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The Only Song of Ice and Fire Map You’ll Ever Need

Song of Ice and Fire world map by theMountainGoat

Song of Ice and Fire fan theMountainGoat has combined several of the maps floating around in both the books and through fan portals in an attempt to provide a cohesive worldwide view of the planet now being visualized onscreen in A Game of Thrones.

The result is the above loveliness, which connects the Nine Cities to the Dothraki Sea, Qarth, and other lands only spoken of in passing. You can click the above map to get a better view, but you’ll have to visit theMountainGoat’s site to get the full detail. He’s also got a very nifty timeline animation and Google Earth version of the Song of Ice and Fire events, all of which are terribly addictive.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and would love to see Tall Trees Town in the books. Before the characters in that series inevitably burn it to the ground.

Adam Whitehead
1. Werthead
It's worth noting that George R.R. Martin himself comments on the map at the link to SerMountainGoat's site. It's broadly accurate but a lot of the details of the unmapped portions of the world are incorrect (obviously, as they are guesswork). There will be a collection of official, canon maps coming out from Bantam on 30 October called THE LANDS OF ICE AND FIRE, including a map stretching from Westeros to Asshai, which will superscede all of these fan maps (great though they are).

It's also worth noting that SMG's map is derived from a fantastic map of Westeros (so good the HBO production team had copies of it to hand whilst filming the TV show) provided by forum member 'Tear' at the Cartographer's Guild website, used with Tear's permission.
Mike Ferrante
2. MadmanMike
The timeline map at SerMountainGoat's site should also be mention. Very much a WIP but very very cool.
Chris Lough
3. TorChris
That is fantastic, Adam, thanks for the heads up in regards to the poster collection. We figured Elio, Linda, and GRRM's forthcoming encyclopedia would have new maps, but having them as posters is even better.

It'd be interesting to see this map compared to a map of Eurasia, like you did with just Westeros and Europe. Do you think Asia would end up being still larger?

Update: Okay, I couldn't resist doing a quick comparison and it looks like Asia and Europe are far larger than the known lands of Ice and Fire. In fact, either Planet Westeros has a lot of unknown land in its southern hemisphere and on the other side of the globe or it has a LOT of ocean in comparison to Earth, which already has quite a bit itself. That would lead to some interesting climate variances.
5. Thalen
What is the purpose of "square selection" around isles area I wounder. I am having the map printed and it doesn't make is prettier I reckon...
6. ShinigamisHeaven
I love the map but i wish that it was bigger
7. trystero
Thalen, the dotted lines around the Isles indicate the borders of the official Isles map included in _A Storm of Swords_.
8. theMountainGoat
Hi Tor

Thanks for posting my map - but it is far from the only map of Westeros you'll ever need.

As Werthead said above GRRM's official maps of the known world will be published at the end of this month in the Lands of Ice and Fire poster set and they are far more beautiful than my map. Actually it is not just my map at all. Tear from the Cartographer's Guild deserves more of the credit than I do for creating the original map of Westeros which I merely updated and expanded upon.

It is my intention to update the map to match the official maps but that will take some time and I expect a bunch of other map makers will have online versions with zooming and interactive features out there long before I do.

The timeline is another project I am working on but I have not updated the animation in a long time. Instead I have been working on an enormous spreadsheet chronicling all the events of A Song of Ice and Fire and how everything fits together. 18 months work so far and still nowhere near finished, but then a lot of my time over the last couple of years has been taken up with running TitanCon, a Game of Thrones fan convention in Belfast. We just held our second convention on 22 Sept so my time for the next six months should be fairly free before I get down to the hard work of organising TitanCon 2013.

Once the timeline spreadsheet is complete I will be restarting the animated timeline map project from scratch with a new interface, new map, new everything, also it will probably be in HTML 5 rather than Flash if I can get it to work well enough. It is a truly massive project and will probably take me 10 - 15 years to complete.

For those interested there are other versions of the map available on my website such as a completely natural version with no labels, dotted lines or anything else. Thanks again for posting the map.


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