Mar 29 2012 6:00pm

Once You Go Robot Unicorn Attack, You Never Go Back

Today, all my dreams came true. Though it’s been out for a few years, I had my first experience with Robot Unicorn Attack. Available on the Adult Swim website, or on Facebook in the form of Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution, the game allows you to control a robot unicorn as it leaps and zooms through a world of rainbows, butterflies, rocks, and deadly chasms. If you can find better commentary on the existential plight of being a person in the form of a flash animation game, let me know. The object of Robot Unicorn Attack is simply to keep going. And while you’re using your rainbow dashes and jumps to achieve your goal, the 1994 hit song “Always” by Erasure both soothes and encourages. (Were you aware Vince Clarke of Erasure was originally in Depeche Mode?)

Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution will allow you to play as other creatures, including a Panda, and if you’re doing well, dolphins will begin leaping beneath your hooves. Facebook also gives you a unicorn name, which in my case is “RYANICORN.” Don’t you want a unicorn name? Don’t you want to experience life? Play Robot Unicorn Attack. (You can also buy a .99 cents version of the game for your mobile device here.)

This video also has the lyrics to the song.

Ryan Britt is the staff writer for He is so bad at Robot Unicorn Attack; it’s not even funny.

Pirmin Schanne
1. Torvald_Nom
Have you tried the Heavy Metal Edition yet?

At least it's kind enough to tell you that you're in hell beforehand.
Ian B
2. Greyfalconway
Other games in this sort of genre that are a blast are Solipskier and Super Quickhook (one of my all time favorite games) both of which are on the app store.

I love Adult Swim's Amateur Surgeon series of games too, lol, theres nothing as satisfying as fixing a broken rib with a pizza cutter, tweezers, super glue, a stapler and a lighter =P
David Lev
3. davidlev
This game is so hopeless and yet SO ADDICTIVE. I have seriously spent hours just trying to get the unicorn to go on a little farther before he crashes into something or misses a jump. Definitely a commentary on our existential existence

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