Mar 23 2012 4:00pm

Supervillians Made More Super With a Splash of Color

Darth Maul by Nickly Barkla

Who’da thought Darth Maul just needed some color to look even more intense? Artist Nicky Barkla has created a series of incredible paintings that combine portraits with the look and feel of cranked-up marbelized paper. 

Click below for lots more nightmare fuel, featuring villains from Batman and Harry Potter.

Nicky Barkla Heath Ledger Joker

Nicky Barkla Voldemort

Visit Nicky’s site, linked above, for even more! [via]

Cory Skerry
1. pussinboots
If most people had tried to describe these to me, I would have been uninterested (or made some comment like, "What, no feathers and glitter?") but actually LOOKING at them, it's true. They're fierce and unsettling. I love how the inundation of colors makes the experience more intense. And party colors or not, the artist is good with making eyes that are brimming with cruel intent.

That's my favorite kind of art (and stories)... things that defy their own description. :)
Irene Gallo
2. Irene

You’re right! It seems like it should come across as a schtick but it doesn’t.
3. mikers123
Darth Maul meets Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine. Interesting. I'm a bit ambivalent about them overall, but, interesting.
4. Freelancer
They touch that little bit hiding deep within each of us that it terrified of clowns. But then, that was the whole point of the Joker character, and possibly why it was the least impactful of these three to me. The Darth Maul was outstandingly, fiendishly Woodstock-meets-Manson. (not Marilyn)

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