Mar 2 2012 11:45am

Watch Katniss Show the Capitol Who’s Boss in New Hunger Games Clip

Watch a just-released clip from The Hunger Games above, showing Katniss losing her cool and reminding the denizens of the Capitol just how privileged they are, and just what is waiting for them outside their cushy district.

That’s not the only footage released today, though.

A new TV spot has gone up, as well, featuring scenes from the movie’s narrative leading up to The Reaping. Katniss gifts the mockingjay pin, Peeta tosses some bread at pigs, and Taylor Swift sings all throughout.

Have a happy weekend! (Waugh!) May the odds be ever in your favor?

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and will never put an apple in its mouth when Katniss is around.

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Ashley Fox
1. A Fox
Well they made that scene quite banal...
Just sayin'
2. Just sayin'
I hate Peeta so much.
Just sayin'
3. Graeme76
The more I see, the less I am impressed. Hollywood just needs to stop. They take things that have impact and turn them into mindless drivel suited only for those with no attention span or ability to follow a plot.

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