Mar 14 2012 7:00pm

The Legend of Korra Gets a Release Date

Today on the tumblr page of Bryan Konietzko (co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender) he revealed the release date for the new Airbender sequel: The Legend of Korra. And he did it in the most adorable way possible: with a minature Ang telling us! It’s Apri 14th! On Nickelodeon!

Great news!

3. AudreyG
I am so excited that we have a release date that's so soon! I have been waiting for this series for--what, two years now? I'm really looking forward to the steampunk/early 1900s vibe the trailers have been giving us, and I'm especially excited that we're having a female Avatar, and one that's so different from Aang. But I'm bummed that there's no way I'll get my rewatch done by then. I wasn't expecting Legend of Korra until the end of the year, if only because they kept pushing it back.

Still. Huzzah for the release date! Now to figure out if I have Nickelodeon on my current cable package...
David Thomson
4. ZetaStriker
Oh, the great month on Apri . . . >_>

Seriously though, my birthday month is looking awesome between this and the Clash of Kings HBO adaption.
5. Sitka

But that's not a miniature Aang - that is Meelo, Aang's grandson (who is also an airbender). The eyebrows are a dead giveaway.
7. Snow princess
Yes, yes, yes!
8. TralalaKt
Is the date the same in Australia?
9. Megface
FINALLY! God, I've been waiting months for this! Can't wait...SQEEEE!
10. Insomniaw
Is anyone sure on the UK release date? I know the first episode is leaked and the first two are going up on korranation but I was thinknig of watching the episodes online if possible if for instance the UK date is 2013. So freaking pumped for more Avatar!!!
11. fares
well btw its out already 2 episodes till now and thats not a mini ang its his grandson
12. Navala
Is that in 2012?
13. dasdf dasfsdaa
Its not the same in Australia the only way you can watch it is by downloading it. :(

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