mainstream? What is Fifty Shades of Grey?
  4. Our thoughts on the summer movie lineup!
  5. Cumber-wizard! Wizard-batch? Cumber-wizard-batch.

Cool Stuff on Our Radar:


What We’ve Been Discussing This Week:




Read some original and upcoming fiction!:


Book reviews:

In remembrance:

Alison W
1. Alison W
Hey! For the record, that image you posted of the Starks was drawn by Glock Gal, whose Tumblr is here:

The image was originally posted here:

It would be pretty great if you guys could credit her for her work!
Emily Asher-Perrin
2. EmilyAP
@1 - Thank you! That was super helpful - we were wondering where it came from!

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