Mar 19 2012 1:25pm

Kristen Stewart = Action Hero? New Trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman

<a href=“” target=“_new” title=“Snow White And The Huntsman: exclusive full-length trailer”>Video: Snow White And The Huntsman: exclusive full-length trailer</a>

A new trailer has been released for Snow White and the Huntsman, the Snow White movie we’re getting this summer that doesn’t star Julia Roberts.

We’re digging the insane cross between fairytale aesthetics and Lord of the Rings-style epic fantasy, but we’re a bit disappointed that there’s still barely any story to be found in this new trailer. We’re excited, though, solely on how chillingly evil Charlize Theron is. Although, are you buying Kristen Stewart as an action hero?

1. Hugo_74
Why not? She definitely has the acting capabilities of Sylvester Stallone, maybe those of Chuck Norris' boot soles.
Joe Vondracek
2. joev
Unfortunately, the main premise of this movie would have me believe that Kristen Stewart was "fairer" than Charlize Theron. I cannot suspend my disbelief that far.
Lauren W
3. laurene135
Haha, I agree with Joev
Still looks interesting though!
Marcus W
4. toryx
@2: Y'know, that's an excellent point. I always knew there was something that bothered me about Kristen Stewart in the role (beyond the obvious) but for some reason it hadn't occurred to me that Charlize Theron is far, far fairer.
Jenny Thrash
5. Sihaya
I have a feeling that the "fairest" argument is going to split along age lines. As a hetero woman, I have to award the prize to Chris Hemsworth. Heck, if the writers had chosen the Mirror's words carefully, it might have been argued that the fairest was destined to be either Stewart or Hemsworth. In which case my opinion of the film would drastically change.

And I think Stewart will do fine. As an example, Matthew Broderick's Mouse escaped through the bowels of the castle into freezing river waters, handled a sword (badly) and got along with his gruff, blonde companion in "Ladyhawke." To this day nobody thinks of Broderick as an action star, but it was a good enough film.
6. TB
It looks cool, however from the trailers it seems like it's going to be a lot of flashy visuals and not a whole lot of substance...
7. Megaduck
@TB Yeah, but what turned me off is that every single line in the trailer is dreadfully overwritten.

This looks like a CGI fest, pretty but soulless. Which, coincidently, is also what Stewarts acting looks like. I wouldn't say the huntsmen charecter is any better though. And the queen gets through by just chewing scenery.
Marcus W
8. toryx
Sihaya @ 5: As much a fan of Ladyhawke as I happen to be, I never considered Matthew Broderick's role as the Mouse to be an action star role. That was Rutger Hauer. Broderick was comedy all the way.
9. Wotman
I agree, that Kristen would not be my first choice, but I do think she can kick butt in the movie, and what do you say about Chis Hemsworth, nothing bad for sure. The story about Snow White is as old as the hills, so there was not much story to be working with anyway. I believe this is going to be a fun movie and true CG fest, but what the heck.
I just love Charlize Theron, I can not remember her in a bad movie.
10. ZinaLu
Did I miss something? Where are the dwarves??????
Jenny Thrash
11. Sihaya
@ZinaLu, I think they got replaced by the forest creatures that we saw in the trailer.

@toryx, I gotta agree, actually. I was kind of pointing out that most of what Stewart does in the trailer is analagous to Mouse's actions in Ladyhawke, and thus my answer to the question, " .... are you buying Kristen Stewart as an action hero?" I think the author meant to ask one question when he's really asking two - do I buy Kristen Stewart, and is she an action hero in this?
Lauren W
12. laurene135
@ZinaLu, I think they were the ones saying "you have eyes, Huntsman, but you do not see."
13. natash
I actually think that the story of Snow White has potential to be converted into talking about the issue of racism and biggotry - to start with, "The Fairest" could mean Caucasian - and that could imply that the evil witch is racist in a way. Snow White could be an Albino (her hair doesn't have to be black for the story to work). The dwarves could show how you shouldn't judge people by thir height - etc.

What do you think?
Lauren W
14. laurene135
13 @natasha
Too political for me. I have trouble enjoying a story when the political agenda is so blantently through in my face. I like the idea, it is certainly an interesting twist, but I wouldn't make it so obvious. I would have them do something like Dr. Seuss and the Sneetches with the stars on their bellies. The same message is convaid, but it's spoon fed to you instead of being shoved down your throat.
You could do like a Brandon Sanderson type; "fairness" refers to the lightness of their eyes and the fairer the eyes the more magical power they have, and those with light eyes look down upon those with dark eyes--and have Snow stand up for those with dark eyes. Idk
I just feel that when the main point of a story is the political agenda, the creativity is typically greatly limited.

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